15 Best Ways To Be Badass Girl In High School 2023

Being genuine and confident are the keys to being a badass in school or anywhere else. To become the person you want to be, you can learn to make changes in your life that are for the better, and you can then let your confidence change how other people see you. Make the most accurate representation of yourself. Be a badass.

Now what does being a badass really mean?

Before we begin this guide, I believe it’s crucial to understand what the term “badass” actually means since you could decide that you don’t wish to be one after all. (Okay, just kidding!)
It’s not necessary to be an outlaw, get tattoos, swear all the time, or perform daring feats on a motorcycle in order to become a badass.
Even though all of that is somewhat kickass, this isn’t the topic at hand. We’re going to talk about embracing the strong, magnificent creature that you are with courage and assurance.

Here’s what being a badass means to me:

Confident, courageous, bold, ambitious, strong-willed, fiercely honest, and devoted; fights for what is right; and is strong without being arrogant!
These are just a handful of the adjectives that spring to mind when I think of someone who is badass.
When faced with fear, badass girls laugh it off. We take calculated risks and go beyond the norm. We live without apology. No matter what, we stand up to the plate and take a swing. What people may think of us is unimportant to us.
Now, if you want to be a badass lady but are unsure of how to do it, I believe this detailed approach is what you’re looking for.
With that being said, none of us are naturally badasses. We discovered it as we went along. The next time you encounter a fierce lady, keep that in mind. She exerted a lot of effort to arrive. You, too, can do it.

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How To Be Badass Girl In High School

Stop being concerned about what others think of you.

This can be a difficult concept to grasp, but when you do, it will transform how your high school life goes. The reality is that regardless of what you do, someone will always express an opinion. Pulling back and not following your dreams because of other people can make you feel trapped. Why does it matter what other individuals think of you? I’d prefer to be the one who works toward her objectives than the one who sits and waits.

Grow your interests

What do you hope to achieve in life? What are your objectives? Wet blankets are not badasses. Badasses take charge of their lives and make efforts to obtain their goals. It is much harder to achieve your goals if you don’t recognize what you desire or how to attain it.
If the idea of “passions” appears overly convoluted, consider interests instead. What else do you enjoy doing? What are your plans for the next three, 10, or twenty years?

Stop awaiting approval

Girls that are badass don’t waste time wondering if they can achieve what they desire. In order to be a badass, you must act with wisdom and tenacity, pursuing your goals regardless of what others may think of you.
Being a people pleaser is not a badass move. Act independently without being egotistical; simply be confident.
You’ll quite obviously be subject to some regulations now that you are still in high school or underage, and you’ll have to abide by them in order prevent getting into trouble. The difficulty is in figuring out how to work within those constraints while also remaining the assertive person you desire to be.

Confident women are badass women

It’s strange how most of us appear to struggle with confidence on a daily basis. The confidence of badass women seems to radiate from every angle.
Above all, what makes badass women the most badass is that they are always their authentic selves. Own who you are and ace it unapologetically!
They recognize and understand their own significance, which gives them self-assurance.
While the majority of us are scouring social media for validation, strong women are living life to the fullest.

Take action despite your fear

The suggestion to act in spite of fear rather than expecting it to go away was among the most effective pieces of advice I’ve ever received. There will always be a certain element of apprehension while you are living an interesting life and doing things for the first time. Recognize that you feel uncomfortable because you are merely stepping outside of your comfort bubble, which is good, and don’t let that stop you.
Don’t be afraid to try out new things; uncomfortable situations are what help you grow. Be a part of your school’s dance or art club and rock it.

Badass girls will not tolerate rudeness or bullying

They are not scared to raise their hands and declare, “No, you will not talk to me like this.” This is how you win respect and establish clear boundaries! Your peers will know not to breach your limits if you have excellent ones, and if they do, they should know not to do so again.

Their closest friend is themselves

Badass women don’t need a guy or anyone else to steer them away from their life goals.
They don’t mind being by themselves as long as it prevents them from settling for someone who isn’t worth their time and energy. Badass girls won’t also take on a guy’s negative energy!
A tough woman won’t enter into a toxic relationship in the first place. Unhealthy relationships are the most damaging, and badass queens know it.

Pay attention to those who possess what you desire

When your friend with poor grades offers advice on how to increase your grade and stats or how to improve yourself, ignore it. Although it seems simple enough, most of the time, your friends are so eager to provide counsel that they aren’t truly competent to do so.
Find friends and people who are living the life you want; find friends and individuals who are leading the lifestyle you desire; pay attention to your peers to see who is succeeding in the class and take inspiration from them.

Speak up more often

Learn to say “no” only when you really want to and to only respond positively when you can. However, be kinder to yourself and partake in more activities that inspire you.
Whenever anyone asks for aid, it’s OK to decline. You aren’t God. For the love of all that is holy, stop attempting to please everybody in your school and in life too; you don’t have to say yes to your peers asking for help all the time.
But I also want you to use your voice to advocate for your values, even if you have to do it on your own. I don’t want you to use it as a simple “no.” Speak up clearly and out loud. Avoid acting like a doormat.
Don’t try to portray a person you’re not just to please those who don’t matter or care. That way, you’ll just make phony pals. Just be yourself, darling!
Dress however you want, speak whatever you want, and do whatever you want. This is your life, and you have to live it for yourself, not for others. Never be concerned with what others think of you. Additionally, don’t be scared to ask folks to screw off.

When under pressure, maintain composure

Keep your cool and try not to lose it. Avoid being a drama queen. Take a huge, deep breath and address the circumstance with poise!
If a teacher is bothering you unnecessarily or if you think you may have made a mistake on an assignment. Instead of panicking, maintain your composure and address the problem.
Weakness occurs when we begin to lose our composure and consider the worst case scenario. Never allow the circumstance to rule you; instead, take charge of it. Women who are badasses know how to take charge and remain composed under pressure.

Badass women uplift others

We understand that life isn’t a race, and many of us have faced challenging situations in the past and overcame them with the help of others.
We understand how it feels to be completely helpless. We’ll never fail a sister. Ever. even if she has previously wronged us. We have the capacity to forget, forgive, and move on. Don’t harbor resentment.
It’s possible that both you and your friend made a mistake. Sincerely apologize, accept it, and move on. Whatever happened, happened. I assure you, we won’t let our standards slip!
Don’t keep your badassery a secret. Someone who understands how to be unselfish, giving something back to those who are in need, will come across as mature, intriguing, and respectable. Don’t encourage girl-on-girl sexism. Make lots of girlfriends and treat them well.
Since you’re at school, look out for the younger students and make an effort to socialise with students who may not have many friends. Is there a new student in class? Spend time with them. Student who does not speak the language fluently? Make an effort to communicate with them. That’s a badass move.

Strong women look after themselves

Diet, yoga, self-care, affirmations, relaxation, and perseverance are all things that kickass women regularly do for themselves simply because they are their first priority.
Complete your tasks and assignments on time, follow instructions, and avoid falling behind other people.
You could find a routine that works for you and incorporate it into your daily life. Give yourself the space to connect with your inner source of wisdom and passion, and see how your life is transformed.

Take it easy

Badasses feel comfortable in their surroundings. Above everything, be calm, cool, and collected, and unshakeable. Being calm under stress and giving the impression that you are gliding above the little worries of your fellow students can go a long way toward enhancing your sense of badassness. You don’t care about fashion, fads, or going along with the crowd. You follow your own rhythm, and that rhythm is laid-back.
Badasses aren’t lifeless, cold machines either. When the moment calls for it, become fervent. Try reflecting back on what you learn from the outside world. Stay cool if everyone else in the group is. Get vivacious if everyone else is too cool to attend school. Oppose the status quo.

In discussions, talk first but say less.

Speaking first achieves various goals. This allows you to shape and control the discussion, steering it in the direction you want it to go. When having conversations with your peers, you make the initial move; you establish the rules. Saying less allows you to appear to be above it all. Don’t waste your time arguing.
Relax and unwind once you’ve taken charge of the discussion and established the ground rules. Allow others to speak for themselves. Listen carefully and be truly interested in what everybody is saying while being unaffected by it.
If you have to intervene, do so softly but firmly. Say something like, “I have something to say,” and then delay for five or ten seconds. People will be enthralled.

Make direct eye contact

Making more eye contact is one of the best ways to appear badass to others. This makes you appear more powerful and authoritative in your interactions, and people will notice if you have a fixed gaze.
It’s not necessary to always smile, nod, and give in to the other person. Look doubtful, as though you are examining what someone is saying with a critical eye and may disagree. That is an awesome tactic for getting people to tell the truth. Act intimidatingly rather than allowing yourself to be intimidated.


Stop being concerned about what others think of you. Stop being concerned about the result of events. Begin saying no to others and yes to yourself! Simply put, quit fretting and start acting. Begin living your life for yourself!
Becoming a badass will not come quickly, but encourage yourself to do things outside of your personal bubble and surround yourself with other badasses to learn from them!
Being yourself provides incredible liberty. Just be yourself, darling!