Top 17 Questions To Ask When Starting A Conversation 2023

How is it possible to wow everyone you encounter with your conversation skills? I have a few pointers and techniques for employing simple conversation openers that result in great and unforgettable exchanges.

A wonderful conversation can come from a simple conversation starter. This text has been divided into various conversational situations that you might encounter. With anyone, you can start a meaningful conversation with the help of these conversation starters.

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Questions To Ask When Starting A Conversation

1. Here are some great conversation

Starters to get things going. Simply starting a conversation with someone new or whom you haven’t seen in a long is a wonderful use for these. The traditional questions “Where are you from?” and “What do you do?” are very boring in comparison; they are much more engaging. Instead, try these.

Could you inform me of yourself? This is fantastic because it asks the other person to share something with you. They are free to discuss their work with you if they like. They can talk to you about their children if they want to. And it’s a fantastic method to learn what’s on someone’s mind right now.

Currently working on anything exciting? What do you do is my replacement for the question. Instead of just giving you a dull update, asking whether someone is working on anything interesting encourages them to talk about something positive in their lives.
Your story, please. This is a fascinating conversation starter because it invites the other person to share a personal story with you. You never know what exciting tale they may share with you.

2. What current personal passion project are you engaged in?

One of my favourites is this. You never know what a person’s covert side business is. I enjoy posing this question to acquaintances that I already know in a professional setting but would like to learn more about personally.

3. The host, how do you know him?

Any kind of event can be adapted to fit this one. Hopefully, you both know the host if you’re at a party. You can change it to “How long have you been a member of this organisation?” if you’re at a networking or professional event.

4. What did you find most enjoyable about today’s day?

Asking “how are you?” is a wonderful option because it elicits more interesting responses.
What event in your week stood out? This is a nice alternative to the usual inquiries of “How are you?” and “How’s everything going?” Instead of simply responding “Fine” or “Good,” it encourages people to share a positive experience.

5. Have you ever attended a gathering like this?

This one can be adjusted for most events, such as birthday parties (did you go last year?) and networking gatherings (do you attend every month?).

What have been the highs and lows of your day thus far? If you have a talker, this one is fantastic. Asking them questions that they may reflect on and elaborate on will pique their interest if you are chatting with an extrovert. This query appeals to extroverts.

Have you had a busy period recently? Although I don’t always like to ask about people’s schedules, I will use this topic of discussion if someone seems disinterested or unfocused. Sometimes, engaging someone by recognizing their busyness works.

6. How’s that beverage, food, piece of art, or game?

One of my favourite context clues is asking about what someone is carrying or doing. Query them regarding their wine. Ask them if they enjoy the piece of art they are observing. If the food is good, ask them. They are all really simple openers.

A good time? Find a person who is alone but appears to be having a good time as a pretty simple cold approach opener. Asking someone if they’re having fun or enjoying themselves is as simple as sitting next to them at a table or standing next to them at the bar. A more elegant greeting than “How are you?”

7. A good time?

Find a person who is alone but appears to be having a good time as a simple cold approach opener. Asking someone if they’re having fun or enjoying themselves is as simple as sitting next to them at a table or standing next to them at the bar. A more elegant greeting than “How are you?”

8. What plans do you have for the weekend?

Ever had a conversational lull that felt awkward? We always appreciate a good conversation starter. And you can change it if it’s a Monday or Tuesday to “Did you do anything exciting this past weekend?” I occasionally ask, “What do you like to do on the weekends?”

9. Have you been following recent news, sports, or TV shows?

Ask your spouse if they follow the news or sports if you are current on both. You have a lot in common if so, so that’s excellent. Alternatively, you can inform them of it!

Can you suggest any special drinks, appetizers, or desserts around here? Asking what to order or take from the buffet is another excellent method to receive suggestions. You can go get some meal together if they haven’t eaten yet.

What would your theme song be if you had a reality TV show about your life? It’s a good way to talk about music without asking people what bands they like (which can be stilted and boring), and it cuts off any holier-than-thou posturing for the sake of fun. Bring it to life in the style of a ‘90s sitcom by questioning people about the cheesy clips that might accompany their montage (bonus points if you can get your friends to suggest a theme song).

10. What would you do if there was a zombie apocalypse?

You’d be surprised at how much detail people can go into when describing their remote getaway or elaborate escape routes. This amusing conversation starter can quickly become raucous.
Everything looks really delicious. Which gift should I choose? What do you have in mind? What else have you attempted? Asking for simple ordering advice is a variation on asking for a recommendation. Even at business meetings.

11. Do you have a favorite philanthropic cause?

Sometimes at work, all the conversation is about, well, work. Finding out about a person’s interests outside of work is easy with this question. Before you ask, choose your favorite charity so you’ll have a wonderful response, too.

Regarding the I’m a little anxious. Have you previously carried it out? Sharing private information with others can make you seem more pleasant and foster new social connections. You can use this tactic to strike up a conversation with a coworker about a problem you’re having at work, such as a new piece of software or a challenging client, and obtain some helpful advise.

12. you were a child, what career did you wish to pursue?

Perhaps they aspired to become an astronaut or a doctor. You may also ask follow-up queries. Do they still have an interest in space research? What altered as they grew older. Do they enjoy their current position? Future objectives and professional development are only two examples of conversation starters that can be brought up.

Which skydiving, bungee jumping, or scuba diving would you undertake if you had to choose just one? Find out if your date is an adventurer with this terrific first date question. It may turn out that they have already carried out one or more of these actions. Or perhaps they are afraid of the mere thought of any of them. And if you’re brave, good news: brave people are typically seen as more attractive. In any case, you’re guaranteed to receive a thoughtful response and understanding of how they view risk.

What should I know about you that is most important You strive to learn as much as possible about each other on a first date. In essence, you are attempting to determine whether someone would be a perfect fit for you (and you for them). This query makes it easy to get to the heart of the issue.

13. What did you imagine your life would be like when you were younger?

A Trojan Horse is a good conversation starter for a first date because it’s light-hearted and whimsical. It also allows you to share your goals with your date and pave the way for future discussions about your respective upbringings, education, and hobbies.

14. Which member of your family do you most resemble?

Do they have a close relationship with their mother, father, or great aunt? In addition to providing you with information on their family environment, this question allows them to explain themselves briefly. They can claim that their love of reading makes them most like their grandfather or that their coarse sense of humour makes them most like their brother.

15. Do you believe that aliens inhabit other planets?

There is no incorrect response to this amusing question, and the conversation will be fantastic anyway. Ask them why if they respond “no,” and if they do, then challenge them to consider what life may be like on an alien world. The insights and originality of children’s responses often surprise adults.

16. Which animal would you be if you were one?

Why? A child can easily express their personality to you in this way. Due to their playfulness and propensity to rush around, they may identify with puppies or fish because they both enjoy swimming. Also, think about what you would be. They’ll ask you again, so be prepared with a solid response.
If you’re a growing.

17. Which of these fashion faux pas was the worst?

Everybody can think of a few costumes from their past that, at the time, seemed like a decent idea. You can use this conversation starter to learn more about the individuals in your life before you meet them. It will undoubtedly include some fascinating anecdotes from their days as a 1960s mod or early 2000s emo. This humorous conversation starter is especially helpful because it helps bridge the generation gap by putting older party guests in the spotlight with vintage fashion gaffes.

What was the most embarrassing thing you ever did as a child or at school? When people have time to consider their own experiences while laughing at those sharing theirs, this conversation starter works best in groups. People often feel more at ease when reflecting on the past (so it may be worth cracking open this conversation starter on a tough day at the office).


Not that asking closed questions is seldom appropriate. They are occasionally required to obtain certain information. Additionally, they’re often how you start a conversation: From where do you hail? How do you behave?
When the other person responds to your initial closed questions, you start asking more open questions that aim to elucidate and build on what they’ve already said. You can achieve this by changing the open-ended expressions. from the list above into phrases that begin with a question, such as:

  • How did it feel to
  • What about this was the best?
  • What about this was the hardest?
  • What were your thoughts?
  • How did you find out?
  • What motivated you to…
  • What about this surprised you the most?
  • How does that compare to/differ from…
  • Why do you desire?

Let’s see how these questions can be used as openers. The typical but less open-ended inquiries are highlighted in the list of good small talk chains below, followed by a more appropriate replacement.