10 High Salary Career (Options/Courses) After 12th Science PCB 2024

Done with school? What now? I guess these are the questions you are hearing nowadays. And if you still don’t know what you wanna do after you have done your 12th with PCB science the no need to panic because that’s why we are here. Although almost everyone associates PCB stream with MBBS but is this your only option? I guess not! Well if you take a look you will find many career options other than MBBS. And all these options can make your future bright and pay you a good salary too.

Let’s move forward and find some good subjects that you can take up as your major in college and make a good career in that.
courses after 12 science pcb

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Career Options After 12th Science PCB

1. Botany

Botany is one of the main subjects that comes under biology. It’s the study of plants where you learn how they work and conduct research on plants. You will be able to study different spices of plants to learn how they interact with the environment. If you are interested in botany then we should suggest you to go for it.

You can easily find a good college where you can study botany. And the good thing is, it has good career options too like you can work at natural resources centers, environmental specialists, researchers, nursery managers and you can also go for the teaching profession!

2. Microbiology

Microbiology is another popular science stream that you can go for. It is the study of microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. And their interactions with human beings, animals, plants and the environment. Microbiologist’s actually do research on how they affect our lives, so if you are interested in that then you can consider it as your option.

There are many career options like clinical researcher, research scientist, lab technician, and the best scope lie in the food industry and agriculture. Overall it’s a nice field to be in and you can certainly rely on it.

3. Zoology

Just like the above two options, zoology is another great option to consider. As you would aware of this one relates to the study of animals. This one also divided by many fields like genetics, classification, life process, physiology and so on. Here you can study the interaction of animals with the environment and how they affect their surrounding environment.

With zoology, you can work as a researcher, animal breeder, wildlife specialist, wildlife biologist, zoo curator, and you can also consider becoming a professor of the subject too and explore your options in teaching sectors.

4. Biochemistry

Chemistry is too an important part of biology and that’s why Biochemistry is a great opportunity to make your career in. As you would know our body also have some chemical substances which are essential for its regular functions. Biochemist are known to solve biological problems with the concepts of chemistry. This is surely an exciting field to work in if you love chemistry as well as biology.

What makes it more appealing to the students is its various opportunities where they can easily make a career for themselves. These opportunities include biomedical scientists, clinical laboratory technologists, lab technician and many more. At the end of the you will find a good number of jobs in this field.

5. Genetics

Genetics is one of the most interesting subjects of biology and this one also holds various scope in the future. It involves the study of genetics, heredity, genetic diseases, mutations, traits and so many more. With the growing need for genetics in the treatment of various diseases, you can surely make a good place for yourself here. The job opportunities are also good and you can become a geneticist, research scientist, etc. So if you liked the genetics chapter then you should definitely think about it!

6. Physiology

Physiology is too becoming very popular these days. It features the study of body functions, activities, and mechanisms of an organism. You will study anatomy, cell, biological compound, muscles and how they function. Overall it all about how a body functions and how you can deal with various kinds of abnormalities of body. Its career option includes clinical exercise physiologists, biomedical scientists, researchers etc.

7. Marine biology

Marine biology is also making its mark as a good career option. As its name suggests it’s a study of marine organisms and their environment. You know about their interactions, behavior, and their surrounding. You will have a chance to explore the world of marine organisms and their fascinating world so if you are interested in that should go for it. The opportunities here includes fishery biologists, environmental consultant, researchers etc.

8. Environmental Science

Environmental Science is currently one of the best fields to choose from. As you would know the ongoing crisis of the environment, so you will have some good opportunities here. Here you will study biological, physical and chemical components of the environment. Along with the study of current environmental issues like ozone depletion, waste management, water pollution, global warming and so on. Here you can also become a researcher, environmental specialist, and work for many industries such as water treatment plants, fertilize the plant and so much more.

9. Biotechnology

Biotechnology is another popular field of science which is being taken seriously at this moment. This one deals with the study of biology and technology combined and how you can solve some serious problems with this. Biotechnology is all about improving our lives with better cleaner, fuels, improving crop yield, production of food items and so much more. It’s surely an exciting field to work in and you would definitely have good job opportunities here.

10. Biomedical science

Our last great option after 12th science PCB is Biomedical Science. This field mainly focuses on health care. You will study cells, organs, and functions of the human body. Overall it is about the understanding and treatment of diseases. Career options will include immunologist, biomedical scientist and so on.

Courses After 12th Science PCB

  • Botany
  • Microbiology
  • Zoology
  • Biochemistry
  • Genetics
  • Physiology
  • Marine biology
  • Environmental science
  • Biotechnology
  • Biomedical science


So these are some of the best subjects as your career options that you can take up. Here is the piece of advice; it’s the most important decision of your life so don’t make an uninformed decision rationally. Just make sure what you are choosing is best for you and you are making the right decision for your career. If you need help then talk to someone who has also chosen the same stream in which you are interested in.

So this was our article about the best career options after 12th PCB. We hope our article was a help for you. Thank you for visiting our page, we are always here to help you.