8 Best Things To Talk About Over Text (Girl/Guy) 2023

We often encounter a situation where we want to talk to someone but fail to continue the conversation. Slowly the conversation dies along with the topic and you have nothing to discuss. This is a common problem when you contact through texts. Texting is easier but at the same time uncertain. You never know the person you are texting how is he perceiving your text, neither you know the expressions nor the tone of voice. Moreover, conversation on a text can be simply ignored or be eliminated by using the words okk or lol and many others.

Therefore it is important to bring some interesting topics to talk about. Your topic should be worth discussion so that another person enjoys your random texting and communicates with you. Texting can be very boring at times while at other times it can be one of the most interesting ways to communicate with emojis and stickers. Thus you should exactly know the way to put up a conversation and continue it without it seeming boring. Avoid exaggerating the single topic for too long since it can lead to dying interest in the conversation.

Before telling you the topics, here are a few do’s and don’ts when communicating over text messages on Whatsapp, Instagram, or some other chatting apps.

Dos and Don’ts over text – 

  • 1. Whenever you communicate via text messaging the best thing to avoid is using the one-word communication. Never use the words okk, hmm, fine, yes, lol, etc. These words make the conversation so boring. It seems as if another person who is receiving the text is not at all interested in any form of conversation.
  • 2. Whenever you send a message try your level best to send it with a perfect emoji. The use of emojis while texting make the communication more effective and interesting.
  • 3. You can also use other features of texting while speaking as if you can send voice notes, emojis, and gifs. This will make your communication more attractive and interesting. Another person is likely to enjoy having a conversation with you.
  • 4. Avoid the use of the same old words like Hi, how are you?. No way, these words are the most irritating words when repeated over and over again. You should try asking the same question in a different way.
  • 5. Make sure your messages are correctly spelled and are legible to read. If a person cannot read your text properly, he will not understand what are you are saying and so you’re likely to experience an off reply.
  • 6. Don’t text continuously, give others time to speak and if you feel only you are speaking continuously or asking questions, it is better if you stop the conversation soon because it means a person is not interested in talking to you. Therefore, don’t impose your messages upon.

Here are the things that you can talk about over the text.


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Things To Talk About Over Text

1. Present Situation

When you text somebody over something, it is better if you talk about some recent topics or the current situation. This is a good way to communicate since it makes the person aware if he does not know anything and also increases the interest in the topic. This type of conversation usually breaks the boredom of the day.
You can begin with phrases like ‘Hey, have seen the news today’, ‘ Where have you been lately’, ‘ Have you watched the PM speech today’ ‘Do you know, stocks of abc company have increased’. Well, you can talk about anything that concerns your current situation.

2. Make plans

Texting is the best way to work out some plans immediately. You can talk about the recent places opened, restaurants to visit and share the locations with other people you are texting. You can ask them if they are free and would like to visit a certain place.

It is more effective to make plans over text as you can share the links and locations of a place, their images, and whatnot. Therefore, you can start the conversation like ‘ Have you been free lately’ ‘ I was thinking to take you to this place’ ‘I am sharing the pics, just look at this place, we shall surely visit it sometime’ ‘ Up for travel, What say?’

3. Workspace

When you talk over text, you can also ask the other person about the workspace and their business. You can ask them if their business is working properly if they have some new plans. You can ask them about the environment in their workspace or anything related to work.

Especially if you are colleagues, you can talk about your recent projects and developments.
You can ask the other person questions like ‘ How is your business running’ ‘ All good at your workspace’ ‘What’s the status of salaries in your firm’ ‘ What are the new projects you have been working on recently’.

4. Gossip

Gossiping is the way to reduce stress and have some pleasure in your work time. Especially if you are coworkers or colleagues, gossiping is a part of your routine. You can talk about some juicy, funny rumors about your boss or secretary. You can talk about the new girl in the girl in your office or discuss the newly employed receptionist.

You can also talk about the business firms you have a deal with, their bosses and conspiracies. Talk about the controversies in the entertainment industry especially if you are texting a girl. Since you know gossip is an essential medicine for a lady.

5. Talk about previous shows and movies

Another way for communication is to talk about some movies or shows. You can discuss the recent episode of some show you both love to watch. You can also talk about movie premieres and recommend some of the shows from Netflix or prime.

You can ask them like ‘Have you watches the recent episode of Vikings’ ‘Did you like the movie’ ‘Check out the new show on sony liv’ Anything relating to entertainment works very well. This is because you can talk about the show, content, and its character. You can make predictions alongside and have an interesting conversation.

6. News and Sports

What is a better knowledgeable topic than news and sports? You can talk about the recent matches or sport you like. Tell others about the new sports clubs and plans. Discuss about news, government plans, and strategies, express your concerns regarding the new plans. You can ask the other person if he or she has heard the news and what is his or her opinion on the topic.

You can begin like ‘Have you seen the abc news channel’ ‘What do you think of this initiative’ ‘Heard about the charity match’ ‘Zgh firm has launched a new campaign’ ‘Check out the new launch at auto expo’ Therefore you can talk about various topics concerning your daily routine and regular environment.

7. Recipes

Texting is always fun and interesting. One thing you can text about is your recipes. Yes, share your awesome recipes with your friends or in the groups via chat. Talk about the delicious food you have prepared and how. Tell them about their benefits and taste. Share the ingredients list with them and also share the complete method of preparation.
You can also share your videos and links to the recipes you have prepared and tell others to try them. Texting is better than a phone call because whatever procedures you type remain saved in the chat box and there can be errors while listening.

8. Share Posts and links

While texting you can send some links and posts of social media networks. Share some knowledgeable information, scientific principles, and other things through posts or links. Send the links to some information.

You can also recommend some websites to the person like those dealing with movie reviews, automobiles, science, and technology. Well, anything concerning your common interests. This will result in quite an effective exchange of information and knowledge.

Conclusion –

Therefore, there are many topics you can talk about over text. They will make your conversation more interesting and attractive. You can discuss various topics and also share emojis, pics, and videos. The best thing you can do while texting is to avoid one-word texts and improper language. Also, don’t send large texts that someone finds it difficult to read. Try to make your conversations more concise, knowledgeable, and legible. The more you talk about the topics that interest you both, the more you will be involved in communication.