Top 13 Questions To Ask Before Getting Married 2023

Marriage is one of the biggest commitments you can ever make. Once you are married your whole life would be changed and you will become a different person as well. There are so many things that would change like your lifestyle, your thoughts, and the way your actions would make a bigger impact on someone else’s life. It sure as hell sounds scary but if you find that perfect person then it will be the most beautiful journey that you will ever experience.
It all depends on what kind of partner you have and how much you two understand each other. To find out the compatibility and understanding between you and your partner, you should ask each other some important questions. This way you will find out the true expectations you have from each other and what kind of life you are planning with each other.
Here we are listing out a few important questions to ask before marriage. These questions involve some sensitive topics like children, faith, finance, etc. So you will be aware of what you are getting yourself into. So go ahead and take a look at the following questions and ask them to your partner before committing your whole life to them.
questions to ask before getting married

Top 13 Questions To Ask Before Getting Married

How do you see us 10 years from now?
What do you admire about me, and what are your pet peeves?
Do you know all the ways I say “I love you”?
How far should we take flirting with other people? Is watching pornography O.K.?
How important is sex to you?
Do we like each other’s parents?
Can you deal with my doing things without you?
What’s the most you would be willing to spend on a car, a couch, shoes?
Is my debt your debt? Would you be willing to bail me out?
How important is religion? How will we celebrate religious holidays, if at all?
Will our experiences with our exes help or hinder us?
Will we have children, and if we do, will you change diapers?
Did your family throw plates, calmly discuss issues or silently shut down when disagreements arose?

Great Questions To Ask Before Getting Married

Can we comfortably and openly discuss our sexual needs, preferences and fears?
Do you want kids? If so, how many and how do you intend to shape our children’s values?
How did your parents show their love to you growing up?
Do you have trust issues and insecurities?
How will we make decisions together?
What is your love language?
If we get stuck in our marriage, are you willing to seek outside help with a counselor?
How much alone time do you need?
What are your thoughts about having debt?
How do we handle conflict and how could we be better about it?
What are the boundaries we want to put in place when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex?
What are your expectations about how we will spend our free time?
Do you feel like we have enough heart to heart conversations that connect us emotionally?
How do you handle your anger?
Do you expect or want me to change in certain areas?
What amount of available money do you need to have to feel comfortable?
Are we both good at apologizing?
Are we both quick to forgive?
What role will your family play in our life together?
Do we truly listen to each other and fairly consider one another’s ideas and complaints?
How will we make sure we have quality time together no matter how busy we get?
What are some of your financial goals?
What does faith and spirituality mean to you?
How important is it to you to keep up physical appearances?
Are there some things that you and I are not prepared to give up in the marriage?
Do you feel like you can be assertive with me? Why or why not?
How do we balance holiday and special occasions with both families and also make sure to have special time for us?
Have you ever cheated on someone or been cheated on?
How important do you think self-care is?
When conflict arises, do we tend to want to fight or avoid it?

Conclusion –

So these are some of the most important questions to ask before marriage. Do you know the answers to these questions? Well, you gotta be, because if you are not sure then how can you expect your partner to answer. But these are pretty generic questions and deep down everyone knows their answers. So go ahead and ask these questions to your soon to be better half.

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