15 Things To Do On Christmas (Fun & Interesting) 2023

We’ve compiled a list of the top Christmas activities that adults and children of all ages can enjoy together so that you can make the most of this joyous time of year. The holidays are an excellent opportunity to take stock of the year’s blessings, honor cherished rituals, and spend quality time with loved ones and friends.

This year, more than any other, we are making a concerted effort to treasure every one of these precious moments spent with those we hold most. Many holiday-related activities may be done, such as hanging decorations, following seasonal recipes, and sending Christmas cards, which means that there are lots of opportunities for us all to be amused.
Because of this, we decided to compile a list of our best things to do on Christmas that you can participate in with your family and friends – or even by yourself! Even though every family uniquely celebrates the holidays, we came up with a list of original Christmas activities that are fun for children and adults that you may want to try out this year.

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Things To Do On Christmas

1. Make Special Holiday Cookies

This kind of Christmas tradition evokes warm nostalgia and brings many happy memories to mind. Your kid can help you mix the cookie dough depending on how old they are.
One of the fun things to do on Christmas celebrations is to give children the option to include ingredients like chocolate chips, coconut, or cinnamon in the recipe and let them choose for themselves.
Choose some cookie cutters with a holiday or seasonal motif, and then encourage your child to act out the role of a baker. Even the Christmas cookies might be served on holiday-themed plates if desired.

2. Make Hot Cocoa Or Cider With Flavors

This winter, warm yourself with a drink that’s fit for the holiday season and get into the spirit of Christmas. If you would rather have a recipe for hot chocolate, all that is required is a tiny quantity of peppermint schnapps added to the hot chocolate before it is topped with whipped cream.
Put some of it in each of your individualized picture mugs. Mix your strong beverage with other festive activities that keep you entertained, such as watching a Christmas movie or singing Christmas carols.

3. Visit The Skating Rink

After indulging in the holiday season’s festivities and having a heavy meal on Christmas Day, a little bit of exercise should come as a refreshing change of pace. Going to the gym on Christmas Day is about as depressing as things can get, and running around the neighborhood doesn’t seem like a very joyous activity either.
Skating on the rink is the ideal sport for keeping your body moving while also allowing you to take in the fresh air of winter, and, of course, being surrounded by beautiful Christmas lights makes it even better.
Once the morning’s activities have come to a close, assemble your loved ones, and then make your way to a nearby rink for an afternoon excursion. Take advantage of the merry activity since participating is one of the enjoyable things to do with friends on Christmas.

4. Watch A Christmas Film

If you are spending Christmas Day alone, what things to do on Christmas? There are a lot of fantastic Christmas movies that can be enjoyed by any audience, ranging from traditional films that will make you weep to comedic holiday classics that will make the entire family chuckle.
On Christmas Day, whether you want to watch with your friends or by yourself, you’ll be treated to a positive viewing experience that pairs well with a warm beverage.

5. Make A Holiday Card Picture

You will have more time to enjoy the holidays if you take care of the family Christmas card early in the season rather than waiting until the last minute. Make comedic use of family members, bring over some exciting objects, and try on various outfits.
Is there a particular room or place in your house that may make for an intriguing background? The more imaginative you can be, the better! Include the completed photograph in your yearly holiday cards, in text messages to friends, as a virtual backdrop for video conferences, and in emails to extended family members.

6. Make A Donation

What can one do on Christmas to better the world and show compassion and goodwill to others? Helping others on Christmas Day is one of the most effective things to do on Christmas. Most nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) report receiving high assistance requests over the winter holidays.
If you are considering volunteering your time, keep in mind that there are other seasons of the year when they may benefit from your assistance just as much. Donate your gently used clothing to charitable groups. It will give you a great sense of accomplishment to clear out some space in the closet, and research has shown that helping other people makes people happier.

7. Cook A Foreign Christmas Dinner

Why not recreate that once-in-a-lifetime experience right in the comfort of your home this holiday season if you’ve always wanted to celebrate Christmas in a foreign land?
Research the cuisine of a different country’s Christmas celebration and prepare dinner together as a family. Because there are so many delectable Christmas foods from around the globe, you can make one of them a tradition on your own Christmas menu from this point on.

8. Make Decorations For A Gingerbread House

Are you trying to figure out what things to do on Christmas this year from the comfort of your home? Nothing is more satisfying than a project ending with a tasty reward! You may get a gingerbread home kit at many supermarkets during Christmas.
In most cases, these kits will provide the minimal necessities required to construct a roof and four walls. You may add a personal touch and get into the holiday spirit by visiting the candy section of the grocery store to pick out a few unique candies that your kid can use to decorate the gingerbread house they are making. The children will have a great time adorning the home with all their favorite sweets and snacks.

9. Christmas Dance Party

If you are looking for energetic things to do on Christmas to get everyone re-energized after an early morning unwrapping Christmas gifts, you could always throw on festive music and have a dance party instead!
Children like moving their bodies, and there is Christmas music to satisfy everyone’s preferences. Find a playlist of upbeat songs, and get your body moving! It is always an excellent idea to get everyone in the holiday mood to play some Christmas music in the background while doing other holiday-themed activities.

10. Visit A Christmas Tree Farm

You could buy a Christmas tree from a pop-up stand in a parking lot or the megastore in your town, but the holiday season is all about the memories you make with your loved ones.
A trip out to a Christmas tree farm, where each family member may choose their tree based on their vision of how it will seem after it is brought inside, is one idea for a fun activity for families to participate in on Christmas Day.
In really unusual circumstances, you may even be required to cut down the tree and haul it back to your vehicle once you’ve done so. Even if the procedure is drawn out, we believe the memories will be preserved for longer.

11. Wear Your Ugly Christmas Sweaters Proudly

One of the entertaining activities that people may participate in on Christmas Day is trying to persuade their loved ones to put on the ugly Christmas sweaters they gave them as gifts. It would help if you kept hope since they will make your Instagram feed appear excellent.
Raise the stakes by holding a competition in which each person votes for their preferred quirt sweater if there is strong resistance to what you are trying to do. The winner gets the first pick for supper among the options.

12. Visit the mall

Nothing beats a trip to the mall for some retail therapy when you’re feeling lethargic in the middle of the day after lunch and can’t wait till supper.
Please take a photo with Santa, get a delicious treat, and pick a lovely gift (or two) for yourself because it is possible to have too many presents.

13. Collectively Reminisce

As a group, take a journey down memory lane by looking through old picture albums and watching home movies with your loved ones. You should go around the family and ask everyone to share their favorite Christmas memory.
Not only is this an enjoyable way to spend some time together as a family while sitting around the Christmas tree, but it is also an excellent method to get more insight into the history of your ancestors.

14. Video Chat With Family And Friends

Why not set up a video conference with family or friends who cannot celebrate Christmas with you in person but would still want to do so? It’s the next best thing to do on Christmas to be there in person, and it’s a fantastic way to keep connected and still see their faces. It’s a wonderful way to remain connected and see their faces.
You may also plan to participate in some of these other Christmas activities together electronically, such as reading a Christmas tale or playing charades.

15. Holiday Scented Candles

Create your scented candles as a relaxing hobby that serves as an excuse to produce handmade presents for the people who live nearby.
It is easy to make great Christmas smells using a variety of essential oils, and the process is relatively straightforward. Think of frankincense, cinnamon, and vanilla, in addition to the Douglas fir.


Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends while having a good time. If you are seeking things to do on Christmas that will keep everyone engaged, you can be confident that there are plenty of Christmas day activities that kids and families can enjoy together.
Make some brand-new Christmas traditions and a few positive new memories this year that will last with you long after the gifts have been unwrapped and the last bite of food has been swallowed. Have a wonderful Christmas!