Top 50 Apple Interview Questions & Answers 2023

There is no need to tell you about Apple and what would it mean to get a job there. It is one of the best software company which would give you many opportunities to build yourself a career of your dreams. Getting a job there would mean you have got the biggest opportunity!
But it’s not as easy as it sounds, you will have to have certain qualifications and a perfect attitude to pass the interview. We have listed out some commonly asked questions for you which will help you to.prepare for your next apple interview!

Apple Interview Questions

“Tell me something that you have done in your life which you are particularly proud of.”
“What are your failures, and how have you learned from them?”
“Describe an interesting problem and how you solved it.”
“Explain to a 8 year old what a modem/router is and it’s functions.
“What brings you here today?”
“You have a 100 coins laying flat on a table, each with a head side and a tail side. 10 of them are heads up, 90 are tails up. You can’t feel, see or in any other way find out which side is up. Split the coins into two piles such that there are the same number of heads in each pile.
“What would you want to do 5 years from now?”
“Why do you want to join Apple and what will you miss at your current work if Apple hired you.”
“Describe yourself, what excites you?”
“How would you test a toaster?”
“If we hired you, what do you want to work on?
“There are three boxes, one contains only apples, one contains only oranges, and one contains both apples and oranges. The boxes have been incorrectly labeled such that no label identifies the actual contents of the box it labels. Opening just one box, and without looking in the box, you take out one piece of fruit. By looking at the fruit, how can you immediately label all of the boxes correctly?”
“Have you ever disagreed with a manager’s decision, and how did you approach the disagreement? Give a specific example and explain how you rectified this disagreement, what the final outcome was, and how that individual would describe you today.”

Apple Interview Questions To Ask

“Why should we hire you?”
“Are you creative? What’s something creative that you can think of?”
“Describe a humbling experience.”
“What’s more important, fixing the customer’s problem or creating a good customer experience?”
“You seem pretty positive, what types of things bring you down?”
“Show me (role play) how you would show a customer you’re willing to help them by only using your voice.”
“Given an iTunes type of app that pulls down lots of images that get stale over time, what strategy would you use to flush disused images over time?”
“If you’re given a jar with a mix of fair and unfair coins, and you pull one out and flip it 3 times, and get the specific sequence heads heads tails, what are the chances that you pulled out a fair or an unfair coin?”
“What was your best day in the last 4 years? What was your worst?”
“How many children are born every day?”
“When you walk in the Apple Store as a customer, what do you notice about the store/how do you feel when you first walk in?”

Technical Apple Interview Questions And Answers

Q1.Explain Popular Apps Of Iphone?
Face book-Social networkingDoodle Buddy-drawingPandora Radio-radio on our iPhone.
Q2.What Could Be Performance Hits For Searching On Local Computer I.e. If You Are Searching Computer For Content What Are The Parameters You Will Consider For Performance?
I think we need to think about filesystems and other OS components.Not everything in computer is implemented using hast table.In case of spotlight if you see wiki the underlying data structure is B trees.Think in that direction what factor apart from B trees would be a performance hit.Hint: think about filesystems.
Q3.Explain Iphone Architecture?
It is similar to MacOS X architecture It acts as an intermediary between the iPhone and iPod hardware an the appearing applications on the screen The user created applications never interact directly with the appropriate drivers, which protects the user applications from changes to the hardware.
Q4.Explain Differentiate Between Google Search And Local Computer Search?
google search is global serach engine based on out side information,local computer search is with in computer area data or information search.
Q5.Please Explain The Difference Between Shallow Copy And Deep Copy?
Shallow copy is also known as address copy. In this process you only copy address not actual data while in deep copy you copy data. Suppose there are two objects A and B. A is pointing to a different array while B is pointing to different array.
Now what I will do is following to do shallow copy.
nChar *A = {‘a’,’b’,’c’};nChar *B ={‘x’,’y’,’z’};nB = A;
nNow B is pointing is at same location where A pointer is pointing.Both A and B in this case sharing same data. if change is made both will get altered value of data.Advantage is that coping process is very fast and is independent of size of array.
while in deep copy data is also copied. This process is slow but Both A and B have their own copies and changes made to any copy, other will copy will not be affected.
Q6.How To Test Ios Simulator? Or How Would You Test An Android Simulator? Note: The Questions Asks For How Would You Test The Simulator Itself And Not Applications?
Two methods must be applied. First, the simulator must conform to the system specification for the hardware. Every instruction that retires must behave exactly as the hardware expects, including every result, and every control register. Unit tests can be written for these individual cases and used to maintain the simulator. Next, real world programs and applications should be ported to run on the simulator. Instrumentation code can be added to provide some kind of checksum section to ensure that the simulator is outputting results the same as hardware.


These are the best Apple interview questions. I hope you guys like our collection of apple questions. If you have any question or suggestion then just comment below or contact us.