10 Most Important Questions To Ask Wedding Venue 2023

Planning a wedding is no piece of cake. And that’s why some people start planning their wedding before months of their wedding date. That’s because no one wants to stress at the last minute (although it’s gonna happen no matter how much you plan) and wants everything perfect as per their preferences.

There are so many things you have to take care of such as the food, the dress, guest list, and most importantly the wedding venue! Although some people have dreamy where they gonna marry a long while ago but for others, they will have to choose between some of the wedding venues and find the best one.

In order to choose the perfect wedding venue, sightseeing won’t help you. Because there is so much more than a pretty place that you are looking for. You have to make sure that there is everything you will need and you will want. From billings to space, you gotta make sure the venue is able to serve your needs.

This can be happen when you have full knowledge about the wedding venue and to do that, you will have to make sure that you ask the right kinds of questions before signing the contract. But which questions to ask? Well we are here for that, we know it can be overwhelming just at looking at the wedding venues, and sometimes the venue is too beautiful that you just wanna sign the contract without asking any questions. But that can be hard on your pocket as well as for your wedding day because you won’t know anything about the venue.

Let’s not waste anymore of your time and simply start our list of questions to ask while choosing the wedding venue!

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1. Are there any dates available for our chosen month?

There is nothing better than finding a wedding venue on your preferred wedding date but it only happens to the lucky ones. As you know all the Saturdays and Sundays in the summer and spring seasons are likely to be booked. That’s because many wedding venues provide advance booking even a year before.

So unless you have decided to get married next year and started looking for the specific dates to book in advance, you will have to struggle with finding a wedding venue for your desired date.

Obviously, your first target will be the desired date but if that’s not available you can ask for the nearby dates in the same month.

2. How many guests can this venue accommodate?

The normal number of guests varies from 120 to 200. So if you are planning to throw a big wedding with all of your friends and family members then you will have to give a look at the size of your wedding venue. Your guest list plays a big role while choosing a wedding venue. So it is advised that first, you make a guest list and see how many people are bringing the plus ones!

So it’s would be smart to ask whether or not the venue can handle the number of guests that will be there on the wedding day. Because you won’t wanna be in chaos and wants to be a part of a crowd when you are getting married.

On the other hand, if your guest list is small and you are getting married to less than a hundred people then you must look for a smaller wedding venue that will be cost-efficient.

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3. Can we use the venue for different wedding ceremonies and reception?

We all know that different cultures have different wedding ceremonies and rituals to perform and it would be nice to have them all at one single place. Plus it will be both a money-saver as well as a time saver to through reception at the same place where your wedding is gonna take place.

So make sure you ask them if you can throw a reception as well. So you will be relieved of the stress of finding another place to throw reception. You may think that all wedding venue offers the service but that’s not true many wedding venues offers the place for just the wedding ceremony only.

4. How long can we use the wedding time?

Most of the wedding venues these days provide a set time within which you can use the wedding venue. So it’s important to ask the time limit before you sign the contract. This is also because, if you live in a big city or in a crowded area, it is most likely that wedding venues in those areas will have sound and curfew limitations. Meaning you won’t be able to bring guest up to a limit not you will be able to enjoy music after the set time limit.

5. What will be the guidelines for the decorations?

Decorations are too a big part of your wedding because of everyone (at least most of us) want to marry in a beautifully decorated place. Some people like flowers, others may want to put the beautiful lights and some people may wanna set a theme for the wedding.

But not all the venues allow all kinds of decoration. Flowers may be okay at every wedding venues but wedding venues may have a set limit of how much flowers you can use. Other than this, some wedding venues may or may not allow the use of candles or confetti. They may have other restrictions too regarding the decorations which you should be aware of.

6. What will be the cost of the wedding venue?

Well, it’s that question to ask the wedding venue which we all are aware of and won’t forget to ask. But the thing is the cost will cover what? You will have to negotiate the cost thoroughly before locking the wedding venues.

Make sure you are aware of all the additional costs and extra charges for some services which will help you to know how much you will be spending on the wedding. You can also make a budget and then start looking for a wedding venue within your budget.

7. Will you provide the tables and chairs or we have to rent them on our own?

It’s a myth that all wedding venues will provide everything you will need on your wedding day. Because of not, all the wedding venues do that. So it would be helpful for you to plan a wedding if you know what you can expect from the wedding venue and what you will have to do on your own.

You can also ask if they will provide tablecloths, culinary, etc. And if they say that they are going to provide all these, then kindly ask if you can look for the available choices.

8. Will you be providing the caterer as well? And can we have the sample menu?

Some wedding venues do provide catering services but are they good enough? That’s what you are looking for with this question. First, ask if they do provide the caterers and if they do then ask if you can have the menu and taste the sample dishes. Because let’s face it, people are most interested in the food than anything else so you will have to make sure that the food is good enough and up to your standards.

9. Can we bring our own alcohol? And what will be the corkage charges?

Well there is gonna be alcohol right? So it’s important to ask the policies related to alcohol. Many wedding venues won’t allow bringing the alcohol on your own and if they do there is going to be a corkage fee.

You will be surprised to know that the corkage fee is much more expensive than you can think so some people prefer buying alcohol from the wedding venue itself. Lastly, some wedding venues provide the free champagne toast and maybe some beverages like tea, so you should be aware of that too.

10. Are there any other additional charges that we know about?

If you think you have already asked all the questions you needed to ask then your last question will be about the additional costs. It’s better to know what will be your bill is going to look like with all the additional costs and taxes than having a panic attack at the time you receive the bill which will be much more than the original cost of the venue!


So these are the most important question that you need to ask at the wedding venue. Remember it’s the most important element for your wedding and it has to be perfect. So there won’t be any room for the mistakes. We have done our part by introducing you to the questions to ask at the wedding venue and now we hope the questions will help you to choose the perfect wedding venue. You can try some write them down when you are hunting for the wedding venue.

We hope you found the article helpful. So thank you for visiting our page.