Best Time To Buy A New Laptop In 2023 (Buying Guide)

No matter if you are a student or have a big office of your own, laptops are the need of the hour. So when let’s assume everyone needs a laptop and so many people buy their laptops when they feel the need for it but what if you are low on cash or doesn’t wanna spend too much money on laptops? Well, its a tricky situation but thankfully we have a solution.
Just like with everything else, we need to wait for the right times. Yeah, we know its not like we are buying a house or a car where we can assume the price will come around and suits us as well. But if you think about it, it’s not much different either.
Studies have shown that waiting for the right time to buy a laptop can save some money and it can make a difference. So which is the right time to buy a laptop? Well, that’s what we are here for. Let’s get started and see which the best time to buy a laptop.
best time to buy laptop

Best time to buy a laptop

  • There are a few months present which is considered as the best time to buy a laptop. And September tops that list, if you can wait will September then we would recommend you to buy a laptop around this time.
  • Besides September, April and May are always considered as some of the best months to buy a new laptop. Springtime is also good where you can get a good discount on older models of laptops. And even these two months are not really compatible with your needs of a computer you can look for a new laptop at the end of July to the early weeks of August. It’s the time when students look for their new laptop before the start of new college session. Analysts also believe that the end of November and the end of December is also a good time to get great deals.
  • As you would have got the idea from our above study that when it comes to buying a new laptop there is no specific period of time that can be considered as good. But that doesn’t mean you should impulsively buy laptop any time, a little patience and a good analysis can save a few bucks and you can actually get your favorite laptop at a pretty good deal.

Keep an eye on new arrivals of the laptop model!

All the time period we have mentioned earlier, whether its spring, July end to start of August, late November, and December are the times when compared launch their new model of laptop. And it’s the time when you can negotiate the price of the older laptop and get yourself a pretty good deal. Although you will have to buy the laptop before the arrival of new model.

Do your own study before buying a new laptop

Even if you wanna negotiate the price you will have to see what the laptop actually worth and know its price history. That you can ask for a reasonable price which dealers want to sell it for. You look for what the laptop worth when it first launched and how much is it now, you can also look at the future model which is about the release and what will be its price. And after good analysis, you can make a good offer.

See if you can delay the purchase and wait!

If your entire work depends on your laptop and it has damaged then, of course, you can’t delay the purchase and you will have to buy at the price offered by the company. But if you are thinking of getting your new laptop while your older one is still working then its no harm to wait for the best time to buy a new laptop and save some money. You can also see if you can get an exchange price.


In conclusion, we can say that springtime, late summer and finally the holiday season is perfect for you to get a new laptop with a discounted price. Apart from this, a black Friday sale is also something you would wanna wait for!
Thank you for visiting our page and we hope you found our article helpful!