How To Become Politician In India (2022)

Politics is considered a field that is full of negativity. Even sometimes, politics is associated with nepotism, greed, and even corruption. This is somewhat the reality of today’s politics. Still, if we look into the fundamental concept of politics, we will comprehend that politics is noble and has been practiced since ancient times. The idea of politics is associated with our lifestyle since the commencement day of society. India is an example of the biggest democracy in the world, which is entirely dependent on the population. Democracy can change the climate of politics. The public can make the government and can also break the government.

In our society, there are many flaws, which can also be referred to as drawbacks of the country. These drawbacks are not letting the country become a developed country. It is not easy to change the condition of society. To bring a good transformation in the state, nation, or community, the youth have to stand out from the crowd and show their passion towards their country. There are different job profiles available in the market, and every job profile comes with responsibility in its sphere. For example, The engineer and doctors have their obligation; The armed forces have the responsibility to take care of the borders, farmer and professor have the responsibility of their niche, which directly add to the society. But the burden of leadership falls into the hand of the politician.

A politician has the authority to make society, country, and the world a better place to live. The policies that are made, changed, or removed by the politicians help to shape culture appropriately. They have the power to invigorate the educational system, make the improved medical structure, shape the country’s economy, and are many more. Recently, an increasing trend of people joining politics has been noticed. People from non-political backgrounds are showing interest in politics, and the matter of fact is they are even getting immense success into it. Hence, if you genuinely want to make a difference in society, nation, or world, becoming a politician will be the best choice. If you come into the office, you can influence much-needed change. Can you imagine the fantastic feel? But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. The path of becoming a politician will be lengthy and full of challenges. However, I can assure you, and it would be so worth it. So are you ready to make a difference to the world??? Keep reading!!

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How To Become Politician In India

Career As A Politician In India

The job profile is not considered a mainstream career, as there is hardly educational requirement or the student has to go through any entrance exam. The majority of politicians have entered the political field from different job profiles. But the trend fire is depicting something else. Today, a country’s youth are showing interest in politics and joining the political field directly after completing their educational degrees. If you consider politics has a job profile, then I will like to mention to you that the job profile of the politicians has many things to offer, but it entirely depends upon your success in the field. The most important benefits of being a politician are that it will allow you to develop the country from every possible side. Everything will come down to passion, decision-making skills, as the voter’s faith will decide where you will be successful or an unsuccessful politician. In one way, there is an entrance exam which is also known as the contest elections. The salary structure of the politician is decided on the position they will be working. Additionally, if you successfully influence the people, you will get some governmental benefits that the job role will accompany.

For example, an MLA’s perks will be accommodations, travel, medical coverage, constituency allowance, and other office expenses. Member of Parliament’s perk includes air travel expenses, residence, electricity, water, and many other things. Another benefit of selecting the Politician as a career is that as an elected representative, the government serves lifelong pension options that increase depending on the period performed.

Educational Requirement for being a politicians

To be honest with the title, you don’t have to practice and study hard for the entrance exam. To be a politician, there is no need for educational qualification in the field of Politics. But, for your sake and country’s sake, you will require some formal education, professional networking, and life experience in the field of politics.

If you want to get more information, you can quickly get the data by researching a politician’s lifestyle. You can also learn about the degree that the politicians themselves earn. You may find that many politicians have a degree in either law, business, or economics. You can also be a politician if you have a degree in international relations and politics. Getting involved with the renowned political party is the best way to enter the world of politicians.

In a political party, you will get to know more about the representatives and their working tactics. All together, joining a party can be the best method of career mentorship. But the most important thing is the life experience. You should have the life experience if you want to become a politician.

Job Description of politician

The definition of a politician is A person who makes the policy. Politicians are the representatives of the elected people to make the change and declutter the policy, which cannot be related to the government’s welfare. The politicians are allowed to communicate with other politicians from the same party or opposition party. Even they can contact the politician of the international country. There is no fixed time allotted for the politicians, and not every politician takes their job role as full-time work. Politicians serve for the term of 4 years before the election is announced. Here are some duties that are taken care of by the politicians,

  • He/she has the power a running a campaign
  • They are sometimes referred to as policymaker because they are authorised to make the policy.
  • Negotiations
  • Public Appearance

Career Path and Politician salary

The majority of politicians have started their careers in a different field, but they later joined politics. A politician may be a business person, a government employee, or a professor in the past. They can join politics from any background, and there is no restriction. Some people have lots of interest in politics from the first day, and they start in the field from the very beginning. These people can work as political strategists, political researchers, or just a support person in the political campaign. The Politician’s salary varies a lot, making it difficult to portray the exact salary structure of the politician. There are many jobs where a former politician can apply after leaving politics, such as

  1. Political Strategist
  2. Police officer
  3. economist
  4. professor
  5. military officer etc.

Salary may differ, but the pay they get is a pretty handsome amount. While the compensation can be very high, the way to legislative issues can be a slippery one, so this isn’t a task you need to get into for the cash. If you’re searching for a job that can have a natural effect locally and in your country, you may get a kick out of the chance to turn into a government official. Many tracks down their political professions as a compensating experience.

How To become a Politician in India

To turn into a politician, the ideal route is to begin at a grassroots level by chipping in and working with an ideological group that coordinates with your beliefs. You can chip in or understudy with ideological groups during decisions and political assemblies to acquire common-sense experience and a superior comprehension of the ground truth of how legislative issues function. Increment your presence and web-based media presence with powerful presents in your image name as a maturing legislator.

While in school, you can join banter social orders, take an interest in broad daylight talking, parliamentary discussions, and Model Joined Countries (MUN) boards to sharpen and clean your rhetoric, discussing, and basic reasoning abilities.

Partake in occasions and exercises identified with your centre regions, for instance, ladies strengthening, better medical services, and so forth. Taking part in understudy wings of ideological groups straightforwardly from a school level is an extraordinary method to enter governmental issues.

BJP party president Amit Shah started his political vocation ahead of the ABVP when he was 19 years of age. At the same time, the current association serve Nitin Gadkari, turned into the leader of the Bharatiya Janata, Yuva Morcha, at age 24 years. Previous Congress pioneer turned Aam Aadmi Gathering pioneer, Alka Lamba, started her political profession in 1994 at age 19 years, joining the Public Understudies Association of India (NSUI), and in 1995, winning the Delhi College Understudies Association (DUSU) president’s post.

Even though there probably won’t be a particular instructive capability to turn into a government official, there are numerous ways you can follow to best prepare yourself for a profession in legislative issues.

Here are a couple of mainstream vocation ways to turn into a lawmaker:

1. Civil service

The standard administrations are among the most famous professional decisions for individuals entering the field of governmental issues. Legal administrations are liable for the organisation’s smooth working and work in close contact with political pioneers to build up the country. Working in any of the unified standard administrations will help you in governmental issues as you will have a superior comprehension of how regulatory cycles are done for an enormous scope. Acclaimed lawmakers in the standard administrations incorporate Ajit Jogi, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Meira Kumar and Arvind Kejriwal.

2. Political Science

Whether at an undergrad level with a BA in Political Theory or the higher level with an M.A Political Theory, the study of political theory is perhaps the ideal approaches to set yourself up for a profession in legislative issues. The course considers the hypothesis and utilization of the legislative problems and political frameworks. In the wake of examining political theory, you can seek after a task in a similar field, for example, in political reporting, standard administrations, or instructing, or you can straightforwardly change into a job in legislative issues by working with political gatherings.

3. Law

Law is another field that will expertly set you up for a profession in legislative issues. It will give you an intensive comprehension of the legal system. After that, the country depends and on which administration should happen. Renowned political dissidents and lawmakers around the hour of autonomy, for instance, Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi, were likewise in the calling of law, and from that point forward, there have been a lot more well-known government officials who have experience with a law like Sushma Swaraj and Kapil Sibal. In the wake of considering law, at an undergrad level with LLB or expert’s with LLM, you can fill in as a legal counsellor or advocate or straightforwardly enter governmental issues.

4. Economics

In the event that you appreciate contemplating numbers and strategy, economics is a field that will help you incredibly, particularly in enhancing the economy of the country. A few renowned government officials discovered their beginnings as market analysts, for instance, previous Executive Dr Manmohan Singh and Subramanian Swamy. You can fill in as a business analyst or join standard administrations, or straightforwardly enter governmental issues after considering financial aspects at the undergrad (B.A Financial matters) or postgraduate (M.A Financial matters) level.

What Does a politician do?

Lawmakers settle on meaningful choices that shape our general public. It is a public area work appropriate for the individuals who need to affect. There are many governmental issues, and your obligations will vary a significant deal contingent upon the position and the area. In any case, all legislators ought to be prepared to venture to the far corners of the planet and meet countless individuals. The fundamental point of each government official is to add voice to public requests and concerns. The regular everyday errands will vary contingent upon the status; in any case, the whole dominant part of government officials address their constituents; make unprejudiced, adjusted choices; hear declaration from people in general; commission individuals and agents about proposition; react to public requests; deliberate with associates; disclose appearances; serve on panels, etc.

How much does it cost to become a politician?

You don’t require a degree to turn into a legislator because it is, for the most part, the individual characteristics that matter. Notwithstanding, in many cases, you would require a four-year certification in law, government, public strategy, business organisation, or a corresponding field to turn into a fruitful lawmaker.

How long does it take to become a politician?

If you choose to go for a four-year college education, you would require four years to get one. A ton of future government officials can begin by working all day in different fields to think of how the circles work from within. Hands-on preparing and, at any rate, a couple of long stretches of involvement are unimaginably significant; you can work for a setup politician, construct organisations and get the critical data. Hopeful the aspirant would positively move gradually up through the positions; the path may require many years.

What is the demand for politicians?

Politician’s occupation market will probably continue as before. Working freedoms will be, for the most part, found at the state and neighborhood levels. Politics is an incredibly cutthroat field; just those with exceptional individual characteristics will want to win the votes and prevail in their professional way.


There are gigantic freedoms in the field of governmental issues in India. With the advantages of innovation, the world has become a worldwide town, and it’s the ideal opportunity for India to different speed up development. Youth in governmental issues have the potential for a phenomenal vision and change legislative matters and the country. There are numerous approaches to seek after a vocation in governmental issues, and one pivotal necessity is to have energy for improvement