Best Time To Use Tinder Boost In 2024

We all are familiar with tinder as it’s World’s Best dating app! But with its popularity, every second person is using it and that makes it a crowded place too. With that many profiles, the chances of your profile seen by a lot of people and getting right swipe just decreased!

But thankfully tinder has provided a solution which is tinder boost! I am sure all the tinder users are familiar with this term. But people are confused when they should use their tinder boost and which is the best time to do so!

We are here to help you with this pickle! In this article, you are gonna learn about what is tinder boost, how it works and which is the best time to use it!
best time to use tinder boost

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What is a tinder boost?

As we have mentioned earlier, Tinder is becoming one of the most used dating apps and almost everyone used tinder nowadays!

If you want to be seen more and increases your chances of getting more matches you will need to do something. And that’s where a tinder boost comes in handy! What a timer boost does is, it will boost your profile for 30 minutes and in this time period your profile will remain on the top and people will see your profile more which ultimately increases your chances of getting more matches than average.

How can you get these tinder boosts?

  1. There are two ways to get a tinder boost, the first one is, you will get one tinder boost per month for free along with your gold or plus tinder subscription.
  2. A second most popular way to get tinder boost is to buy them! Although buying them would cost a good deal of money out of your pocket and the price demand on various factors too.
  3. So most people just prefer the first one that gives them one free tinder boost which needs to be carefully used at the right time! And even if you are buying your tinder boost you would wanna get a good value for your money by using the Tinder boost at the best time and get a hot date!
  4. Since all the benefits of Tinder, boost depends on the activity of users so you will pick a time when there is most activity and your profile is seen by lots of people. But which is the best time to use a tinder boost? Lest find out!

Best time to use tinder boost!

  1. According to Bumble, Tinder sees very high activity between 6 pm and 9 pm! According to their study, 9 pm is the time which has the activity at its peak and it further remains until 12 in the midnight.
  2. The same results were shown by Hinge too, and they also believe tinder sees a good activity around 6 pm to 9 pm! Since the two studies have stated this time period as the best time to use tinder boost we gotta believe it!
  3. Now further moving to which day would be the best day to use tinder boost as you would wanna use the busiest day which sees the most activity on tinder so you can easily use the Tinder boost on the right day and at the right time. Well according to Bumble, Sunday is the busiest day and tinder sees the most activity during this day! Other researchers have also find Monday and Thursday are good days to use your tinder boost too!

So these are the best time and days to use timber boost but what about the best “weather” to use a tinder boost? Don’t be too surprised, activity on tinder is also affected by the weather too. According to a study, bad weather brings more activity on Tinder. So if your locality is experienced bad weather such as heavy snowfall or rain, that would simply increase the activity of users on tinder.


So we have done the best time, best day and even best weather to use a tinder boost! But the most important thing you will have to go keep in your mind is, before using a tinder boost, you will have to make yourself a good profile because ultimately your profile will decide if you will get more matches!
We hope this article was helpful for you, thank you for visiting our page!