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Otp Questions

How did they first meet?
How did they get together?
Who kissed who first?
What’s the relationship like? Smooth? Rocky?
What do they like the most about each other?
Who cleans the most? Contrary to that, who is the messiest?
Who usually cooks?
Who has the best table manners?
Who tends to worry the most?
Who is more inclined to be jealous or possessive?
How do they resolve their arguments?
Who remembers dates, birthdays, and appointments?
Who is the most physically affectionate?
Who has the most nightmares and how do they deal with them?
Who steals the blankets?
Who gets cold the easiest?
Who pays for the food the most, when they go out?
Do they enjoy dancing?
Do they ever trade clothes?
Do they ever go swimming together?
Do they ever cook together?
Do they enjoy a good round of truth or dare?
Do they enjoy pillow fights?
Do they ever play sports together?
Do they give each other nicknames?
Have they ever gone skinny dipping?
What do they like when going out for food?
What movies do they enjoy watching most?
What do they do when they’re bored and together?
Have they dedicated songs to each other?
How do they comfort each other when one of them is scared?
Have any pets? (If not: would they get any?)
What is their dream house?
What is their ideal vacation?
How often are roadtrips?
What are their careers?
What do they do after a hard day at work?
Do they attend any clubs or formal parties together?
Who is the big spoon and why?
What are their morning rituals?
Do they go to sleep at the same time as each other?
What’s their favorite nonsexual activity together?
What do they do when the other is stressed?
How do they spend time if the other is gone?
Do they enjoy going camping together?
Do they have a favorite video game they enjoy playing together?
Thoughts on PDA(Public Displays of Affection)?
Thoughts on each other’s friends?
Would they ever get married?
Thoughts on kids?
If the other had children before they met, what was their reaction towards the kids?
How’d they meet each other’s families?
Thoughts on each other’s family?
Favorite family member of their lover? (Example: Lover 1 enjoys Lover 2’s mother the most). Contrary to that, what does each other’s family think about them? (I.E; What Lover 2’s family thinks about Lover 1)
How are the holidays spent? Do they spend them at home? Do they visit each other’s families?
How are birthdays spent?
Have they ever kissed in the rain?
Their favorite ways of being held?
What happens when the other is getting flirted with?
What is their favorite way to kiss? (If confused by this question, look up ’43 different kisses’)
Who is has a tendency to be more dominant? Do they switch?
How is the mood set?
Thoughts on sex toys?
What do they find most sexy about the other?
Most sensitive areas?
Do they shower/bathe together? If so, how far does anything go?
How do they like their sex? (Fast, slow, gentle, rough, etc)
How rough can the sex get before it’s taken too far?
Favorite sex positions?
If they would have a threesome, who would their third choice be?
What do they like the least about each other?
What are the dates like?
What was their most memorable date?
Who loves flower crowns more?
Who is the one who likes to cuddle?
Who has awful taste in music?
Who is the meme lover?“
How did their second date go?
How many children do they want/have?
Who hides the weapons?
Who is the better dancer?
Do/Did they have a theme wedding?
What do their parents think of them dating?
Are they a super sappy couple?
How did they get together?
Who asked the other to get married?
Who stays up too late and makes stupid jokes?
Who is the nerd?
Who knows the most obscure facts?
Who makes the other a flower crown?
Who likes to read?
Who bothers the other person while the other person reads?
Who tutors the other?
Do they have similar taste in movies?
How do their personalities compliment each other?
How do they tell everyone that they are going to be having a kid/adopting a child soon?
Who has better fashion sense?
Who will punch someone out if they are rude to their partner?
What songs do they sing together in the vehicle?
What other couple would your otp get along with?

Otp Meme Questions

Who likes to prank the other?
Who is the one who loves to take pictures?
How would they react if they found out they were soul mates?
Where would they live?
What type of dragon would they own, if they could have one?
If they were both vampires, what type of vampires would they be?
What would they dress up as, for Halloween?
Can they name each other’s favourite food?
Who loves kids more?
Do either of them have a crazy ex?
What are their favourite colours?
Who likes to cook?
Who is the forgetful one?
Does either of them know how to fight?
What do they do for Valentines Day?
Who swears more?
Who has the better comebacks?
Who would start a fight with another parent at a bake sale?
Who reads buzzfeed?
Who is the hopeless romantic?
Do either of them know how to do a handstand?
Who can rap better?
Do either of them want to go sky diving?
What do they usually text about?

50 Otp Questions

1.Who is the dramatic one?
2.Is either one confrontational?
3.What is their favourite cuddle position?
4.Who are their favourite musical artist(s)?”
5.What are their parenting styles?
6.Who would be the more laid back one?
7.Who listens to more vulgar music?
8.Do either of them have secrets even the other doesn’t know?
9.Who is their go to couple for a double date?
10.Do they tip the waiter/waitress on their date?
11.How do they work out a fight?
12.Who brings home an illegal pet?
13.What side of the bed do each of them sleep on?
14.What is their favorite photo of them two together?
15.Who takes longer in the bathroom?
16.Who has more songs on their ipod?
17.What movie did they first see together?
18.What do they like to see each other in?
19.Who makes jokes during inappropriate times?
20.At what age do they discuss the possibility of children?
21.What do they love about each other the most?
22.Who is the one that sees the big picture, while the other focus’s on the small details?
23.What would they write on their partner’s social media’s for their anniversary?
24.Who is bad at math?
25.Who googles everything?
26.Who does stuff on impulse?
27.How do they comfort each other when they are helpless to do anything about the situation?
28.What is an inside joke they have?
29.Who makes the other smile with almost no effort at all?
30.What is their favourite holiday?
31.Who is the one that is calm and collected while the other is angry and destructive?
32.What is their favourite board game to play?
33.Who accidental sets something on fire?
34.Who has the car ready while the other is robbing the store?
35.What artist/group did they go to for their first concert?
36.Who sleep talks?
37.Who is the more social one?
38.What are their karaoke songs?
39.Who would get up on stage and make a fool of themselves just to make the other laugh?
40.Do they have pet names for one another?
41.How do they cheer each other up?
42.Do they show a lot of PDA?
43.How old were they when they got together?
44.Who is the one that would bring the puppy home?
45.Can they do yoga couple’s poses?
46.What is their song?
47.What does their room look like?
48.Who would be the one to kill zombies while the other keeps them grounded?
49.Who makes the other breakfast in bed?
50.Who loves kids more?


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