Top 15 Things Girls Like About Guys (2023)

If you’re curious about the things girls like about guys, you should know that it does not always have to do with physical appearance. Most of the time, what a person has on the inside is what draws a woman in.
It’s not a guy’s physical appearance that keeps them interested in him after the first spark of desire has passed; it’s something else entirely. Girls aren’t always interested in a man’s height or how stunning his eyes are. They care about far more important characteristics than the general public believes they do.
Most males have a poor understanding of the qualities that girls find attractive in males and the actions that may be taken to increase the likelihood that a female would like them. Read on if you want to know what girls like about guys.

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Things Girls Like About Guys

1. Confidence Guy

One of the main things girls like about guys is confidence. When a guy believes in himself, knows who he is, and knows what he wants, it’s very appealing to girls and is usually something she can tell simply from the attitude he exudes. Being confident in norms being comfortable with who you are, and accepting in yourself that you’re worth taking the time to get to know.
Girls respond to the upbeat energy a confident man is placing out in the world, so long as that confidence doesn’t overextend into egotism. When a guy doesn’t feel the need to compete with or belittle others to lift himself, winning a woman’s attention will go a long way.

2. Guy Who Express Much

According to recorded history, the guy has not yet mastered or evolved the ability to be emotionally expressive. And the girls like guys who express much of their feelings. However, society is changing these days very quickly.
To improve understanding, people acknowledge their emotions and condition them. Girls are most attracted to guys who speak up and say what they mean. As we all know, communication is the key to every relationship.

3. Humour Match Guy

Relationships should only sometimes be taken seriously. Another characteristic girl like about guys is the connection, enjoyment, having a sense of humour and making random jokes. The laid-back aspect of your personality is also revealed as a commendable trait.
Grumbling is a trait in guys that girls find unpleasant. Everything is made great by communicating freely with everyone, perceiving humour in the circumstances, and laughing easily beside her.

4. Excited Guy

The first stages of any relationship are always exciting. After the initial excitement of the new relationship has worn off, boredom will start to set in, and if you aren’t willing to be spontaneous, things don’t get any better.
Girls perceive a guy’s capacity to be unpredictable and spontaneously appealing. Who doesn’t want their life to have excitement and adventure now and then? They want a guy who doesn’t need to make “plans,” someone who lives daily and doesn’t worry about the future.
The things girls like about guys are to be surprised every time they see you, and they want to know that you’ll be up for any plan at any time of the day because, let’s face it, the greatest things happen when you’re not expecting them to happen.

5. Guy Having A Clear Voice

It would help if you started immediately on acquiring the talent of communicating freely in front of others without feeling uneasy or anxious. This is a skill you need to start cultivating right now. One of the most underappreciated talents in a guy is his ability to carry on a conversation easily.
One of the things girls like about guys is they can carry on discussions and express themselves openly without being inhibited by shyness. A guy with whom a girl does not feel connected is the most effective way to repel a woman.

6. During Talks, Guy Attentively Listen

The thing girls like about guys is having conversations and looking for people who can pay attention and respond by opening up and continuing the conversation. Communication is a two-way street in which each participant must listen and talk for it to be successful.
Permit her to say what’s on her mind without interrupting or taking over the discussion. Listen without making any attempts to find solutions to the issues being discussed. Paraphrase what she is saying and then repeat it to her while assuring her that you understand what she has said.

7. Fitness Enthusiast Guy

A guy does not necessarily need to be a fitness freak or have six-pack abs to make a good impression on a girl. However, girls are more like about guys to go for males who are worried about their physical well-being.
One who can stick to a schedule will likely have a healthy diet with minor variations and be aware of how to avoid engaging in unhealthy behaviors. A positive mindset may help you live a full life and have greater self-confidence, but finding a partner has little to do with whether or not you are healthy.

8. Maturity Guy

Girls like dating older guys because they believe they are wiser and more mature than younger ones. Maturity, however, is not dependent on chronological age; rather, it is fostered by a wide range of life events.
Guys with more life experience are resourceful and understand the significance of consistency. Girls need consistency and are naturally attracted to guys who can provide for them.

9. Respectful Guy

Girls like guys are drawn to trustworthy guys, but they are especially drawn to guys who know how to respect others. These are the kind of individuals who do not try to force their values or beliefs on other people.
They do not behave in a rude manner, nor do they attempt to discourage others who dispute with them. In addition, they provide polite treatment to persons from all walks of life, even those of lower socioeconomic status. In addition, they are the kind of guys who do not exploit the weaknesses of girls.

10. Family-Friendly Guy

Guys who value their families are also very attractive to girls. They acquire affection for the person when they witness how he respects and cares for his parents or how he treats his siblings with love when they see how he loves them.
They do this because they have faith that a guy with such a nice heart will one day become a wonderful partner and provider for his own family. Every girl’s dream is to find the man with whom she would share her life and raise her children in a happy and stable home.

11. Guy Who Do Daily Texts

What you text a girl is completely irrelevant to her. It does not make a difference if you greet someone with a simple “good morning,” “good night,” ask if they have eaten their lunch, or inquire about how their day went.
The idea that you are considering them is one of the things girls like about guys the most. You would brighten their day if you sent them a quick text message.

12. Guy Having Excellent Fragrance

A guy with an excellent fragrance is a deal-breaker for not just any woman but every person in the history of the human race. Your first order of business is to ensure that you do not emit an offensive odour. Then you should make an additional effort to ensure that you smell nice.
That delicate fragrance, along with his manly odour, makes ladies feel like they’re being swept up in a tornado inside when they’re around guys. If you have the right scent, you can be confident that she will remain around for you to work your charms on her for as long as you need.

13. Youthfully Romantic Guy

Things girls like about guys when guys act romantic toward them; include setting up dates, giving them flowers, and treating them as royalty. A few of the various things that top the list include taking your wife on a trip, surprising her with small items, writing her some great letters, and expressing to her how lucky you are to have her.
It is only normal for a male to try to mate with a female, and humans are not an exception to this rule. Therefore, stoke the flames of romance and pour your love into a sweet gesture you may do for her.

14. Kindness Guy

Kindness is a trait girls like about guys, and when they discover it in a man, it not only fulfils their expectations but also makes them feel incredible.
This includes helping those who are less fortunate, doing something for the elderly, or even something as simple as assisting a puppy or an older adult who is trying to cross the street. The girl will most likely notice and appreciate your efforts regarding the smallest details.

15. A Funny Guy

There may be moments when a girl will feel so down that she will want the assistance of someone who can cheer her up. If a guy can make a girl laugh on an average day, it has the potential to make her happy. If she is feeling down, it will brighten her day because girls like funny guys.
Even when she is fuming, making her laugh will likely make her angrier at you at first, but it will make things easier for both of you in the long run.


We discussed 15 things girls like about guys. Although you may not think so, the truth is that you are stunning in your unique manner. There is no question that you possess admirable attributes in girls’ eyes. You need to begin by having self-assurance in who you already are. You won’t have to wait long to get the attention of the one who will love you for who you are and accept you just as you are.