20 Signs That He Is Not Interested In You – Avoid Wasting Time

You’ve had a crush on him for a long time now, and he’s been around for a while. But you’re not certain of his feelings. It’s difficult to read someone’s thinking and conduct. Sometimes the guy acts as though you are the only thing he has in life, and other times he acts with such indifference that it seems as though you two are just casual buddies.

You don’t have to spend your time picking at petals to determine whether he likes you, especially if he sends you conflicting signals that make it extra tough to decipher whether he is friend-zoning you or simply trying to hide his affections. What you can do is follow your instincts and look for clues that he isn’t interested in you. If you pay close attention, you’ll be able to recognize the obvious indicators that he is not interested in you and know for sure.

Yes, it is difficult to come to grips with the sad and brutal signs that he is not that into you. It will undoubtedly hurt, make you feel devastated, and break your heart, but embracing the truth and concentrating on moving on is always the better course of action than clinging to unrealistic expectations. In order to help you understand this, we’ve put together this list of warning indicators.

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Signs That He Is Not Interested In You

He seldom spends any time with you.

A guy who is interested in you will want to spend most of his time with you because he wants to get to know you better. He will always feel that the time he spends with you is insufficient. If he doesn’t spend a lot of time with you, it’s one of the clearest signs he’s not into you.
Many times, he’ll seem to be with you while his thoughts are elsewhere. Rather than being psychologically absent, a guy who is into you will give you his complete attention. Therefore, if he is just not giving your dates the same kind of effort anymore or is refusing to spend time with you like he used to, don’t fool yourself and assume that he is no longer interested in you.
He doesn’t want to spend time with you if he’s constantly booked when you want to hang out, agrees to meet but then changes his mind, or seems more at ease hanging out with others than spending time with you alone. It’s time to stop giving him the benefit of the doubt and start noticing the cues he’s giving you that he’s not really into you.

He is not the first to get in touch with you.

This is undoubtedly one of the most obvious signals that he isn’t into you, but tragically, most women appear to be so taken with him that they prefer to overlook it. We are here to remind you that his lack of contact might be his way of letting you know that he isn’t romantically interested in you. Consider it an issue and one of the obvious indications he doesn’t like you if he isn’t trying to connect with you. You are the one who calls and texts him nonstop. He never texts you first or starts a conversation, even though he mostly answers. It almost seems as though you are pressuring him to speak with you. Men may initially avoid calling or texting you because they do not want to appear overly needy. If this behavior continues, it may be an indication that he is not really interested in you.

He doesn’t exhibit jealousy.

One of the clearest indications he is not interested in you is the absence of jealousy when he sees you with another person. When someone observes their romantic interest interacting with or paying attention to a third person, it is only normal to experience a hint of jealousy because it is what makes us human. Whether he expresses it or not, every guy gets a little envious whenever he sees the girl he likes with someone else. Even if he doesn’t express it to you, you may infer it from his body language.
See how he responds by flirting with or getting close to other guys. It is a blatant indication that he is not interested in you if he doesn’t even pay attention to what you are doing with other guys. It’s time to consider whether it’s simply platonic love if your whole argument for thinking there could be anything between you two is based on how much he values you and how he’s always there for you. If he demonstrates kindness and sympathy but leaves it at that, it can be one of the telltale signals he views you only as a friend.

You are the one who makes the plans.

Do you tend to make plans all the time? If he doesn’t put much effort into making time for fun with you, that’s one of the subtle signs that he’s not into you. When you develop a plan and ask for his opinion, he gives you evasive answers and tells you to make the choice. It’s the typical behavior of a man who doesn’t care about you.
One of the most obvious signals a guy doesn’t like you is when he leaves you guessing if he likes you or not. He would never leave you in the dark about his intentions if he truly felt the same way about you. No matter how many words he used to express it, you would already know it in your heart.

He knows nothing about you.

Two individuals learn more about one another as they spend more time together. A person who is interested in you will also inquire about you from your close friends and family. In this instance, though, he knows nothing about you or your color, and you know everything about him. Does he know things like the flowers, food, restaurant, movie, or color you prefer? Does he understand what you do, whether you’re joyful, sad, or angry?
If he doesn’t even bother to get to know you better, you can be sure that he isn’t into you anymore. He probably doesn’t care how your day was, why you’re angry, how you spend your spare time, or what’s truly going on in your life if he doesn’t ask about any of those things. No matter where you are in your relationship—whether you’re just starting to chat or have been together for years—equal effort is required at every stage. You must see it for what it is: an indication that he isn’t really into you if that effort is lacking on his end.

If he is still a stranger to you, he is not into you.

Good communication and getting to know each other better personally and emotionally are the foundation of every relationship. This individual hasn’t yet been forthcoming with you. You initially assumed he was being reserved, but now you feel as though he isn’t interested. He never talks to you casually and treats you more like an acquaintance than a friend or even a girlfriend.
Guys often exhibit their interest in someone romantically by being open and vulnerable with them and revealing aspects of themselves that they have kept concealed from the public. As a result, one of the indications that he doesn’t feel anything for you is if he continues to stay distant from you and you feel as though a solid barrier separates you from one another.

For him, it’s all about the s*x.

When he wants to have s*x with you, it is the only time you two interact. He resumes being his indifferent self when the intercourse is over with. It seems as though s*x is the only basis for your relationship. Does this strike a chord with you and correctly represent the situation you’re in right now? If you can, consider this a significant relationship red flag.
You need to consider what this connection means to him if he finds it all too easy to simply zip up and leave once the deed is done. Maybe he merely sees it as a booty-call arrangement or a brief romance. You deserve far more than to be used as someone’s booty call. The best course of action when he shows no interest is to walk away.

You aren’t a part of his social media activities.

He will enjoy seeing photographs of other ladies on social media, but if you post anything at the same time, he won’t like or comment on it. It appears as though he does not want to be connected to you online. He has excluded you directly on social media and is curious about what other women are doing online. It’s among the most obvious indicators that he’s not really into you.

Talking to other females

How do you tell through text if he’s not into you? Consider whether he responds to your messages quickly or whether he takes a while. If he doesn’t text you regularly, there could be more going on than just texting concerns. There are no clearer indications that he is not interested in you than the fact that he is texting and chatting with several women at once.
He might be chatting to someone else if you find yourself thinking, “He’s always online, but he’s not talking to me!” It doesn’t seem like a huge issue to converse with other women. After all, you don’t want to be a possessive and envious girlfriend. However, if he is chit-chatting and flirting with other ladies, that is an issue since it is one of the telltale signals he is not interested in you. When speaking to other ladies, he suddenly becomes the funniest guy on the planet, yet his communications with you are simple and chilly.

You’ve never met his pals.

A guy will talk about you in front of his buddies when he is into you. Because he loves you so much, he just wants to brag a little bit about you. This is also the case since he solicits advice and opinions from his buddies. However, if you meet his buddies and they act as if they are meeting you for the first time, it is because they are unaware of your existence.
If you want a reality check on his affections for you, this is unquestionably one of the indicators that he doesn’t like you as much as you do, or perhaps even at all. It’s obvious that he is not emotionally committed to this relationship if he hasn’t even mentioned you to those in his close circle. It’s advisable to let go of a guy who doesn’t desire a relationship in this circumstance.

He will not hold your hand in public.

Guys who are interested in you are delighted and proud to show the world how much you matter to them, they want to hold your hand or even wrap their arm around your waist. If you’re dating an introvert, you probably already know that they often don’t hold hands in public that quickly, but over time, they too will start to open up.
Even if a lot of time has passed since you two were together, one of the telltale signs your partner is not into you is if he never holds your hand in public. People can tolerate varying degrees of public displays of affection, depending on their temperament. However, when there are powerful emotions present, some displays of affection are frequently unavoidable. One of the most clear signals that he isn’t really into you is consistently constantly come up empty on that count.

One indication that he is not interested in you is how he treats you.

The way he treats you is one of the indicators that he isn’t into you. He isn’t interested in you if he treats you like a normal buddy or acquaintance. This suggests that you are still seen as a buddy and that, in order to get out of it, you must improve.
If he continues to treat you the same way in front of you and you haven’t noticed any changes in his behavior or body language, this could be one of the warning signs that he only sees you as a friend. Now the issue is: Is it worthwhile to put all of your efforts and feelings into attempting to win him over? Yes, he could be thoughtful, kind, funny, and everything else you’ve ever wanted in a relationship, but if he isn’t into you, there’s a strong chance that won’t change.

When he tells you to date other people.

He may want to date other people or may not want to be in a serious relationship right now if he asks you to date other people. Additionally, it is a hint that he is not prepared for a committed relationship with you. He obviously doesn’t have you in mind when it comes to dating or being in a relationship because he’s urging you to go out with other people. “You are still his friend,” he says.
There is no denying how demoralizing such indications that he just views you as a friend may be. The good news is that he is at least being truthful and straightforward with you. Perhaps take his advice and consider your options. There are many fish in the dating sea, as the saying goes. Why not attempt to put yourself back out there and move on from him?

He forbids you from leaving anything at his house.

If you are staying at his house the majority of the time, you will prefer leaving your belongings there rather than carrying everything back and forth. If he objects, it might be that he doesn’t want the relationship to go too quickly or, worse still, that he already has another woman in his life. It’s an obvious indicator that he doesn’t like you.
Maybe this is just a no-strings-attached romance for him. However, if you’re not there yet or if you’ve begun to feel anything after agreeing to a casual hookup, it might be prudent to talk to him openly. Although it may not be easy to express your thoughts when you can already see he has no affection for you, doing so would benefit you both in the long term.

He gets in touch with you whenever he feels like it.

He will contact you when he feels like talking or when he wants to have sex. When he’s not, you could go days or even weeks without hearing from him. He seldom responds to your calls or texts, regardless of how often you attempt. He doesn’t even have the decency to answer your calls or text messages at a later time.
But then, as if nothing had occurred, he will call you. Such a person is uninterested in any kind of commitment and only wants a sexual connection. He views you as someone with whom to have fun, whether it is in a bar or a bed. In particular, when you desire so much more from this connection, that is significantly more devastating than not having a love interest in your life.

He ignores you when you speak to him.

When you chat, does your boyfriend often look preoccupied? Is he never paying attention to you because he’s too busy gazing at his screen? An interested man would value you. When you spoke, he paid close attention to you. It is obvious he is not interested in you if you sense his thoughts are constantly elsewhere when he is with you.

He avoids talking to you about the future.

Your partner always changes the subject when you start talking about long-term goals. He frequently advises you to put the future out of your mind and focus on the now. He finds it unpleasant to discuss commitment. This behaviour from your partner is a clear indication that he is uninterested. Someone who likes you would envision himself with you in the future. When you mention commitment, he won’t bolt for the hills.

He is not dependable.

He doesn’t make an effort to support you when you’re down. He is not accessible any time you ask him for assistance. The man doesn’t support you in following your ambitions or rejoice with you when you succeed. He has repeatedly missed the crucial moments in your life. It’s a clear indicator a guy is not into you if he is not there for you through your highs and lows.

Your self-worth is being affected by being with him.

Someone who actually likes you would cherish and support you when you are with them. You will feel good about being with him. A one-sided relationship, though, can wear you down. His lack of concern and contempt might diminish your sense of value.

Your have a strong gut feeling

Sometimes, even when you don’t want to accept it, your gut tells you the truth. You may not have realized how the guy’s actions were hurting you. There may have been several warning signals, but you chose not to pay attention to them. When it might not be, you convince yourself that everything is OK. Believe your gut if it tells you that a guy isn’t into you.
Your spouse may no longer be interested in you if he stops reaching out to you, ignores you, avoids making future plans with you, just meets up with you for sex, and other behaviours. Even if it hurts to learn that the person you love isn’t interested in you, it’s time to find someone else. It’s not a smart idea to stay in a relationship just because you can’t face reality. You can’t make him fall in love with you, so stop trying. The only thing that would get worse for you would be to stay in a one-sided relationship.