How To Be Positive In Life (10 Best Ways That You Can Try)

How many times have you heard this phrase “Be Positive”? I am sure many times in your life but the problem is no one tells how to be positive. Yes, there are those lucky people who are born with being fully positive in every situation but there are also the people who find it hard to see anything positive in a situation. Well, both kinds of people are there but the latter one does need to change his perception.
See the things is, being positive spent mean that you will have to hope for the impossible to happen or to never stress about anything or never focus on the negative things which happen in our life. But being positive means that to see that there is hope after all and that everything will work out t it’s own pace.
We do understand that some people find it hard to stay positive or be hopeful in yhe negative situation and it is fine (for now). Although you will have to learn to be positive in every situation. If one person stays negative all the time that it will lead to severe anxiety or depression and tackling these things is much harder than trying to stay positive.
As we have said earlier that everyone tells us to stay positive but no one really tells us how to be! But don’t worry we are an exception for you. Here we are going to tell you some tips which might help you to stay positive and help you to change your mindset a little bit towards the positive side.
So here are a few tips which will help you to know how to be positive!

How to be positive

1. Start with yourself!

Here is the thing, if you want to be positive about things then you will have to start with yourself first. You can never possibly be positive or optimistic if you have doubts about yourself or you hate a certain part of yourself.
The first thing you need to understand about yourself that you do have a negative mindset! And this the only way that you will know that you have a problem and that you need a solution. It’s completely fine to have negative thoughts once in a while but if they are constantly with you then there might be a problem.
And most of the time our negative outlook on life and the way we react to things (either positively or negatively) starts with ourselves. The first thing you need to do to stay positive is to accept yourself the way you are and accept the fact that you are good enough. Don’t try to change yourself and become the person you are not, it will only lead to more and more problems.

2. Accept that you can change the way think

Most often we just assume that we will never be able to change the way we think and it’s the way we are. But that’s not true. If one thinks that we can control ourselves is the way we think and the kind of thoughts we allow to enter our head.
You might not be able to control a particular situation or be able to control other people’s but we can surely control what we think and how we feel. You have to understand that these are just thoughts that can be changed and controlled.

3. Use self-affirmation

This might be the hardest thing that you will have to do but it’s one of the important things that you will have to do in order to be more positive in your life. You will have to understand that only you can pull yourself up and only you can bring the change in your life.
Start telling yourself all the positive things and use affirmations as well. But try to pick up your own affirmation which motivates you and inspires you. You can look in the mirror and say that ” I am strong and I am beautiful” or “I am capable of doing anything and achieve anything that I want” etc. You will have to find a good affirmation for yourself that is meaningful to you and it can be anything.

4. Show gratitude

Showing gratitude is one of the best things that you can do to yourself. We are do busy complaining about things that we often forget how many great things we have in our life. And we not only focus on them but we are never thankful for them either. So practice showing gratitude even to the smallest things.
Make an effort to recognize all yhe good things about yourself and everything good in your life and be thankful for it. Show gratitude towards people who are close to you and who bring happiness in your life. But start showing gratitude to yourself first. This should be your daily practice.
When we appreciate the good things in our life we become more positive and we also develop a habit of being thankful for whatever we have in our lives which prevents us from being worried about the things that we don’t have in our lives.

5. Find positive in every situation

When things go south, our first reaction is to worry about all the bad things that are tapping to us. And our mind keeps reminding us of all the negative that is happening in our life. And that shouldn’t happen.
You can change this by developing a habit of seeing positive in every situation. You will have to start this practice right at this moment. You can make a list of all the positive things which happened in a day. When your practice is every day, you will learn to see positive things in your life no matter what the situation is.

6. Be optimistic

This one is like the synonym to be positive but you will have to adapt an optimistic nature sooner or later. The things are, it actually hard to find hope, and things not always work out the way we want but still there is always hope for us.
Although we are not saying that you should be blind optimistic, that is, hoping things to work out without you putting an effort or working hard. But being optimistic means that you know things are hard and you know you will have to do something in the order of t9 get out of it. And gaining the strength and keeping yourself positive and hopeful is what being optimistic is!

7. Reframe negative experience

We all have some negative experiences in our life that might affect our present. And it’s completely fine to have a bad experience in our life. But you should neither ignore it not let it become an obstacle in your growth. When you ignore all the bad things that happen to you, you just lose the ability to deal with failure or loss, which is neither right nor healthy. At the same time if you keep thinking about it and blaming yourself it will harm your mental health and pull you backward in life.
So instead of ignoring it or blaming yourself for the bad experiences, you should try to learn from them. Whatever bad has ever happened to you will always a lesson for you. So go ahead and find what went wrong and what can you learn from them.

8. Start your day on a positive note

Now that you decided to be more positive you have to do this the first thing in the morning. What we feel in the morning and what we do in the morning often decides the tone for the rest of the day and that’s what you need to do!
Set a positive tone for the day by being positive. Wake up early and talk to yourself that the day is going to be good and you are going to do good.

9. Start exercise and meditation

Meditation is anyway included in your daily lifestyle. Why? Because this practice helps you to become self-aware and helps you to be calm. You will never know the power of concentrating on your breathing until you do so. Meditation will make you calm and composed and help you reduce stress and anxiety.
Similarly doing exercise every day will have a positive impact on your body. When you exercise, your body releases several feel-good chemicals which makes you feel happy about yourself.
The thing is you should never take your body for granted and the more you concentrate on your body, the more your mind will be healthy as well. And having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t harm you anyway, right?

10. Read self-help and positive books

There is magic in books and that’s why they should be your best friend. You will never realize what a book can do to you until you start one. And you must have heard that almost every successful person have a habit of reading book.
Reading a book every day will help you in many ways that you can even imagine. And luckily there are hundreds of positive and inspirational books out that can help you to stay positive. So pick the book and be positive!

Conclusion –

So here we have listed some of the popular and expert-recommended tips that will help you to stay positive in every situation. As we have said earlier it’s really important to change your mindset a bit and find positivity around you, after all our world is still a beautiful place. Yes, there are going to be hard days that will test your strengths but there is no reason to give up all your hope and think that nothing is ever going to be okay again because sooner or later it will. See you are going to fight anyway so instead of keeping up a negative outlook, you should keep a positive one and have some hope.
We really hope that you liked our article and find it helpful. It’s high time that you make some changes in your mindset and the way you look at things from now on. Thank you for visiting our page and keep coming for more such articles.