17 Most Important Passport Interview Questions 2023

Getting a passport is one of the most hectic things to do. You have to go to a lot of departs, get so many documents, and follow so many procedures before you get your Passport. But that’s not all, you will also have to take an interview to get the passport to prove that you are eligible.
The interview can be a tricky part. Although there will be nothing to be afraid of or bang your head while overthinking, since it’s an interview, people have this facade that it is going to be difficult. More than the interview, people are intimidated because they don’t know what kind of questions might get asked in the interview. It’s reasonable too, because how can you know what they might ask as you may never have taken an interview for Passport before right?
Having some ideas about the questions that might be asked in the interview for your passport would certainly help. Because this way you can know what to expect and how to prepare. So how can you prepare for the interview and know what kind of questions they will ask you? Well, there is a way, and it is mentioned in the following article.
Here in this article, we have mentioned several questions that might be asked in the passport interview. Read the following Passport Interview Questions and prepare for your interview as well. I am sure once you check out the questions that might be asked in a passport interview, you will feel relieved and more confident about your upcoming passport interview.
So these are the most commonly asked passport interview questions, take a look.
passport interview questions

Passport Interview Questions

Q. What is PSK?
Passport Seva Kendra in short PSK is an office where people verify that the information provided by you while filling the application is valid or not.
Once they verify your documents and they feel that your documents are valid they send your details for police verification.
Don’t expect it as typical Indian government office. PSKs are very modern having display screens every where and employees over there are very professional.
Q. When I have to visit PSK?
Once you complete the application filling process the system will generate an application form, in that form they give date and time of appointment.
You have to be there in the time (as I said PSKs are not typical govt. offices).
Q. What I have to do in PSK?
Once go there security will check you and allow you inside the office, if you are not carrying any explosives :). In some PSKs they wont allow mobile phones and bags also. So, better to not carry any thing with except required documents.
Once your inside the office you have to visit 4 counters (A,B,C and D) one by one sequentially.
Q. What I have to do in counter ‘A’?
In counter A they verify your Application form and documents.
If every thing is good they will issue a TOKEN.
Your token is pass to go to other counters.
Then seat over there for few minutes(max 5-10 mins), then counter B guys will call you.
Q. What I have to do in counter ‘B’?
In counter B they scan your documents,
they take your finger prints,
Photographs and money if you haven’t paid online already.
Then they give receipt, you again have to wait 5 mins before you get call from Counter C.
Q. What I have to do in counter ‘C’?
In counter C they check every document thoroughly (they check literally check every single letter in your documents and application for mistakes).
If minor mistakes they ask you to write request letter to APO to accept your application.
If major mistakes they will send you back to get proper documents. In some cases you have to apply again.
If every thing is good they will send you to counter D.
Q. What I have to do in counter ‘D’?
In counter D they just take your application and copy of all your documents and they give an acknowledgement letter with reference number on it.
You can use this reference number for tracking purposes.
Then you can go home.
Q. What are the other facilities available in PSKs?
Xerox machine.
ATM (some PSK just outside).
Q. How much time it will take in PSK?
If all your documents are perfect it will take less than 30 minutes.
Q. How to track my application?
passport tracking

Passport Interview Questions Regarding Name

State your full name
Spell your name
State any name changes, including your maiden name

Passport Interview Questions Regarding Address

State your address
Confirm your current residence
State previous residences
State your postal code
Describe your property
State the number of bedrooms in your house
State how long you’ve lived at your residence
State whether you own or rent

Passport Interview Questions Regarding Home Bills

State your gas/electric supplier
State your car insurance provider
State your telephone company
State your bank and how long you’ve been with the bank
State any additional accounts you might hold

Passport Interview Questions About Your Spouse Or Partner

State if they are a citizen of Britain
If they aren’t, state when they moved
State their occupation
Describe when and how you met
Date and place of marriage (includes civil partners)
Length of marriage

Passport Interview Questions Regarding Your Kids Or Potential Kids

State whether you have kids
State how many kids you have, if any
State their birth dates
State their age
State the schools they go to

Passport Interview Questions Regarding Parents

Give their names
Give their birth dates
State whether they are British citizens
State their residence
State the number of siblings you have

Passport Interview Questions Regarding Yourself

State where you were born
State when you came into the UK
State what you do for a living
State your place of work
State the length of time you have been there

Passport Interview Questions Regarding Naturalization

State whether you’ve been naturalized
State when you’ve been naturalized
State the number of people at the ceremony
State the place of the ceremony

Passport Interview Questions Regarding Prior Passports And Nationality

Place where your old passport was issued
Length of time you’ve had this passport
Whether you will continue to use the passport or not

Passport Interview Questions Regarding Your Passport’s Co-signer

Give their occupation
State where they work
Provide their name in full
Describe their relation to you
State the length of time you’ve known each other

Conclusion –

Here we have come to an end as we have listed all the common passport interview questions. How do we know that? Well, we have a research team for this who approach some experts on the topics and pick up the right content for our readers.
Overall there is nothing to be worried about, the passport candidates are often asked generic questions and one can easily answer them as well. Now that you have an idea about what kind of questions there will be, we hope you pass the interview with flying colors.
Thank you for visiting our page and we hope we could help you out.

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