Does My Wife Love Me? 11 Signs She Doesn’t Love You Anymore

We all come at a point in our married life where we wonder if the other partner loves us anymore or not. This is a bigger question than you can imagine. And sometimes that answer cannot be described in a simple yes or no. The thing is there are many times in our life where we are just in a dilemma and doesn’t find any answer for the questions that are in our head.
This article focuses on “Does My Wife Loves Me?” We know it’s not a question that you can ask your wife straight, and then you try to pick up hints or signs that help you in coming to the conclusion, if your wife loves you are not. And in this article, we are going to share those signs as well. We have picked up a number of signs that might suggest that your wife doesn’t love you anymore and you can have the answer you are looking for.
So go ahead and have a look at the list of articles and find out which are the signs that suggest your wife doesn’t love you!

Does my wife love me

1. Lack of communication

The thing with females is they can’t stop talking if you are the person she actually loves. She will always have something new to tell and something great to say to you and there will be endless talks as well. But if the communication is fading away and you find a lack of communication in your relationship then you might wanna worry a bit.
Although, there are also a few days when she might not wanna talk to you about anything and for the whole other reason. But she will come again and start chatting when she finds herself in a good chatty mood. The best way to find out if she is in a bad mood or she has lost the feelings for you is to sit with her and start the conversation involving some of her favorite topics. She will respond to them with all the zeal if there is still the feelings left between you and your wife, otherwise, she might just have the talk uninterested.

2. Lack of intimacy

The lack of intimacy is anyway an alarming sign for any relationship as it’s one of the things you look for in a relationship with your partner. And that’s why it can be a sign that your wife might not love you any more if there is a lack of intimacy.
The good-morning kisses and hugs are the indicators of her affection for you and apart from this, the frequent cuddles are also an indicator of her love and affection for you. And if these feelings will fade away, the intimacy between you and your wife will be the first thing to go as it can be faked no matter what. To see if your wife has stopped the small things as well.

3. She will be distracted when she is with you

The thing is, we all feel a little distracted occasionally so this might not be a valid sign itself that can describe whether or not your wife loves you. But if your wife is distracted only when she is with you and acts completely normal around other people then this might be a sign that should worry you.
Her distraction will be seen when you are trying to have a conversation with her or when you are around her. But keep in mind that occasional distraction might not be a sign that can suggest that the person has fallen out of love. She might feel distracted due to work or other problems. And if that’s the case you can sit with her and try to ask her the reason for her distraction.

4. Lack of argument

This might seem like a relief sign but the thing is a woman oy argue with you when she is fully interested in you or in love with you. You won’t see any other women arguing with you over a small thing as they would rather let it go then invest their time in you.
The thing is she won’t have arguments over the things that once bothered her like when you forget the anniversary of her birthday. Similarly, there will be a complete lack of arguments for the things she used to argue with you. And in this case, you might wanna worry a bit.

5. She is not checking up on you

Every person that has affection and love for you will check up on you no matter what. And when it comes to wives, they will invest a lot of their time and energy to check upon. A loving wife always cares if you had lunch on time if you are well and good and when you are coming home and stuff. But if there is a lack of love there will be a lack of caring as well. She won’t check up on you and ask like when you are coming home, where are you going, etc. Make sure that you know whether not she is checking up on you are not.

6. Lack of listening

The thing with the person you love and especially with the wives is that they are good listeners. It doesn’t matter how long a story is, she will always listen to you with all her heart. But when things go to the south and there is a lack of loving feeling, then you might see them not listening to your properly or with full interest.
You should know that listening is one of the most important factors of a healthy relationship. So lacking this factor should concern you.

7. She is not comfortable around your friends anymore

A partner will always try to be friends with your friends no matter how irritating they are or how different they are from that person. So if your wife has stopped loving you or the feelings are lacking in the relationship, you will see the impact on her relationship with your friends well. She will be no more interested in your friends and there will be no efforts towards your friends. You will notice she will stop inviting your friends and or won’t greet them in public. So this might be a sign that your wife doesn’t love you anymore.

8. More attention to her phone.

We are not saying that she is chatting with other men and stuff but the thing is when there is nothing to talk to the person you live with there will be more attention to the phone. She will be more invested in her phone than you. She might play a game than having a talk to you. She will be doing loads of activities on her phone and there will be an increase in her phone time as well.

9. Not being jealous

The feeling of jealousy is normal when it comes to wives and it downs matter how much she trusts you, she will get a little better when she sees another woman getting close to you or flirting with you. But if you turn things around and remove the life from the relationship, there will be no feeling of jealousy. Not being jealous is one of the key signs that your wife does not love you.

10. She won’t ask you your opinions

How many times it had happened when she has asked your opinion on unnecessary things such as what bedsheet they should buy, what color of the wall you guys should paint, what you want to eat for dinner or lunch and most importantly how she looks in that dress. When there are no feelings left there will be a lack of asking for your opinions as well. So here you would want to get concerned if there is no asking for opinions.

11. She forgets the small things

Women are known to remember all the small details about the relationship. The day you first met the place where you had your first date, where you purposed her and what color of shirt you were wearing. And if she tends to forget these details then there might be a problem as well.

Conclusion –

Even though we have written the signs that suggest she doesn’t love you anymore, but the thing is you don’t have to over-analyze every little thing and make an assumption that she doesn’t love you anymore. These signs can be here occasionally and she can still be in love with you!
So these are some of the signs that might say that your wife doesn’t love you any more or she has lost the feelings for you. Now, this might be your fault but if she ever loved you and you love her enough revive the feelings again then you can try impressing her as well and make her fall in love again. We hope the article was helpful for you, so thank you for visiting the page and keep coming for more such articles.