How To Become A Lineman In 3 Easy Steps (2023)

Lineman is someone who works with the electricity department and ensures that we have the proper electricity flow in our houses.

You may not need higher educational degrees to become a lineman but you would surely need higher knowledge of electricity and electrical equipment. It is a risky job too as you would come into contact with the big wires and transformers through which high-powered electricity pass through. But due to the higher salary and interest in this field, many of us want to become a lineman as well.

In this article, we have brought you all the answers that you were looking for to become a lineman. We will tell you, what a lineman is, how much work they do, how much a lineman would earn and how to become a lineman as well.

So let’s not waste any more of your time and go ahead to find everything you have been looking for.

What Does a Lineman Do?

A lineman is someone who would work with electricity lines. He would be responsible for installing, repairing, and maintenance of high voltage lines, whether above or below the ground. Some of the linemen also work with the installation of fiber optic lines for telecommunication systems.

They can work with many industries and in various fields such as utility companies, electrical contractors, telecommunications companies, and local or state-level government agencies as well.

Some of the duties and responsibilities of a lineman are:

  • Performing technical tasks such as installing switches and transforms
  • Performing manual tasks such as pulling and setting up power cables between poles and buildings
  • Clerical tasks such as writing up necessary installation or repair reports are also performed by a lineman

Required Skills for a Lineman:

If you wish to become a lineman, you should have a few skills to perform the duties and responsibilities efficiently. Some of the skills are the following:

  • A lineman should be able to meet the deadline for the projects he has been assigned. This requires high focus and efficient time management skills as well.
  • A lineman should be able to operate light equipment and drive utility vehicles as well. So he should have deep knowledge of the functioning and work for various equipment associated with his day-to-day work.
  • A lineman is required to have math proficiency.

These are some of the basic skills and abilities a lineman must have.

Becoming a lineman may not require higher education but you would have to go through training and have the minimum required education to become a lineman.
Here are the steps that you would have to follow to become a lineman:

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1. Education and Training

These are the two major things that you would have to focus on if you want to become a professional lineman.

Most of the lineman jobs require a candidate with a high school degree or diploma. Some technical colleges also offer various programs for students who wish to become linemen. These programs would get you the certificate for becoming a lineman.

But it won’t be enough as you have to have field experience. So you have to look for job training and apprenticeship programs.

Experts say if you have a two-year degree in electronics or electronic contracting that can help you with being a lineman.

With apprenticeships, you will get hands-on training with instructions and also some experience in this field. The apprenticeship may last for two years as well.

2. License

Although there won’t be a license or certificate required to become a lineman, you may require a CDL license to operate large utility trucks which may be a bigger part of the job.

Apart from this, you would be required to show your physical certificate to your employer showing that you are physically fit to perform the job.

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3. Finding a Job

Now that you have done your training and have the required education, you are all set to get the job. You have become a lineman now, so you should be looking for lineman jobs.

You may want to explore your options and see which industries or companies are looking for linemen. If there is a good position available then you must take it as well. Consider the salary, place of job, and other benefits of the job before you take it. You must have the best.


Here we have come to an end for our article, How to Become a Lineman.

We have listed everything that you need to know about becoming a lineman. It may not seem like a difficult journey but you should be fully focused during the training and while learning to operate and work with the equipment to ensure your safety. That would be all, and we hope you found everything you have been looking for. Thank you.