How To Deal With Your Dog’s Death (2023)

It is very painful when someone leaves you alone and it hurts slightly more when it is a pet because even if they can’t speak they tell us how much they love us and that is the best part. They snuggle with us, play with us and we often make them one of the best partners in this cruel world.

It is a sorrowful thought that they will leave us one day and probably that has happened which resulted you in landing to this article you are reading right now. I will tell you the ways to deal with your dog’s death but first let me tell you its okay. That happened for a reason yeah? You are strong and you got to be strong throughout because you have a family to take care of and most importantly there is you. So, keep these things in mind and we shall begin.

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Take your time to process the feelings

It is okay that it happened. We all have to die someday and as compared to a human, animals live a smaller life. You know that right? So, if you are finding it hard to accept try thinking this way and of course take your time because it was someone so valuable in life.

And there is a different thing about pets as I mentioned earlier they are very loyal especially the dogs and we build a very strong connection with them. And this is the time when all those memories will hit and almost kill us because we know that they are gone and there is no way they will return. But you know, try to make yourself think this that they made us happy when we were at our lowest and now when they are gone we are doing the same thing because they might not be human but they had a heart too.

Do not blame yourself for the death

Animals tend to live a smaller life as compared to the humans. And especially a dog lives around 20 years. So you knew these things before you went to buy yourself a dog. You knew that you will get yourself attached with the loveliest creature and love it with all of your heart. It would hurt to see them suffer and it will be the end of the world to have them leave you but still went and decided to have them as your pet.

Remind yourself these things. Do not forget we all are creatures and we are to die one day. Death is natural just like the other things associated with birth and life. No one is mortal, we all are immortal and we have to die one day or the other. And you feeling sad about your pet’s death is also natural because we loved them but do not let that affect your life.
Keep moving on you cannot stop by just one obstacle in your life.

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Try to journal down your thoughts

It often helps when we write down what we feel. It gives us relief and is just like talking to someone. What you can do is maintain a journal dedicated to things you feel when they have died and simultaneously try to jot down the memories, the happy memories you spent with them. You can add pictures and maintain it in quite a good way and know that they are still close to you.

The journaling idea will also help you process your feelings and make you accept the fact that they are no longer here and that is okay because one day they had to. Suppose you had died and they had been all gloomy and would not have been able to accept anyone as their master, you would not have felt good na? So, do what is right.

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Get the right support, talk to someone that understands

It is very important to talk to someone who is a right one to approach. It must be the right person’s support or else it will be much harder. The person whom you trust the most and you think will support you the best is the one you should approach because in hard times be it any, right support is very crucial. It is very necessary.

So, try to contact them and try to talk it out. Try to tell them how you feel and that you seek support from them. They will help you and once you start talking to someone about your feelings it would help you feel good and it will seem as if some burden has been down your shoulder. I emphasize again that it must be the right support or else you will end up feeling bad about yourself which will not be good.

Organize a ceremony for their death

This is one thing that you may opt to do. You can arrange for their death ceremony and mourn over their death and say them goodbye, just like we do to pay respect to any person close to us had died. They were a part of your family. Let the others think whatever they want to, let it be just an animal to them but you know it was your whole heart and how much you loved it.

If you do not want to socialize and hear to what people say then you may arrange it and keep it to just you and your closed ones. It will relieve your mind and will help you think clearly. Also, it will have this thing that you will have a certain relief that they are safe wherever they are having completed all the ceremonies that you had to.

Do not try to get a new pet very soon

You may think that it will be much easier for you if you get a new pet. It will keep you distracted and you would not miss them and everything.

But have you thought when someone close to us dies; we do not replace them with some other human beings. We do not fill the void. I know you have positive thinking related to this idea but ponder over it and see if it what you would really want. If you want to have a pet you may but after sometime. After you have taken yourself out of the loss you incurred and also with the thought that the ones you are taking home now will leave you too someday.

It is not a good decision to rush to get a pet as soon as one left us. Our mind deceives us into thinking like that but it is you who has to think clearly and make the decisions that you would not regret later in the coming days.

If it hurts you too much then work as a volunteer at an animal shelter

There are many animal shelters out there. You can have a list of them on the internet. You may find that list and go and wok as a volunteer for them. You are missing your pet and this could be the most amazing thing that you could do. You can take care of the animals for the time being eliminating the thought that you are missing your pet but actually living the kind of moments you had with them.

They need extra care and support from us and hence you can go and work in the animal shelter for the time being and then return back happily to your life with the thoughts of the happy moments and that they were happy with you, you took good care of them and it is okay if now they are not here.


When we are betrayed from the world from our own species we often search shelter in animals. They do not know how to speak and cannot talk to you and ease your pain but that is the place the only place where we find our comfort in. No other place can feel the same as it feels to be with them, to play with them and to snuggle with them in that cozy blanket on a winter night.

And those who do not have any pain from the outside world they will also relate to these things. On even the slightest of bad things happen in our day, the moment we see them coming towards us everything vanishes. Even when we send them away they come back and hug us. It is very; very tough to recover from that pain but it is life. It will not stop for you and if you stop it will not help you grow. So, you got to maintain the pace no matter what is happening. You may take breaks for even a few months. That is okay. But not stop completely that you will not be able to recover. Keep these things in mind. Keep smiling, stay happy and stay positive and everything will fall in place.