5 Best Things To Talk About On Facetime (With A Guy/Girl) 2023

The popularity of video conferencing is increasing day by day. People have started preferring video calls over voice calls or any other mode of communication. Facetime is one of the leading video conferencing app that allows us to make high-quality video calls to our friends and family. Moreover, due to the covid-19 pandemic, people are isolated in their homes or are in far away areas full of solitude. Thus, they prefer keeping in touch with each other through video calls and messaging services.

Video conferencing can be used for various activities like holding business meetings, talking to your friends and family, online webinars, virtual assistance, online classrooms, and much more. Now the question is if you are face timing someone, what can you talk about. Mostly what happens is that you are sitting and staring at each other on face time and don’t know where to begin. You tend to wait for the other person to speak. This leads to a very awkward and uncomfortable situation. Since you have called each other to talk about but you don’t have anything to speak for.

So, what likely a face time conversation can be. There are many questions about how to start a video call and talk to people about it. On this page, you will get all the necessary information required.

Dos and Don’ts during a face time call –

  • 1. Whenever your video calls someone make sure your voice is clear. You must use earphones while communicating via video conferencing as it provides a better audio experience. Secondly, be careful of your mike and check your default calling settings when you are going to call someone. You should make sure that your voice is clear to another person on the facetime because when somebody cannot hear you he or she is likely to not get involved in the conversation and would disconnect the call.
  • 2. One of the most important things to take care of when you face time someone is your camera angle. Make sure your face is visible to another person on the phone. Most of the time it happens we do not take care of our camera angle and the other person on the video call just sees the ceiling of your house or your extra zoomed face or neck or whatever. This impacts your calling a lot. Many people can get annoyed and will not be interested in the conversation further.
  • 3. Don’t look here and there especially when you are on a call. If someone is speaking on a video call and you look around here and there the person speaking may feel that you are not interested in the conversation and may disconnect the call. He or She may also feel irritated at your behavior and the conversation may not end well.
  • 4. Another important thing to be considered is the place you are sitting in. You should avoid video calling someone if you are sitting in a noisy place. You should make sure whenever you face time someone there is no disturbance around you as it is likely to hinder any conversation going on.
  • 5. Here is one more important point, take care of your frame and background. Make sure the location you sit in is decent enough to talk. Do not sit in a messy room with clothes scattered or messy things. This gives a negative and bad impression, also making you and others uncomfortable and embarrassed. Therefore, be careful of your location and surroundings.

Here are a few things that you can talk about on facetime.


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Things to talk about on FaceTime

1. Weather

Since you are communicating with your friends at different locations, there will be weather differences around. You can ask them about the weather and atmosphere in their area. For example, if they are experiencing snowfall there are, you can tell them to show you by taking the phone outside. You can talk about weather predictions and much more.

The question can begin like ‘I hear it is snowing over there. Is it?’ ‘How is the weather in your area?’ ‘Have you seen the forecast today?’ It is so hot here. How about your side?’

2. Family

When you are on facetime, there is one benefit and that is you can also see the people around the person attending your video call. You can talk about his family, how they are, and what have they been doing. You can wish his or her family on the video call and enjoy everyone’s company. Moreover, if you are an international student, you can talk to your whole family on facetime. See there faces and vivacity in your house. Talk to them and see each other make each other happy.

You can ask questions like ‘How is your family doing’ ‘Haven’t seen your kid lately’ ‘ Could you please put abc on the phone, let me see him?’ ‘Hey, how is your mother doing?’ ‘Shall I talk to zxc?’

3. Quick tour around

Another thing you can ask for is to show them around. Well, if you are calling your friend or family member who has brought a new house or has gone for some vacation at some exotic place, you can say them to give you a quick tour around themselves, their house or surroundings. Let them show you the beauty around and admire their location, saying it is a beautiful place, lovely house, I guess I will surely visit this place sometime.

You can ask them questions like ‘ Hey can you show me around your house’ ‘How is the ambiance there’ ‘Don’t mind letting me see through your phone’ ‘Could you please show me that abc location of your house’. Well, you can talk about many topics relating to it.

4. Plans and Routine

You can also ask the other person about their plans and routines, like ‘What have they done the whole day?’ How do they spend their time?. You can talk about their daily routine or fitness plans. You can also make some new plans, like having a get-together or visiting some new places. Ask them when they are free and plan about going for a movie or a party.
You can talk to them about your plans for the day and what have you done till now. Tell them how you are feeling and doing.

The questions can be framed in a way ‘Hey man, what special do you do these days to keep yourself fit?’ ‘How are you maintaining yourself even at home’ ‘It has been a long week, have you been up to something lately?’ ‘Would mind planning an outing?’

Thus you can ask many things in this pattern and make sure you continue those talks which give you a suitable and active response since they interest the other person.

5. Fitness and Health

There are a number of fitness freaks around you. Some of your friends might also be one of them. Everyone loves to adopt a healthy lifestyle and stay fit and young. So, why not discuss your fitness regimes over the call? Make your conversations interesting and stay healthy and talk about a healthy lifestyle. Discuss your fitness plans and exercises you do, the diet you plan, and your body goals for this month. This will help you to make good and worthy use of your time.

Ask them a few questions about lifestyle and exercises like ‘How are you so fit?’ ‘I want to get back into shape?’ ‘Could you suggest me some exercises to shape up my body?’ ‘What changes can I adopt for a healthy lifestyle?’ ‘How are you so fit?’ ‘May I know your diet history and plans’. All this would help your conversation to progress in a suitable way and lead to a knowledgeable session. You can talk about health, fitness, diets, and exercises that would help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Conclusion –

There are far many topics that increase the scope of conversation but it depends on the understanding of people and their interest in your talk. You must be careful about various things like your camera, mike and the topics you choose. Every person has a different opinion and varied tastes. Therefore the topics you choose for communication should ideally be based upon their interests and thoughts. Always talk about the common things that interest both of you. Do not drag any topic unnecessarily that would irritate or annoy the other person. If you feel they are getting irritated or are not interested in any conversation, it is best to avoid or stop your conversation any further or you can switch to a more convincing topic.