Top 15 Things Guys Like About Girls (Cute & Sweet) 2023

Guys sometimes become unstable in the knees when girls make specific movements. So, what things do guys like about girls? People usually think that guys are primarily attracted to girls because of their appearance or clothing. Well, that’s not all. Some things you do, whether you are aware of them or not, can make him like you more than how you dress or how pretty you are.
It could be how you look at him, your smile, or your dimples. But it’s always the small things that make the most significant difference. When you’re with someone, the things you think are weird might be what he likes the most. So, keep reading to learn more about these things guys like about girls that make them smile and love.

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Things Guys Like About Girls

1. Tying Or Touching Hair

You must have noticed that your partner is gazing at you when you pull your hair back into a ponytail or a sloppy bun. They find it endearing and exciting all at the same time. Guys are drawn to a girl with long hair, and as you pull it back, their attention is immediately drawn to how stunning your tresses are.
They also like it when you unpredictably play with your hair, for example, by flipping it or tucking it behind your ears. These kinds of things guys like about girls.

2. Listening Attentively

It demonstrates respect for the speaker and what they have to say when you pay attention to what they have to say while you do not interrupt them. The ability of a guy’s girlfriend to listen to what he has to say without forming her own opinions based on what he says is highly valued by males.
Guys have the confidence to talk more freely with you when they see that you are attentive to what they say and willing to listen to them with patience. Their affection for you will grow as a result. When your partner tells you anything, you must listen attentively, establish eye contact, and demonstrate support because these are the everyday things guys like about girls.

3. Clothing Styles

When a guy first meets a girl, one of the first things that immediately comes to his mind is how she presents herself physically. Therefore, how you dress can catch the attention of a guy more than you realize. The choice of the male is taken into consideration for this aspect.
For instance, one guy can be enamored by a girl who dresses casually because she makes him feel at ease, while another man might be blown away by a self-assured girl who chooses to dress provocatively.
On the other hand, a girl who seems to put little effort into her appearance is a significant turnoff for a guy. She makes no effort to be clean or respectable and does not desire to present herself appealingly. A guy may be dissuaded from demonstrating his attraction due to this circumstance.

4. Touching His Hair By Running Fingers

If you run your fingers through your boyfriend’s hair, you will notice that he is leaning towards you and shutting his eyes while you do so. Some guys are territorial about their hair, and as a result, they do not like it when other people touch it.
If he loves you, he could feel calm when you run your fingers through his hair and do it. They report that your touch makes them feel privileged and pampered. You may make the process more enjoyable by gently massaging their scalp.

5. Providing Care For Him

While guy likes caring for the girl they love, they also enjoy receiving such assistance. They value it when their wife comforts them with a hug when they are sad, cooks them their favorite dish when they are ill, and tends to their needs when they are in need.
It gives them the impression that they are liked and treasured. Therefore, be sure to offer your boyfriend some love and care; doing so will give him the ideal justification to develop his feelings for you further.

6. Speaking Strongly About Something

Your body language will convey your enthusiasm for whatever you are enthusiastic about. When you speak about something you are excited about, others can see the excitement on your face and feel the energy coursing through your body.
Guys appreciate seeing you in this aspect of your life. Your eyes shine with an intensity that draws others to you because it shows on your face. They like and appreciate that you are so immersed and motivated by something you are passionate about.

7. Being Fun And Flirtatious

The boys usually initiate the flirting game to impress or win their lady. However, they also take pleasure in being courted. They are entirely obsessed whenever their lady flirts with them.
They will feel more attractive if you touch them, stare at them with an alluring gaze, play with their foot, and send them sexy SMS. Therefore, if you want to maintain the excitement in your relationship with your boyfriend, you should flirt with him on occasion and surprise him. These are among the things guys like about girls.

8. Being Confident

Some guys find it quite attractive when girls exude self-confidence. A self-confident girl is evident in the goals she has set for herself. This quality is one that a lot of guys find pretty appealing. How people walk, speak, and dress directly correlates to their confidence level.
It is commanding and compelling, lending a particular attraction to how you physically carry yourself. This awes the guys in the group. Therefore, exude self-assurance while you are with your partner, and you will notice that he is looking at you with approval.

9. Putting On High Heels

When you wear shoes with high heels, your legs will seem longer and more toned. The weight of your body is transferred to the balls of your feet when you wear high heels.
This causes your hips to swing, which gives your walk an alluring and seductive quality. When you walk in high heels, guys can’t help but gaze since they find it appealing, and it comes naturally to them.

10. Blushing

One of the things guys like about girls is blushing. When they feel their cheeks heating up, some young girl turns their heads or cover their faces. Guys, on the other hand, take great pleasure in seeing their girlfriends blush as a result of their flirting with her or teasing her.
The response is endearing and sweet. When a girl blushes, it gives off the impression that she is innocent and sympathetic, which makes guys find them more attractive. If you are curious about how this activity impacts your boyfriend, glance at him when you are blushing, and the expression in his eyes will give you an idea of his sentiments.

11. Displaying Your Love On Social Media

In this brave new world, when broadcasting every aspect of your life on social media has become commonplace, showing love for your partner need not be a radical concept. On the other hand, this is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate to the outside world how much love and appreciation you have for your boyfriend.
He would be pleased and proud that you are confident to take responsibility for your relationship in front of others. If he accomplishes anything in the future that brings you joy, consider sharing it on either Facebook or Instagram. Maintain an irregular posting schedule, and avoid sharing anything too personal or corny online.

12. Having A Fantastic Sense Of Humor

Girls are more attracted to males who can make them laugh. On the other hand, guys value girls more when they laugh at their jokes while they are telling them. They get a kick out of it when their girlfriend has the same sense of humor and finds pleasure in laughing at their witticisms.
Laughing together is another thing guys like about girls that helps develop a deep relationships. If you are also a clever person, that will make the situation much more enjoyable for everyone else. Your witty one-liners would make him laugh, which in turn would make him like you even more.

13. Adorable Nicknames

It’s always exciting things guys like about girls to hear their names being spoken by their girlfriends. You immediately win their hearts when you address them by their adorable nickname. It allows the person to sense your caring and love for him.
It’s possible that giving your partner a common nickname like “baby” could make him pleased, but giving him a unique moniker will excite him. Additionally, it strengthens the closeness and connection that the two of you have.

14. Wearing His Clothing

If you like doing so, continue prancing in your boyfriend’s clothing. When you wear the items that guys gave you, particularly their shirts, t-shirts, and sweatpants, they find it endearing and cute. It makes you seem adorable and seductive simultaneously, which excites guys.
This may be a terrific confidence booster for your partner when he sees you wearing his clothing because he gets the impression that you are gently giving out the word that you belong to him.

15. Biting Lips

When girls bite their lips, whether they are aware of it or not, guys find this behavior quite sensuous. They will be compelled to kiss you as a result of the move since it draws their attention to your lips.
If you glance at the guy from behind your eyelids while biting your lips, you may drive him completely insane. Guys like it when their girls bite their lips.


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Do you ever have the impression that all you can think about is him, yet he is concerned with himself? This doesn’t imply he doesn’t like you. You have to go inside his head to comprehend how he operates. As soon as you do, you will discover that there is a simple thing you can say to him that will result in a dramatic shift in how he expresses his feelings for you.