Motivational Interviewing Questions For Students 2024

Motivational interviewing questions are a big part of interviews for any job. And it’s one of the most important parts of any interview process. But what it is? Well, that would be our topic for this article.

Motivation! A word we actually hear every day of your life and sometimes we even use it. But do you know what Motivation actually is and how can this simple psychological element can affect your career as well as personal life?

No matter which job interview you are taking, one of the common question will be- What motivates you for this job? And your answer can make a difference whether or not you are going to get the job.

Let’s talk about hat motivation is and what do we understand about the motivational interviewing questions.

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What is motivation?

In simpler words, motivation is what drives you to do a particular work whether it’s for your professional life or your personal life or even helping other people. It can also be understood as to why people do what they do!

In scientific words, motivation is what causes us to act, whether it is to score well in exams or work hard for our dreams.

There are typically two kinds of motivation (yes motivation too have types!). These are:-

  • Extrinsic motivation- this type of motivation refers to, something that comes outside of an individual. Meaning they would be motivated for the rewards, trophies, money, etc.
  • Intrinsic motivation- it’s something that comes naturally to an individual. For example, if you are doing something you love regardless of the rewards and appreciation you may or may not get after doing that act.

Which motivation do you need to have to get the job which you are interviewing for?

It does matter which is your motivation for getting the job, it can be extrinsic or intrinsic but you will need to show the interviewers that you have more intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic.

What to do to drive intrinsic motivation for the job? (or at least make them believe that you possess intrinsic motivation for the job).

The first thing you need to do is to read the description of the job thoroughly and gather as many details as possible for the job. After then make your answer which would show your passion for the job or what we are calling that- the intrinsic motivation for the job.

Your answer to the question, what is your motivation to get the job, should involve the personal experience or even the background the only thing you need to take care is, it should be of positive vibe. You can also share the experience of your last job and what motivated you to fo better to ace the role in your respective field.

In other words, your answer should suggest that you are highly motivated for this job and it should also show your enthusiasm for the job. On the other hand, your answer should look like something you have made up meaning it should be as original as possible and it should be something one can easily trust upon.

You can also take the help of your past experience(if you have any) from your previous job, such as you can say “I love working in this field and I am looking forward to doing the job every day with my passion for the job. You can also say that this is what interests me the most and there would be anything I would choose above the job.

The bottom line is, your answer should be backed up with examples, experiences, and your love and zeal for the job. And it should be just about your love for the job but you also need to relate your answers with the required skills for the job.

What should you avoid in your answers?

We have discussed what your answer should consist of but there are also a few elements that should be avoided during the interview when they ask about your motivation for the job!

The first thing you need to be careful about is, not to mention your motivation for the things which aren’t related to your job description. For example, if you say that you are motivated to work with a team or you like interacting with people but you are interviewing for a desk job where you won’t be able to interact much with other people can also prove to be a red flag for the interviewers.

Secondly, you shouldn’t mention anything g about being motivated with the income and salary they are offering which would suggest that you are more after the money than putting your hundred percent in the job. Apart from this, you should not make them believe that you get motivated with the acknowledgment and praises because that would be a no-no too for the interviewers.


So that was our article for the motivational interviewing questions and how to answer them. This is the area people struggle with, even though they are fully capable and skilled for the job.

Just be confident when you describe your motivation for the job and insert some of your tailors made inputs to make it look more honest and believable.

Work on your confidence and prepare a good answer for the motivational interviewing questions and that’s the only way you can ace the interview and improve your chances of getting that job.

You can try writing the answer to the motivational interview questions and practice it. You can also take the help of others to come up better answer by interesting our defined elements in the answers.

Here is an article for the motivational interviewing questions and we hope you found the article helpful. Just remember they can ask the motivational question in other forms also rather than asking your motivation for the job straightly. So be prepared for that too (your answer can be the same though!).
Thank you for visiting our page and keep coming for more such helpful content!