Top 10 Competency Based Interview Questions 2023

Competency-Based Interviews are pretty common these days and almost all companies or interviewers would like to take the competency-based interview to know whether or not the candidate is eligible for the job or not. This kind of interview is not the obvious type of interview they can be very deep and subjective and would hold the potential to judge a candidate based on his or her behavior and personality.

What is a Competency-Based Interview?

If you are not aware of the concept then we would like to share the information about this interview with you.
Competency-Based Interview is also known as structured, behavioral or situational interviews. These are specially designed to test the skill of competencies. The interviewer would have a list of questions that are specially designed to know about the skills of a candidate. The answers of the candidate would be compared to the pre-determined answers to those questions and based on the comparison they will be given the marks.
The competency interviews are based on the principle that past behavior is an indicator of future performance. These kinds of interviews will be consisted of more open-ended questions to get an overall impression of your true personality. This would be a more systematic kind of questions that will target the needed skills of the candidate that would be required by the job.
Since the questions in competency-based interviews won’t be as same as the regular interviews, candidates would certainly get a little nervous about this interview. That’s where they seek some help to get through the interview. One of the best ways to get through the interview is to get an idea of what kind of questions they will ask and how you can answer those questions.
To help you with this matter, we have a list of competency-based interview questions that you might be asked in the interview. So go ahead and take a look at the following questions and prepare for the competency-based questions.
competency interview questions

Competency Based Interview Questions

1.Describe a time when your communication skills made a difference in a situation. What was it about your communication skills and how you approached the problem or task that helped?
2.Explain an exciting new strategy that you’ve tested. Describe how you pitched it and what the results were, good or bad.
3.Describe a time when you had to convince a manager or senior team member that a change in process or approach was necessary for success. What made you think that your new approach would benefit the company and what was the outcome?
4.Describe a situation where you failed to communicate properly and what you believe you did wrong in this situation. Looking back at it, what would you have changed and how may have that affected the outcome?
5.Explain the biggest risk you may have taken in your professional career or personal life. How have these risks made you who you are today and how did you go about making your decision?
6.Describe a situation in your last job where taking a risk resulted in success? Now describe the opposite, where your decision to take a risk landed in you unsafe waters. How did you navigate back to share and bounce back appropriately?
7.Describe a past project or task where you needed to involve members from others teams throughout your company. How did you come to realize that you needed that extra assistance and how did you organize a team to help get buy-in from a company, manager or executive team?
8.Explain a time when you had to compile a team to help improve an aspect of your company. How did you go about finding the right members to involve? What were the existing problems within the company and how did you lead a team to address them?
9.Describe a situation where you were tasked with inspiring a team member or several members of your company. How did you get your colleagues excited about the project or task at hand?
10.Provide an example of a time where you had various projects on your plate and you had to prioritize one over the other. How did you come to that conclusion? Was it the right decision and what was the outcome or prioritizing that task or project?

Conclusion –

So these are some of the most popular competency-based interview questions that you might be asked during the interview. We are not saying that these would be the only question asked in the interview but there are great chances that you might be asked these questions. So it better to have some idea about the interview question rather than going unprepared and know nothing about the kind of question that would be asked. Thank you for giving us your time and we hope you found our article Competency Based Interview Questions helpful.

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