11 Good Questions To Ask During Job Interview 2023

There is a myth that only an interviewer is allowed to and questions while the job of a candidate is to answer. Well, that’s clearly wrong. People may think that an interview is more and less of an interrogation but the thing is an interview is a two-way street. That means you have every right of asking the question as they have (obviously with less intensity).

Why is it important to ask questions during job Interview?

As we said it’s a two-way street and asking questions would suggest that you are interested in taking the job and it’s a serious thing for you. While not asking questions would mean you are simply not much interested in taking the job or you are not that into it (passionate about the job!).

When to ask questions during the interview?

It’s important to ask the question during an interview but that doesn’t mean you can start asking questions whenever you want. Usually, the interviewer will ask you if you have any questions for them as well at the end of the interview. And it’s definitely not the opportunity to miss, that’s where you tell them how passionate and serious you are bout this job.
All these things might tell you the importance of asking questions but that doesn’t mean you can ask any random questions. Because the kind of questions you will ask to interviewer may affect your chances of getting the job. So one thing is clear that you will have to ask smart questions. For example, the questions should be the one with yes or no answers and at the same time, they shouldn’t be too complex.
To help you further, we have bought you a list of questions to ask during the job interview. You can choose the one you like the most and ask them in your next interview! Take a look at the list and choose the right ones for yourself.

Questions to ask during job interview

1. Ask about your day to day responsibility for the job

This might be the most common yet important question that you can ask during the interview. The question will make the interviewer believe that you are looking forward to the job and also serious about the responsibilities. On the bright side, you will get the crucial information about what will be your role at the job and what you can expect from the company.

2. What do you think are the most important qualities to excel in this role!

The question will give a hint for your passion to excel the job and your best at the job which will ultimately help the company. Moreover, the question will also tell you the things which may or may not be written in the job description in the first place.

3. What are your expectations for the role in the first couple of months?

You will learn what they expect you to do or what are their expectation in the initial period as well as for the future. You will learn a lot about the companies nature and their expectations from the employees and if you are able to live up to their expectations or they live up to your expectations!!

4. Where do you think the company is headed in the next five years?

You would be assuming the question the other way around but trust us this is a port and question to ask. As you know they want the best candidate for the job and you want the best company for yourself. So it’s play to ask the question to know if you are making the right choice by getting in the company.
This is will also give you an answer if you want to have a future at this company and if there is an opportunity to grow with the company.

5. What are the opportunities for the company/department in the near future?

By asking the question you are making clear that you only want the best for yourself you are not gonna settle for less if there are no opportunities there! You will get to know if it’s okay to plan a future in the company or not and if the company is in the right position which will give you opportunities to grow in your career.

6. Ask for the future career path for the job in the company.

By asking these questions you are making it clear that you are here to build a career for you and it’s not just a next job for you. You will learn about the career path and see if there is an opportunity for growing your career future. You will know if there is any chance that you can achieve what you have looking for. Overall it can be a crucial and smart question to ask.

7. What is the work environment for the employees here?

That’s too an important and valid question to ask. You will get to know how they treat their employees and what is the work environment. And if it’s something you can handle with passion and responsibility or not.

8. Who I will be working closely with?

You can actually ask the question and see who will be your subordinate or your mentor in the company. This will give you an idea about the person and a chance to build a good relationship with that person.

9. What would you say about the time spending on a new project?

It might be a question they won’t expect but you will surely wanna know the productivity rate of the other employees in the company or the for the company itself. You will know how much time you will have to spend when there will be a new project!

10. What would you tell me about the company that isn’t widely known?

Here too you are asking the details of the company which might make it easier for you to know whether or not the company is right for you and again the interviewer will know that you are fully interested in the company.

11. What will be the rest of the procedure till I get the job?

You are showing your confidence that you are suitable for the job and they should hire you. So you just ask for the next steps or when they will call you again.


So these are the questions you can ask during the job interview. These are the common questions and will help to create a more positive image of yours on the interviewer.
Here the article comes to an end and we hope you found the questions to ask during your next job interview. Thank you for visiting the page and keep coming for more such helpful content.