Top 12 Best Types Of Hugs With Their Meaning 2023

Have you ever noticed that there are actually different types of hugs? Whether you would take your own example or you can watch in movies, you will find a number of different hugs. But do you which they are and what they mean? I bet you won’t!! The first thing is you can’t possibly know the different types of hugs so we can also eliminate the possibility of you knowing their meaning either.
But don’t worry that’s what we are here for. In this article, we are going to name different types of hugs and what they mean. So let’s start the list of different types of hugs and their meanings.
types of hugs

Types of hugs

1. The tight hug

We all have to admit that it’s our favorite kind of hug that we all wish to give it to someone or have it from someone. Isn’t it nice when someone hugs you with all their power and refuse to let you go easily? Well, that’s surely my kinda hug. And this one usually comes from the people who truly love us.
This type of hugs could mean goodbye as they don’t wanna leave you and at the same time want to remember them with this hug. Some times your partner will give you a tight hug when they feel scared or afraid to tell you how much you mean them.

2. The Bear Hug

The bear hug is when you or the other person wraps their arms around you and give you when they feel to protect you or wants to be protected. This one also between the people who actually love you or cares for you. Here you might get this hug from your parents or the people who are protective of you. This type of hug could mean that you have deep feelings for the person and you might want things to get pretty serious. And there is also a fact about the Bear Hug that it can lower the stress and anxiety when you give it to receive the bear hug!

3. The Side Hug

The Side Hug is popularly known for as the most relaxed hug that you can receive. The side hug is performed between the close friends and with whom you share the friendly relations. This type of hug is pretty much given when the people are in a good mood. It is also performed by friends when they are in a good mood.
Here the thing is this one is not the romantic type of hug but it’s definitely the sweet type of hug. This is also known as the buddy gig or it could be performed by someone who wants something more to happen with you. Here this can be a casual hug as well which would be performed while you are casually hanging out with your friends or have a fun moment.

4. The long hug

The long hugs are also the sweetest and most cherished kind of big that we can get. Although the people don’t like the hugs might find them annoying but otherwise, they are pretty great. And these might be the best hugs as well. See we all wish the hug could last a little longer as well and that’s why the long hugs are our favorite ones.
The long hugs can be given to us by our close friends and the one who you are going to miss badly, remember the hugs between Joey and Chandler? Well, these are kinda that and means the same as well. Other than this our parents can also give us the long hugs when they want to tell ulu that they are protective of you and going miss you (if you are going somewhere).

5. The Straddle Hug

The straddle hug is when the girl sits in the laps of the guy (or their partner) and gives a long, warm, and intimate hug. This type of hug is actually a sign of intimacy and love. And this might mean a good physical bond between the people. This hug can also mean the giver of hug is expecting a physical connection from the receiver. And the receiver is free to make a move and take a step forward. Here this hug is a sign of a strong bond between two people and they have lots of love and trust among each other. This type of hug is also private and can only be performed between the close people.

6. The London Bridge Hug

This type of hug is when you only touch the upper body of the next person and the lower part of the body has a gap. This type of hug is among the people who barely know each other personally but has a professional relationship. This type of hug is also known as the polite hug as well and it is mostly performed between politicians and diplomats.
So if someone is hugging you this way, that would mean they are not looking for a deeper connection with you and might want to maintain a professional relationship with you.

7. The pickpocket hug

This is one kinda a fun type of hug that you might have heard or seen. Remember the scene from To All the Boys I Have Ever Loved? Where Lara Jean is describing the hug to Peter, turns out it is actually a type of hug that two lovers can perform to show their affection for each other.
Here the boy’s hand will be in the Girl’s back pocket and the girl might put her arms around the guy’s waist, and this way the guy’s hand will be on girl’s ass. So this one is kinda a naughty hug to perform in public and also you can switch the places as well. This hug would mean that you want to flaunt your relationship and intimacy to the whole world. And this could also mean that your partner is very proud of you.

8. The Quick Hug

As its name suggests, the hug will be pretty quick and two people would hug it out within a few seconds. Here the hug is perceived between friends when they just meet you after a long time or to say goodbye. This one is also a formal hug but among the friends. Here this hug means that you don’t wanna develop a deeper bond with the person and you are just good friends with them.

9. The hug with twirling around

You have often seen this type of hug in the movies or on the airports as well (in some cases!). This is a playful yet very intimate hug which is performed between the people who are deeply in love. This might be when your boyfriend or lover sees you after a long time, or you have given very good news to him.
In this hug, the guy will lift up and twirl you around and show his affection for you. If you have ever received this kinda hug from someone then it would mean that you are among the lucky ones. This hug is so full of love and joy that you will always remember when you receive one.

10. The ragdoll hug

This is quite a simple hug that is performed by one person only. It’s when one person is digging the other person while the other one is not returning the hug. It’s when you wrap your hands around their neck and they are just sitting. This one might be a sign of a one-sided relationship or one-sided feelings. And it clearly means that one person is putting more effort into a relationship than the other one.

11. The catcher hug

It’s also as special as the twirling around hug. Here one person (usually the girl) might jump on to you and hug you by wrapping the legs and hands around you. This hug can be a sign of trust and strong feelings. This one is too a very intimate hug that you might not give to just random people.

12. The Flirty Hug

This one is actually everything that you are guessing. It’s at the starting of the relationship or when you want to know the person that you are into them. It’s slow and more than a quick hug but less than a deep meaningful long hug!

Conclusion –

So these are the different types of hugs and their meaning. We just wanna say that it always feels nice when you hug someone or when someone hits you, so be gentle and kinder and give more and more hugs to your loved ones to let them know that you are here and you care for them. You must have heard the fun facts about hugs which suggest that a big reduce anxiety and put you in a better mood. So why waste such an opportunity?
Well, we have come to an end for our article and we here say goodbye to you. We hope you liked our article and found it helpful. Thank you for being with us and keep coming!