10 Good Questions To Ask On Tinder 2023 (Girl & Guy)

We don’t need to tell you about tinder as it’s one of the most used and popular dating app. And you must be on it (guessing you are here!!). The thing is everyone wants to know the person a little bit before meeting them. And if you wanna make an impression on them then you have to ask some smart questions. It’s also important to have a meaningful conversation rather than just “wbu”.
Many people don’t know how to start a conversation and what to ask the person as you don’t know them and haven’t met them before. Although it’s hard to start a conversation but it’s not an impossible task. And that’s why we are presenting you with the top 10 questions to ask on Tinder. These questions will help you easily start a conversation without making you sound stupid or desperate, so your first impression will be good! Let’s take a look at the list without wasting any more of your time.

Questions To Ask On Tinder

1. How did your last tinder date go?

This might be the best question to ask on Tinder. You don’t know the person yet and you might wanna find something which you both can relate. In this context asking them about the last tinder date might seems a good idea. You will get to know about his taste in people and you can also tell them about your last tinder date as well. This one is the best conversation starter which you both will enjoy without worrying about saying something wrong.

2. What’s your idea of a perfect day?

Again it’s one of those questions which will help you to the person better. Everyone has an idea of a perfect day and you can say a lot about one’s idea of a perfect day. For some people it’s breakfast in the bed, Netflix and chill, having party, etc. And for others, it’s about starting a day with a good workout session eating healthy, reading books and so on. You can easily decide whether you like the person or not or whether you wanna spent the day or have a date with them!

3. What do you think of Kylie Jenner’s self-made billionaire status?

Well, this is a kinda fun question because a lot of people have a different opinion on the subject. You can know a lot about the person when he/she answer this. Either they are a fan Kardashians or believe that they are not ” true celebrity”. They might criticize it or support it. Either you will know if you can stand that person’s opinion and agree with their thoughts. We are not throwing shade on the younger makeup Mogul but this will tell you if you guys share the same thoughts and opinions.

4. What is the quality that you most appreciate in your partner?

Now, this is a serious question and you should ask the question after a couple of conversations. Obviously their answer will tell you what kind of partner they are looking for and what they will offer to the partner. It will tell you their relationship needs and the qualities that they are looking for in a partner. If you like the answer you can also tell what you want in your partner and the things you would appreciate in the partner the most. This is an amazing question that will help you to have a deeper conversation with the person.

5. What was the single best day in your life and why?

Aging a question for the people who actually wanna know their date rather than having a pass time affair with them. Asking this question will make them believe you are actually interested in them and wants to have a real conversation. If they tell you the best day of their life and give you the reason as well that means they have to start to have trust in you and there are ready to invest their time in you. It will make them re-experience that beautiful memory and you will know them much better.

6. What can you cook with the ingredients in my fridge?

Well, that’s a fun question. If you doing wanna go in deeper conversation with them then maybe try this fun question. Either they are good at cooking or not, but they will surely have a good knowledge of food and what they can make out of your ingredients. And if the answer impresses you, you can and them if they wanna come over and cook the meal for you!

7. Who do you think deserved the throne (game of thrones!)?

Now that’s a question which will interest you both. As we know that the popular show has been seen by almost everyone and people are still mad at how things ended. So if you wanna know their knowledge about TVs and series you can start with this question. Their answer will tell if your thoughts match with each other or not, or if you can watch any movie and series with them!

8. Ask them about their grandparents

You can tell a lot about a person from the way they talk about their grandparents. Everyone loved their grandparents and everyone have a good memory of their grandparents which can share with each other.

9. Ask them about their likes and dislikes

This one may sound boring but sometimes it can work too. You can play a game where you can give them two choices, for example- vanilla or chocolate ice cream, and see if you too have similar taste!

10. Ask them about their weirdest fantasy

This is too a fun question to ask and it will definitely a good conversation starter. Everyone has their weirdo side and you can see if there is tolerable or fun for you as well!


So these are the questions to ask on tinder which will be a life savior for those who don’t know how to chat or start a conversation. We hope you found the article helpful and thanks for visiting our page.