11 Most Important Things Girls Like During Periods 2023

It’s simply not that difficult to keep a woman happy and satisfied. Just a little effort is all that is needed. Additionally, a bit more work is required if your lady is on her period.
If you have a girlfriend, wife, or female friend, it’s about time you knew that her uterus often rebels against her insides once every month.
Regardless of how long we women have been getting our periods, they still manage to startle us. The terrible cramping, cravings, and general unpleasantness make us want dessert one minute and pizza the next.
Here is a list of things every female wants her partner to do when she is on her period, since we are fairly incorrigible at this time of the month.

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Things Girls Like During Periods

Become comfortable to the concept

To start with, here is a brief explanation of what a period actually is: The female body sheds its old uterine lining about every 28 days, signaling the beginning of a new cycle in which a new uterine lining is produced. In the ovaries, follicles start to mature at the same moment and eventually develop into eggs. During ovulation, the egg eventually exits the ovary and, if fertilized, makes its home in the soft, new uterine lining. If it isn’t fertilized, it separates and, together with the old uterine lining, is expelled in a bloody torrent. This cycle is repeated.
When a woman is on her period, the last thing she wants is for her spouse to dislike being around her.
If you are a man who is still horrified or disgusted when women discuss their periods, you must find a way to adjust to the concept.
Everything is normal, and the last thing your girl wants is for you to be acting so immaturely.
Become accustomed to it. In fact, if she doesn’t do it, you should be concerned for her. That is how crucially important it is.

Be compassionate and show some empathy

Yes, we understand that you can’t relate to this uncomfortable biological function because it doesn’t happen to you. You can take it from us, though, that a bad day feels like we’re being punched in the stomach and back at the same time. Therefore, a little thought, understanding, and kindness on your end would be appreciated.
First of all, realize that the hormones—not the person—play the brat. Your girlfriend will undoubtedly feel grumpy and agitated. Be empathetic and make an effort to understand her issue. Be sensitive enough to recognize what is making her angry or frustrated and stop it before it starts.
In all other cases, it is acceptable to do something she does not like. However, this is not the time to do that. Therefore, be a good guy. Things should be alright if you keep your word and arrive on time when you meet with her.

PMS absolutely exists, guys!

Basically, everything you’ve seen and learned about PMS is correct. Women get irritable, unhappy, weep, need more chocolate, and suffer from severe cramps all day. Because “that time of the month” also brings a new batch of hormones, hormonal changes can trigger low mood.
Premenstrual, the next time you want to accuse her of causing your arguments while she’s PMSing, think twice. PMS generally starts a few days or even a week before her menstruation. They can start much earlier in some cases, and it isn’t an easy period for a lady. So, the next time you want to accuse her for the arguments you’ve been having while she’s PMSing, consider it again.

Give her a nice massage

On any given day, giving your partner a massage is a lovely way for you to connect with her, but it might be especially welcomed if the power of your skilled hands helps her forget about the battle taking place within her body.
Without uttering a word, gently massage her abdomen and assist her in letting her muscles loosen up. Ask her what she would like, or give her a foot, hand, or lower back rub, then get going with the massage oil.
Have we yet discussed in detail how painful it is? We could really use a relaxing massage to just settle our anxiety. Please and thank you.
Bonus tip: A hot water bag placed against your partner’s most painful places might be comforting if she experiences extremely unpleasant cramps or lower back discomfort when she is on her period. Keep one on hand in case it makes her sleep better.

Periods sex, yes!

Women have even been known to become more aroused during their periods than on other days, whether you find this strange or not. We are unexpectedly into the idea of having sex at this period, all owing to our lady hormones acting up. So please, take the lead and guide us along.

Just be there for her

Those five days when she gets her period are the most difficult of the month for her. She also wants some, if not all, of your support. What you can do is accept her mood swings, allow her to be irritable, and give her the impression that crying or having PMS is alright since sometimes she has no control over the situation. Additionally, you may assist her by getting her some tampons or sanitary pads and providing her with some herbal tea to make her feel better.
She will not really know why she’s sobbing, but she has to cry over something. Help her through it by being there. You are the only one who truly understands your relationship. You can ask her if you’re unsure of what she requires.
Small gestures can persuade us that you are with us in both happy and sad times. When we are on our periods, we will always appreciate it when you take on more errands than you should and assist us with the washing or cook up a fast lunch.

stock us up with chocolates, please

Despite the fact that no one has really found out why, women definitely want chocolate during their periods. There is undoubtedly a hormonal component. Therefore, if you bring her chocolate and a hot water bottle, she will think the world of you.
Accompany us in our moments of sinful feasting rather than making remarks about the calories consumed to make it more enjoyable.
Chocolates include magnesium, which facilitates the release of endorphins, the happy chemicals that increase energy and relieve cramps. Guys, please understand that there is a scientific basis for our appetites.

Read her a book or snuggle close as you watch a movie together.

If she is hesitant to go out due to period pain, why not organize an indoor movie date? Download a few rom-com films and enjoy them with her while munching on some nutritious snacks.
While you may be missing out on outside activities, there are plenty of delightful things to do as a couple indoors. Pick up a decent book and begin reading to her while spending time with her during her period.

Encourage her to consume healthy foods and plenty of water.

Fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods During this moment, we will behave like spoiled monsters, craving large quantities of junk food, booze, and caffeine. Even if we’re having a hard time being adults right now, you need to insist that we take care of ourselves.
Everyone should always remain hydrated for a variety of health benefits, but women should pay particular attention to this during their periods.
According to research, boosting hydration results in cramps that are less severe.

If you can, schedule her period so you can take the first two days off of work.

Although not all of my readers are independent, a sizable portion of them are, so I’m going to start with that.
If you can change your work hours so that you have the first two days of her period off, being there for her will make you a rock star in her eyes.
Obviously, this argument is more effective if your significant other’s period timing is fairly predictable.
Along with getting to spend time with her and lessening her suffering when she is in pain, you also get a couple more days off from work. Win-win.

Make her feel loved

The last thing you want to do is anger her while she is on her period or start a fight. Instead of criticizing her, offer something encouraging and consoling.
Even the best of us become our messy, restless, and irritable selves during our periods. Even if we are being annoying, a compliment from your side will make us modify our behavior. We’re telling you, it’s worth a shot.
There is no better way to express your love than to show her how much you adore her. While she is in discomfort, give her extra hugs and kisses. Ask her what she needs, and assist her.
No matter how much stomach pain a lady is experiencing, compliments never hurt. Every woman wants a man who will compliment her even when she feels self-conscious about her appearance.