Best 15 Fun Things To Do In Denver (Colorado) 2023

From amazing scenic views to offering the sports adventure, Denver has it all. The place has a lot to offer to its tourists and that’s why it’s one of the best places to go on a vacation! But the fact that their might be too much to visit and your time there may be limited, so everyone needs to plan their trip precisely and make the most of their time in the city.
The city is popularly known as the Mile city as its a mile above from the sea level which makes it one of the highest cities in the United States. Whether you want to explore the museums or to go on an adventure the city won’t disappoint you. The only problem is you will have to decide what you wanna see or do and what you wanna skip. And for that, you need to have good knowledge of the best things to do in Denver. That’s where we came in the picture, in this article we have listed out some of the best things to do in Denver so that you can decide what you wanna do on your trip and the make the best of your time in Denver.
So let’s not waste any more of your time and start listing out the best of the best things that you can do in Denver!
things to do in denver

Things to do in Denver

1. Mount Evans

One of the best attractions of Denver includes Mount Evans. The city is popular for its scenic views and the mountains so it’s natural that you put Mount Evans on your list.
Hiking is one of the popular sport in the city and you must do that when you are in Denver. So to reach Mount Evans you will have to hop on the Mount Scenic Byway which is a two-lane road which is known as the road into the sky.
The peak of Mount Evans is at 14, 271 feet above the sea level and this makes it Colorado’s 12 highest peaks. In your journey to the top of Mount Evans, you will find a number of viewpoints where you can stop and take a look at the breathtaking view of the mountains around you.
The total hike time is about 3 to 4 hours and if you are visiting the place ins the spring then you would see an array of flower beds in your way which looks pretty good! Overall this place is something that you must visit while you are in Denver.

2. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater

Red Rocks Park is one of the best locations for all the outdoor enthusiasts and this place offers so much that you can spend your entire day here. The place occupied more than 700 acres and it gives us the amazing transition between the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains.
The place is also popular for some of the amazing concerts and that’s why you might catch a concert here too. The red rocks make some naturals acoustics and give the best show experience in the nearby theater. Although people enjoy the scenery more than the show and it is a never forgettable experience that you would get.
You might wanna stop by the visitor center which provides a brief history and information for the parks and the trails.

3. Larimer Square

Larimer Square is another popular landmark in Denver that you must visit. This place is also has a historical value to the city as it dates back to the 19th century when the place is all about the gold and people were settling here. The place has seen all the firsts of the city that is, here was the first bank, first dry good store, the first bookstore, first theater, and so on.
The place has grown to become one of the busiest and the popular places in the city over time. And till now the place features a number of great things and probably the place to shop, eat and experience the city’s nightlife. You will anyway come across the place when you are in Denver as its one of the city’s centers but do keep in mind to explore the new as well as some of the old buildings of the place.

4. American Museum of Western Art

The next thing to do in Denver is to visit the American Museum of Western Art. The place will take you back in time when it comes to featuring the best artifacts from the 18th century to the present modern-day. The place is all about the history, culture, character, and beauty of the American West. There are many art exhibitions and a number of artifacts from the past. You will have to keep in mind that children below the age of 8 are not allowed and children between the age of 8 and 16 must be accompanied by their parents or guardians.

5. Denver Botanic Garden

Another popular place in Denver that you must visit is Denver Botanic Garden. The place covers over 24 acres and features over 50 gardens for you to explore. The garden features different cultural environments such as the Japanese garden, African plaza, etc which features their native plants and trees.
The place also features art artifacts like the sculptured which enhances its beauty. The mesmerizing garden is all about appreciating the art and the plants. Overall the worth your time here.

6. Coors Brewery

If you have ever heard this name then you must visit the place. The company features a self-guided tour where visitors can know more about the making of this popular brewery brand. It’s brewing since 1873 and is located about 15 miles from downtown Denver. you are around the place then you must visit the institution because of its worth your time.
The tour lasts about 30 minutes and at that time you will learn how the beer is made and how it’s packed. It will definitely fascinate someone who is interested in the brewery and likes Coors for that matter.

7. Rocky Mountain Hot Air

Who wouldn’t like the ride of Hot Air Balloon? We bet everyone wants a ride of Hot Air Ballon and explore the city from the heights. The ride is available for everyone from the age of 5. They take care of the safety of the customers and make sure they won’t face any kind of inconvenience during the ride.
The balloon floats 1,500 to 1,800 ft so it won’t be too high or intense and anyone can enjoy this. And the best part would be the certificate and the gifts that you would receive at the end of the ride. The bottom line is, you would have to experience the hot air balloon ride to capture the mesmerizing view of Denver from the top.

8. Denver’s Union Station

Denver’s Union Station is another major tourist destination of the city that you might like to explore. Its a shopping center, a well-known dining building as well as a public transit station, so you will have a lot to see and do here. The building’s architecture is really great and worth watching. Although the building has come a long way since its opening in 1881.
The building now has become one of the renowned entertainment centers. You can learn about art, history, and explore the retails centers and the luxury hotels here with the tour of union center station which can be done only at $20. You will also get complimentary drinks as well along with the full tour of Union Station.

9. Hammond’s Candy Factory

It is also a center of attraction in Denver and it’s a fun place to explore, after all, who would like the tour of a candy factory! It’s a fun and educational tour for all ages of people as you can learn about the process of making and packaging the candies.
All the candies are handcrafted and it kinda takes you back to the 1920s as the process is similar to that one. You will also learn about Colorado’s history as well and also a little bit of science and facts about your favorite candies. Although the best of the tour would be the free samples that you will receive throughout the tour. So do pay a visit if you are somewhere near the location of the candy factory.

10. Molly Brown House Museum

Molly Brown House Museum would introduce you to Victorian-style architecture and it also features the Victorian lifestyle and design as well. It was once the house of Margaret “Molly” Brown (which was a character in Titanic as well). The place features one of the most iconic residents of Denver. It does not only introduce us to the life of the Victorian elite classes but also features the history of Denver and as well as the role of Brown in the Women Suffrage movement. Overall if you have got a thing for history then you would have a lot to see and explore here.

11. Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Tour

Stranahan’s known for their one of the most flavored and the smoothest whiskey in the world so it would be a privilege to see what’s going in the company. It’s located about 2 miles from the city center and the tour would take about a double of hours (maximum).
As you can guess, you would learn about the history and the journey of one of the most popular whisky brands. Since the tour is free and you would get a lot of knowledge about the making and the aging of the whisky, it would be definitely a treat to watch and experience.

12. Unser Karting

If you want to race and experience the speed then you would definitely visit the Unser Karting. The place allows your kids to experience the karting as well as kart training classes for everyone.
The place offers a safe and well-equipped environment where you would be trained by experts. To make your time more worthy, there will be drinks and snacks along the track sides with a great track view.

13. Denver Climbing Company

There are a lot of outdoor activities to do in Denver and one of the most famous ones is the Climbing activity which is provided by the Denver Climbing Company. You would learn how to climb or just want to have fun with climbing then it should be your next thing to do in Denver.
You would be accompanied and taught by the professional guides who make sure of your safety. They also provide the routes according to one’s skills and strength. Overall it would be a great experience that you should explore in Denver.

14. Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum

If you are interested in aircraft then this is a must-visit destination for you in Denver. You would find a lot of interesting things about the aircraft and the air force along with some of the popular space vehicles. It’s going to be very knowledgeable and don’t forget to explore the gift shop in the end.

15. Colorado State Capital

This one is known as one of the most beautiful buildings in Denver and that’s why this one worth your time while you are in the city. From the amusing architecture to the beautiful view, you are going to appreciate everything here.

Conclusion –

So these are the best things to do in Denver and we are pretty sure you ate going to love them. All the local friends or the tourist guides would suggest you explore these places and do these activities and that’s why they are on our list. You might find some of the cliches but again there is a reason why they are cliche and why you should do them in Denver.
Here our job of introducing you to the best things to do in Denver is done and it’s all up to you to explore these things in Denver and have the best time here. Thank you for being with us, we hope you would have a great time in Denver.