4 Reasons Why Life Is So Hard – How to Handle Any Situation

It is most of the toughest question to answers and simply you can not define this dilemma because life is so hard that you don’t get what you have decided as per your desires. You have a prejudice for happiness such as per terms and conditions, prejudice, focus on what is your purpose where you stand in life. You are a human and in a broader sense and you are good if you realize that because you have a conscience that no other creatures have, ethics is not taught to any human it is inbuilt everyone has a sense of good and bad. It is our ignorance that we ignore this voice many times, ultimately we stop realizing it.
Life is neither soft nor hard, it wholly depends on the choice of the person you are. Expecting too much from anyone hurts you a lot and life will never going to be perfect. Where there is no right time to do something or pursue self-employment which is going to be forever. One of the most relevant sayings is no one is going to fix you and you have shone like an aura to gallop into your life. People generally depend on others for their happiness where life is never-ending emotional roller-coasting that is far beyond the realm of your control. Failure is not an end that you attempt to achieve an ambitious new goal then it is possible that you will fall on your face while pursuing a said goal. Failure is termed as a learning opportunity and nothing more.

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Why life is so hard

We are emotional beings

As we know, that we are emotional beings and we always wound up as hurt. We are simply are known as based on emotions and moment that can burn you for an entire lifetime. Some of the people see emotions as a weakness. They are not a weakness because it is an essential necessity. They are a big part of our judgment and survival. It taught us the vicarious way that is good or bad, right or wrong, dark and light and positive and negative with pleasant and unpleasant. Because they don’t have perceptions of their existence.
Emotion allows us to make decisions that we might not otherwise make. It causes us to act morally, ethically and basically to do the right and sometimes the wrong thing towards others. Of course, it is hard to reactionary mode with the attempt of these emotions underlying places.

We Hinge our happiness on others

Life feels too hard when we hinge on to others for our happiness. Happiness is something that should come from within the core of our heart instead of the source to other people such as a friend, spouse, friend or someone else. It is harder to stay happy within your own space but the thing is entire happiness is available by the presence of someone in life while not overall but to some extent.
It does not seem easy to find happiness always from within where other people are constantly summing up for this. Life is a roller coaster-like a hedonic treadmill where you have to find a way to have a constant smooth lifestyle with the true meaning of life perspective.

We are constantly struggling with criticism

As we know, every day or every phase of life, we struggle with criticism where people might think of constantly worrying about life. Where shedding of life is going constantly because worrying about what other people think. While people are deep-rooted with the culture with the nature of society where according to needs of extricating ourselves from opinion and others.
You can’t be happy or sad at the same times where the opinion of others preference matters to people. It does not matter how better or worse you are now at it. But you have to found one thing that works well to the information. We are all suffered from this criticism at every phase of life where you have to deal with these stereotypes in society.

We have impending fears that often overcome us

We, the people who are afraid of something such as emotions like being heart-break, broke with friends or anything else for every other, where you are plagued by fear. Often, many times natural where know will be painful and disastrous. That’s so being natural in all sense, where life is cyclical whereas bad things happen. Even where good people suffer that implements that much free of fear.
As you think that we can’t control unexpected things while you always control your negative thoughts rather than controlling others. It is said negative thoughts are contagious wherever we go it attracts negative situations. So, if you turn your thoughts should be clean and have a positive phase in any entire life.

How to get back your life

Improve your appearance

The always best thing is to do have easier is to improve your appearance which is to improve that looking for goods will make your life much easier. As per above, You have to improve your appearance in your surroundings which is an essential part of taking great. Your personality involves skincare, body fat, posture matter a lot and should be improved by you.

Break the rules

You should always go through break the rules which always choose this path. You have to spend whatever life takes orders and asking permission for everything you want to do. Following all your rules according to you, you have to make it better for yourself. Be your master and don’t be a slave.

Accept that people are selfish nature

Selfishness is deeply rooted in humans because it is a superior trait because it is annoyed most of the times. It is best to say that unapologetically selfish which is more soundly cruel. Moreover, It sounds selfish which put your relationships, loves life, economics, health, and most of everything else.

Seek the truth

It is disheartening where to find everything that was full of lie, always the truth might hurt any feelings, hard to accept, disguise in beliefs of yours. You should never be afraid of telling truth because truth has that potential which navigates it. Learning the exact truth is always helps in making worth rich.

Sometimes you need a hard reset

You need to always reset to change your ways and software is still flawed. Where next year, for spiritual awakening and always renewed sense of evolutionary precisely whatsoever. Something you don’t realize the things that reason for the day which embrace pain and failure.

Conclusion –

Life is so hard to rely on for everyone whoever struggles in all life, health, money, relationships and freedom. Unless you are in which situations where days are gone with little rules against.
As a people of today’s arena, people are always filled with 5% of desperation. The truth is all matter where they rise above bounded with mediocrity. Whereas, life is full of misery and regret.
Eventually, you must choose your life perspective and hard with the average person. Finally, the choice is yours which is quietly depended on yourself. The bottom line of your life is good for becoming comfortable and trials. You’re not always good at everything in order to always better at something.