How To Respond To Pick Up Lines 2023

The pick-up lines have become a trend. You must have used a pick-up for someone or vice versa. Either way, it’s a fun way to break the ice and start conversations. Most people do get worried about what pick-up lines to use or how to say those pick-up lines. Although some might have a hard time reacting to a pickup line as well.

If you are an introverted person you would most certainly have some level of awkwardness if you are approached by any person out of the blue. It would be a lot more difficult to know what you should do or how you should respond to pick-up lines. Well, it is not that hard still you might wanna know how you can respond to pick-up lines.

Here, we are going to list down some of the best ways to respond to pick-up lines. Go ahead and have a look at the following article and know what to do when a person is using a pick-up line to get your attention.

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1. Make Him Repeat Himself

The most fun way to react to a pick-up line is to make him repeat himself. When someone says something cheesy or lame they may not realize it while saying it for the first time, but if they say it more than once, they will certainly feel how awful or how good (only rarely) is the pick-up line. If you don’t like the person and don’t feel like having a conversation or you simply don’t like the pick-up line then this is the best way to react.

2. Use an anti-pick-up line

If you are smart enough to think quickly then this would be an awesome way to react to a pick-up line. With this, you will show them how witty you are and smart enough to not be impressed by their so-called pick-up line.

You can certainly think something and turn the pick-up line against them. It may make you more attractive though!

3. Give an honest reply

If you don’t want to be approached then the best way to react to a pick-up is to let them know about your honest feelings. For example, if the like was awful, let them know or if you are not available and don’t want them to entertain you, make sure they get the message. Don’t try to be apologetic or shy about that.

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4. Smile

Well, it is the classic move that you can play if you actually like the pick-up line. It is a pretty simple and genuine way to respond to the pick-up line. If you like the guy or girl who has used the pick-up line then it would be only good that you smile and let them know that they are good.

5. Have heard it before..

Well, it says everything. Sometimes guys come up with so cliche pickup lines that all you wanna do is barf. If that is the case then you can certainly say it to his face and can ask him to upgrade his pick-up line collection.

6. Follow their lead

Again, if you like the guy or girl who is using pick-up lines for you then you can certainly play along and follow their lead.

This can also mean that you might have to give them a counter pick-up line and see what their interests are regarding you. This move will certainly lead to their intentions with you and you can respond more accurately then.

7. Be nice

It’s always appreciated when people nicely accept the compliments and in this case the pick-up lines. This means you don’t have to make any other move and just be polite to them. So try not to shoot them down as soon as they have dropped the pick-up line on you. You can just be nice to them and start a conversation.

8. Be calm

Some people get overwhelmed with emotions when approached or being hit on. This is something you would want to look out for. So try to be as calm as possible so that you don’t make a scene or scare them off either. Be calm and take a breath if pick-up lines are not your thing.

9. Ignore them

If pick-up lines are coming your way from social media platforms then you really don’t have to think about them. This is pretty cliche and it would be best if you ignore them. This also goes for the pick-up used by some random men on the streets or bars.

10. Flirt

Well, isn’t it the most fun way to react to a pickup line? See it’s really simple, you can just flirt with them and have fun for a while if you feel like it. It’s good that you innocently flirt for a while if you are available of course!

11. Give them a shot

This is also a great move. Since they have made an effort to come up to you and said a pick-up line that may or may not be that impressive, but you have to give them some points for their efforts right? See what more they have to offer other than the so-called pick-up lines.

12. Be witty

As we have said earlier, being witty might be the best response to give in any situation. This will certainly make you more attractive and confident which will impress them even more. You can also see if they are witty and smart or if they just came up with some random overused pick-up line.

13. Just be silent

Sometimes the best response to a pick-up line is just to be silent. Just be dead silent for a minute and this will make a statement of its own. The guy would get the massage and will leave you alone and this will be better for everyone.

14. Use Logic

See, pick-up lines are lame and most of them don’t make any sense. So the best way to reject the pick-up lines is to insert the logic into them and start explaining to the guy why that particular line is wrong. This is pretty hilarious as he might think you don’t get what he is trying to say and might get annoyed too.

15. Say No

This is another fun way to respond to a pick-up line. When someone uses a pick-up line, you can just say No! This will certainly make them go away and let them know that using a pick-up line is a bad idea.

16. Learn some anti-pick-up lines

This is a precautionary move for the future. Using the anti-pick-up lines is pretty fun and will be surprising too. So make sure to be ready with a few anti-pick-up lines.

17. Laugh

Laughing can also be a great way to respond to a pick-up line. Of course, this will be only valid when the pick-up line is actually funny or you like the guy very much as well. Just laugh and start the conversation or you also walk away. It will work either way!


We can say that how you react to a pick-up depends on a lot of factors. You might react differently based on who is using the lines, where, and in what context. Overall, we have listed down some of the best ways to respond to pick-up lines.

We hope you find the article helpful and found everything you have been looking for. Thank you and stay tuned for more such interesting content.