10 Best Questions To Ask College Interviewer 2023

Not many people are aware that many selective universities and colleges will have an interview before your admission to see if you are a fit for the college’s reputation or not. It’s not a widely known concept because only a handful of colleges conduct the interview while you will get direct admission in others.
The purpose of conducting an interview is, they want to know if you are worthy of their resources and you are not wasting their time and valuable resource. Generally, big universities and colleges have this kind of interview. You if you are the lucky who is going for an interview in one of the top colleges then you should be fully prepared.
We can assume you have already prepared your answers to their question but have you prepared your questions yet? People actually assume that an interview is only meant one-way questions and others would-be answering but that’s not the case. You should put equal effort into preparing the questions as you do so in preparing the answers.

Why is it important to ask the question to college Interviewer?

See the college you are choosing yourself will determine your future so you will have to have a full knowledge of the institution. You should also make sure that the college worth your talent and hard work and it will provide you a good number of opportunities in the future. On the other side, when a candidate asks questions, it reflects that they are highly interested and confident about your own worth.

When you should ask the questions during the interview?

You simply can’t go in there and start asking them questions, meaning you will have to wait for the right time. And the right time would be when the interviewer ask you that if you have any questions for them. That’s the opportunity that you don’t wanna miss.
So you know when to ask the questions and why to ask questions now you might be thinking what questions you should ask! Well, that’s why we are here to help you. We have included 10 questions to ask the college interviewer that will enhance your chances of gaining admission to your dream college!

Questions To Ask College Interviewer

1. Why did you decide to attend this college?

It’s rather a very intimidating question that you would aspect from the other way around. But it can be a pretty amazing question to ask (just have the right confidence). This will reflect that you are actually concerned about the college and want to know the qualities of the college from the interviewer themselves. You can know about their side of the story that why they chose to attend the college and what attracts the most about the college. To sum up, the question reflects ” why should I choose the college and what’s so special about it”.

2. What should be your advice for a freshman?

You must know that the interviewer must have been in the same position as you do know and the answer can give a lot of knowledge about the institution. His answer can tell you what areas you should work on and how to be attentive in the first couple of months and what can you expect from the college as a freshman.
You can have a broad idea about the academics, campus, and college activities during the fresher year.

3. What is the one thing that you want to change about the college?

Well, you can’t ask what’s wrong with your college directly do here is the nicer version of asking the question. Although they won’t directly say the worst things about the college but if they chose to answer the question with honesty, you can have a lot of insights into the college. It’s important that weigh the pros and cons of the college which decide to spend the most crucial time of your life. Bottom line is, you can get a few cons of the college if the interviewer is honest about his answers!

4. Is there any college traditions? And which is your favorite one?

Every college has its own traditions and environment that all the students have to live with. So the question will actually tell you if the college is perfect for you to fit in and if there anything that you don’t want to participate in.

5. What is the student activism is like here?

You have to be aware of yourself and what you are getting into. Obviously, you don’t wanna take admission in a college where the students have no voice and trustees are no less than a dictator. So the question will tell you about the democracy in the college and what kind of student activism goes there.

6. Is there any challenge for the students?

Every college has certain things that are challenging for the students. By asking the question you are indicating that you are ready to overcome it and be better and give your 100% regarding any challenge that the college is going to throw at you.

7. Ask them about the extra curriculum activities or if they have different clubs in the college.

It’s pretty important to know about the environment that you are gonna study in and what will be the other activities in which the students can participate in. You are hinting that you are very much interested in life besides just academics in the college.

8. Ask them about the program in which you are taking admission in.

The question will indicate how serious you are about the program you are taking admission in and you just wanna make sure if you are making the right choice for choosing the college for that particular program.

9. Ask research-based question!

It’s highly recommended that you do a full research about the college you are trying to get admission in. And if there is anything you wanted to know from your research then you should ask them. It will tell them how serious you are about the college and you have done a full research as well.

10. Ask them if they think you are a perfect fit?

It might be a risky question to ask and many people avoid that. But if you wanna go down this road then you can actually ask the question and see if they have an opinion for your interview test.


So these are the questions you should ask during the college interview. Just be confident and remember it’s important to know about the institution which will decide your future! That’s our article for questions to ask the college interviewer and we hope you found it helpful.