Top 50 Primark Interview Questions & Answers 2023

Going for a primary interview? Sure it would be big and tough and you will have to prepare for it in the best way possible. In this article, we have rounded up some commonly asked questions that can help you prepare for your next interview. So take a look at this primary interview questions and be ready to nail your next interview.

Primark Interview Questions

Q1.Who are our competitive companies?
Q2.What do you think is good customer service?
Q3.Did you do any presentations at either school or college?
Q4.Give me an example when you gave excellent customer service?
Q5.Can you think of a time in which you helped someone, what was there issue and how did you help them?
Q6.Why do you want to work for Primark?
Q7.Tell me about yourself
Q8.Tell me a time went you went above and beyond for a customer
Q9.Tell me something interesting about yourself
Q10.Do you have an interest in retail?
Q11.What do you think is the best customer service?
Q12.What relevant skills do you have?
Q13.Tell me a time when you’ve worked in a team and a team member was not contributing
Q14.What if the customers saw dress on TV and we didnt had in store?
Q15.How much do you know about Primark as a company?
Q16.What is a time you had to meet a deadline?
Q17.What is a time you worked in a team?
Q18.What’s the greatest challenge you’ve had to date?
Q19.A woman is standing waiting in the changing room line and is getting impatient, what should you do?
Q20.When have you had to work in a team to complete a task with a limited amount of time?

Best Primark Interview Questions

Q21.When have you had to work in a team and someone has not been offering a skill to help?
Q22.How do you get a customer to take a customer service feedback card and bring it back filled out?
Q23.Name a time you gave good service
Q24.Explain the meaning of good customer service
Q25.Tell me a bit about your background and education.
Q26.Name primarks top competitors on the high street?
Q27.What do you know about Primark?
Q28.What would you do if a customer wanted to try the dress on but they are in a rush and the que for the fitting rooms is long?
Q29.What would you do if a customer wanted a dress they saw but it wasn’t in stock?
Q30.An example of me working in a team and when there was conflict?
Q31.What do you hope to get out of this role?
Q32.How would you deal with an upset customer?
Q33.Who are the main competitors of Primark ?
Q34.Name a time you have been in charge of a situation?
Q35.What do you think is good customer service?

Common Primark Interview Questions And Answers

Q36.What are your strengths?
Make it relevant to the job.  If it’s a sales job, talk about being self confident with new people.  If it’s a buying job, talk about your negotiation skills.  If it’s a retail operational job, talk about leadership and people management.
Q37.What are your weaknesses?
Again bear in mind the job for which you are applying.  Please avoid the clichés and, most of all, do not say “I don’t suffer fools gladly.” This is the most clichéd answer of all and is cringe worthy.  Saying that you’re a workaholic isn’t a bad one, nor is being a perfectionist.  Do not highlight something that you know you are bad at, as the interviewer will dwell on it.
Q38.Why do you want this job?
Good answers include: “I love the brand, I know your reputation, I can develop.”
Mid answers are: “It’s more money, its better hours, work life balance.”
Bad answers, are: “It wasn’t my first choice, the agency sent me, I don’t know.”
Q39.Why should we give you this job?
“Because I know I will be good at it.”
“Because I will make you more money.”
“Because I have lots to offer.” Give examples
Q40.And why should I not give you this job?
“I can’t give you a reason.”
“If you have someone who is even better.”

Primark Interview Questions And Answers

Q41.Who do you consider to be our competitors?
This seems innocuous enough but can be a disaster if you cite the wrong people.  For example if you were to say “Primark” when you’re interviewing at Harrods.  Do your research.  Have some answers ready that will possibly flatter the client.  Try to find something about the employer that is unique.  To be able to say: “You don’t have a direct competitor” is always positive.
Q42.Have you been in one of our “stores/restaurants”?
If the answer is no, you’ve lost the interview already.  You must have visited at least one site and have a opinion on it.
Q43.What did you think of our stores?
This is fishing for a compliment.  You are expected to say something good.  If you have a constructive criticism, be very careful.
Q44.What do you know about us?
You must be able to speak about anything recently in the news – especially if its good.
You must know how many stores they’ve got.
If they’re a public company you must know their trading results and share price.
If you haven’t looked at their website, you have already lost.
Q45.What motivates you at work?
Again, it depends on the job.  A sales job will be “Making sales!” A retail manager’s job is “putting money in the till”. An HR job is about “getting the most out of people.”


These are the best primark interview questions. I hope these primark questions will help you in your primark interview. If you have any question or suggestion then just comment below or contact us.