How To Make Money With Blog (2023)

Making money is much easier now. We work long hours, sacrificing our time and mind over our job to earn handsome amount of money. What if earning money was easier? A little extra money without working sweat and blood is always great. There are many ways to earn a good sum of money and supplement your income. Some may prefer a part-time job, some work online, whereas others might have a chance at investments and try their luck. There are different categories of work, apart from your actual job or profession that could help you earn a little more extra than your regular earning.

Supplement your income?
Who does not want to make an extra amount of money? Everyone loves a nice bit of cash or bank balance by doing small efforts. There may be harder and long term ways to earn money, but what about the temporary earning. This earning may add to your bank balance and help you pay for some easy things like food, eatables or will simply supplement your income. You can earn extra with some additional benefits of increasing your network and connection. This will also help you gain experience and knowledge in other fields.

Way to easy earning –
Online working and work from home jobs are quite in trend these days, giving opportunity to the students, elders and housewives, to earn without getting under a lot of pressure. But there is always a question whether the job is legit or not since there are many cyber-crimes going around and many fraudulent activities extracting money in the promise of giving jobs or some policies. So, it is very important to be careful and aware of these malpractices and work harder. Do not miss your chance at earning, be active and aware and supplement your earnings.

If you are a content creator or a website designer, you have a good chance of earning money. Being a blogger keeps you at a certain advantage since you can develop a good network, express your views, spread information and much more. But there is one more added benefit of being a blogger. Yes, you can earn via blogging. Being a blogger comes with money and you need to put very little efforts for that particular thing. You can earn money via blogging in many ways and methods. You can earn via advertising, promotions, marketing, etc. All these things would help you receive some % of the commission from the different companies you promote or work for. Here are ways to earn money by blogging.

how to make money with blog
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1. Advertisement

Advertising is one of the easiest and simple ways to earn a decent amount of money online. All you have to do is advertise the other sites on your blog or page. You can either provide a slot for advertisements on your blog or simply work with the advertising companies which will sell you ads. If you are a beginner and have just started your page or site, you shall find it difficult to sell any add or make a deal with the company. Thus, making things difficult for you. Therefore you can work with any advertising or networking network. This will increase your approach and connections. You can be provided with ready-made ads to be placed on your site. Due to this any profit gained during advertising will be shared with you.

Word press is another big name in advertising and blogging. It deals with word ads that are associated with some of the greatest networks and publishers like Amazon A9, Google ads, etc. Thus, you can try this option to gain benefits from your blogging. You can earn easily from these without making any big or difficult efforts. Only you need to place the advertisements on your site or page and you will ultimately you will receive cut off from the profits gained by advertising.

2. Sell goods

You can work domestically and create a blog to sell your goods exclusively. Try to sell the product that can be directly sold to the customer or buyer. Choose a product that is easily available and has low transportation costs. If you come from a business background you will surely have an edge over it and will be able to work more efficiently. Otherwise, you should try to develop your network and entrust the customers or viewers. You should develop a proper marketing place and ensure the stock of goods. But first of all, you should make sure that the product you wish to sell would not give you any additional costs and is easy to handle and transport.

To begin with, you can start with e-books, clothing, photo frames, footwear, etc. Make sure you give proper product descriptions and information about the size and other specifications. Another thing of concern includes price and tagging. Make sure your price is reasonable as per market rates. You should try to make your advertisement about good very attractive to grab the attention of the customers and be active throughout to deal with them. Slowly and gradually you can make yourself a bigger network and establish a good marketing experience, afterwards, you can expand your business and product range.

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3. Sponsorship and content dealing

There are many sites or employers providing money to bloggers for doing some small things. That can range from promoting their pages or products, content writing, editing or paid reviews. Your blogging will definitely profit your client and so you can receive some of the shares of your payment through it. This work requires a little more precision and accuracy.

You should have a reputable and recognized site that could entertain the target base of people thus benefiting the sponsors, otherwise, you may receive no money or gain and it will all go in vain. Before turning to this method of earning you should be aware of the rules and guidelines of the sponsorships and content. Moreover, it is better to talk to your sponsor and clear everything regarding work, advertising and profit-sharing. This will give you detailed information and you can work efficiently.

4. Services

There is one more way to make money by blogging. You can do it by providing some services to your clients. You can work in any way you find convenient and possible. You can sell your content or services to the clients or work according to their needs. For example, if you have an experience of web or graphic designing, content creating, photography and many other services. You can create your own subscription blog and earn decent money through it. All you have to do is look for an ideal client and a reliable site for the services. You can also give consulting sessions and many other things like writing articles for clients, managing their online platform, etc.

5. Marketing and promotions

This form is also known as affiliate marketing. Here you have to promote the products of other sites or e-marketing sites. You can work for e-commerce. Here all you have to do is simply placing the links on your blog or page anywhere to be accessed by the followers of your blog. The links are usually regarding the product they want to sell and lead directly to the product information and marketing portal through your site.

So, whenever someone clicks the link on your page and hopefully makes a successful purchase, you get some credit for that. Some of the commission achieved by selling the product is given to you. Therefore, you get paid for any purchase that is made through the link placed on your blog. Moreover, you can also earn money through promotions and advertisements. You can promote the site name, product name in your blog and frequently use the links in between your articles or bloggers. Thus, it becomes easier to earn money through these methods and requires very little effort. All it requires is a good blog and proper networking strategy.

6. Donations

Donations are always a good way to start something positive. You can muster the support of your followers and people for your blog and ask for small donations or fundraisers. There will be many willing to help you if your blog has a strong influence on others. You can also do charity work through your blogs and work for the cause of humanity or organizing some online activities, competitions, etc.


You can simply earn by freely sitting at your home or your comfortable spaces. It will be your blog, links and marketing that would help you progress. You must remember to be an active blogger and work efficiently. You must be aware of the networking guidelines or principals and work within them.