How To Be More Romantic In A Relationship [14 Best Ways]

We know being a romantic is a big deal. And there are few lucky people who are born being a die-hard romantic. It’s okay if you can’t count yourself among those people. See it doesn’t matter how much you hate this romantic stuff but when you are in love, you will realize the importance of being a romantic person and all those cheesy things and gifts starts to make sense to you.

But how can one become a romantic person? And is that easy to become one? Well yes, you can become a romantic person and yes it won’t be as hard as you are picturing it. In this article, we are going to present to you some of the best tips which will help you become a romantic person. Read the following list of things that you can do to become more romantic.

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How to be romantic

1. Give thoughtful gifts

The word “thoughtful” has a lot to do in being a romantic person. The thing is anyone can give gifts and make another person happy. But when it’s a romantic relationship and your loved one is involved you have to gift them a little more than that! Whatever your gift them has to be thoughtful.

For example, something that they always wanted or something that find extremely romantic. You should know the taste of your partner and find the gift accordingly. This will help you to become a romantic partner and make them feel special. Your gifts say a lot so make sure that it shows the affection, care, and love you have for that person.

Don’t shy away from gifting them on random days when there is no special occasion to surprise them. As you know the surprise gifts are anyone the best thing that you can gift in order to become more romantic.

Even if you are giving pretty casual stuff like chocolates or flowers, then don’t forget to make a card for them and write nice things for them. You can also customize the gifts as well.

2. Arrange random dates

Dates are one of the most important factors in order to become a romantic person. And who doesn’t love random dates? Apart from organizing dates for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. You should also surprise them by arranging random dates as well.

If they have a long day, you can simply decorate your house and make them a meal. Here you can put candles and do all the little things that they like. This would take them to surprise and this is one of the best ways to be romantic. You can arrange the movie dates, picnic dates, or take them to somewhere they love the most. It’s a must-do thing to do in order to be romantic.

3. Leave notes here and there

Have you never received love notes? If you have then you must know that this is the best feeling. And you can also do that for your partner as well. Make little notes and put them at the unexpected places where they will find it. It will show how much you care for them and how much they mean to you. You can leave the notes in their notebooks, their bag, on the refrigerator, etc where they will find the note. It’s also one of the must-do things.

4. Show the romantic gestures by doing the little things

Sometimes our little gestures are all it takes in order to become a romantic person. Here you won’t have to all the big stuff to show them how much you care for them but little things would be enough as well.

Observe what your partner likes and do those things. For example, if they like coffee in the morning then bring them the coffee and make their day special, if there is so much work left and they haven’t got any time to eat food then bring their favorite food and make them eat, bring them the favorite chocolates when they are not feeling well, do the little things like doing laundry once in a while when they are super busy, etc.

Just like these, there are many things that you can do when they are in need. Make sure that you are caring for the little things about them.

5. Do some old fashioned stuff

No matter how advance we have become but when it comes to the romantic stuff we all love to be old school sometimes. So whenever you get a chance do the old fashioned stuff.

There are many ideas for being a romantic in an old fashioned way, such as making them a mixed CD with all their favorites, making a photo album of you two where you have endless memories with each other, or if you already have a photo album then watching it with your loved with some nice drinks, etc. You can search for any more online or come up with something new.

6. Give them compliments occasionally

Compliments will never get old when it comes to being a romantic person. Pay attention if they have changed their hair or wearing new clothes so don’t forget to compliment them on obvious things.

Other than this, say how beautiful they are and what an amazing person they are so they will always know how special they are for you. And don’t forget to give them compliments via text if you are away. Although don’t pay them a fake compliment or be cheesy as this may hurt them too.

7. Hold their hands in public

No matter where you are, always hold their hand this will show how proud you are of them and you are not scared of showing your love publicly. Holding hands is one of the smallest yet one of the most romantic gesture you can do. Yes, you don’t have to hold the hands all the time, but when you are going out for a walk or watching a movie, don’t shy away from holding their hands.

8. Show some PDAs

We are not suggesting public intense make outs but a kiss in front of everyone does sound very romantic. Show everyone that you are in love and don’t care about people when you want to kiss them. The bottom line is PDAs are definitely considered as the romantic act and you should do it once in a while.

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9. Be proud of them in front of your friends

When you introduce them to your friends, make sure you are proud of them and make them feel comfortable and loved.

10. Be spontaneous

Surprise them with your romantic gestures when they are least expecting. This will take them to surprise but they will love it. Do something that they never expect you to do. Like making out in public or kissing them while everyone is there. It doesn’t have to be a PDA, but you can definitely impress them with your surprise act of love!

11. Dance with them

This is one of the best ways to be romantic. Who doesn’t like to dance with their partner? Well, all do, even if we don’t like to dance but when it’s our partner then we won’t shy away from a romantic dance. Dance in the rain when no one is watching you (or even if there are people), dance in the kitchen when there is nothing special.

12. Do romantic activities together

Watch a movie, perform a duet, or even cook for each other. These are all little yet meaningful activities that you can perform with each other and they will definitely love it as well. You will enjoy it with your partner and have quality time together.

13. Explore nature together

Whether is hiking mountains or being in the woods for a while, you should spend some time with nature, this will bring you two even more closer and make you feel the warmth of nature.

14. Try to spend more time with each other

Being romantic spent mean you have to spend every second with each other. Having some time together will help you be more romantic as well. When you are away you will know the importance of time you spend with them.


So these are the stuff that you can do to become more romantic. Aren’t they easy? Even if think that these are hard to do things but once you will understand a little more about your partner, what they like, and what they don’t, it will be easy to be romantic.

Being romantic sing about flowers or chocolate, every person has their own definition of being romantic and everyone likes different kinds of things. For example, one person would be happy to receive or give gifts and others might just be happy to have some quiet time with their loved one. So the first thing you need to do is to find out what your partner likes and do the things which they find romantic. Thank you for being with us and we hope you liked our article and find it helpful.