18 Interesting Questions To Ask A Guy Over Text 2023

Texting is the key to have a social life these days. Sure we meet up with new people have fun with them but even them most of us are texting someone. And that just shows how texting plays an important role in our lives. A lot of friendships and relationships start from the text these days.
When it comes to flirting over texts, half of the burden is on the guys to keep the conversation going on but sometimes it is important that you make a guy feel like you are interested in them as well. And that’s where you need to look for ways to start the conversation and keep the conversation going on with a guy.
But it can be hard sometimes as it’s difficult to understand what a guy would be interested in. And that’s why we have brought you a few questions which you can ask a guy and keep the conversation going on. These questions will help you to know what they are like, what do they like and dislike, and are they interested in you as well.
So let’s start the list of questions to ask a guy which would help you to make a guy like you back or have a long conversation with you.

Questions To Ask Guy Over Text

1. How was your day?

Everyone wants to share how was their day and what they did and you can be that person they share there day with. If you are chatting them at the end of the day then it can be the opener question to ask a guy over texts.
And if they are even slightly interested in you, they would reply and talk about their day and all the good and bad things that happened. This will bring you guys closer and you can be their good friend as well. So if you get the chance, do ask your guy, how was his day!

2. Tell me about your childhood

It’s universally accepted that if you wanna know more about the person, you would love to know about their childhood first. And if they do start talking about their childhood that means they too want to share this stuff with you and want you to know them better.
And if things turn outright, they will too ask about your childhood and get to know you better. Unless they have had a bitter childhood its something that would help them brings you closer. So dont forget to ask this must-ask question over text.

3. What are your future plans?

This will show you if they are passionate about their future plans or they are figuring out yet. And if they do have future plans, they would love to share with someone who understands their passion and support them as well.
Here you will get a chance to know their future plans and you might also get to support them to accomplish the future plans as well. So dont forget to ask this question to your guy over text.

4. What its the weirdest thing you have ever done?

We all have done something weird at some point in our life and it will be really cool if you get to know what weird stuff your guy has done yet. You should also share the same information as well and have a laugh together about that.

5. What is your biggest fear?

Everyone is afraid of something so it would be nice to ask what is the biggest fear of your guy. It will make them vulnerable and you will see a different side of them. Here too you can share your fears as well.

6. Have you ever been to a blind date and what was it like?

Blind dates are always a fun experience and if they have been on one, they will surely have a lot to share about the incident. So this makes a good question to ask a guy over text and you would definitely enjoy the answer. And you can also share your experience as well.

7. What is the silliest stuff you have ever done?

The best way to make a guy like you back is to make him feel like he is a funny and interesting guy. And the best way to do so is to get all the interesting stuff he ever did in his lifetime and this will definitely make a good conversation and you two will get a lot to laugh about.

8. What’s your idea of a perfect day?

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect day that they can spend without any worries. And someone’s perfect day can explain a lot about them as well. You would love to know what they are like then make sure you ask about their perfect day.
The question will also suggest the compatibility among you two and how different or similar you are. For example, he can be the person whose perfect day starts early in the morning with a good exercise session following with a healthy breakfast and spending time with their loved one or exploring their hobby. Or he can be someone who’s perfect day starts in the late in the afternoon and ends at the light partying with their friends. It will be pretty great to know their perfect day as you can plan a future day which involves everything they want on their perfect day.

9. What’s the worst message you accidentally sent someone?

This one will also a great story and you would love to hear about it as well. So make sure to ask the question and share your side of the story as well.

10. What do you want the most right now?

It can be anything that a guy wants right now. And if you are able to give that thing to them it would really send a positive message to them that you actually care about them. You can help them to get that thing and they would love it for you.

11. Share your funniest picture?

It’s a great conversation keeper and you would see their funniest picture as well. Here you can make fun of the first and then appreciate them as well.

12. Have you ever done something extremely dumb?

Just like the above-mentioned questions to ask a guy this one also features a great story behind it. And you would love to hear about it.

13. What is the childish thing you still enjoy?

Everybody has a child in them and most of them love to still do those things. And we all used to do something childish in our childhood and still keep doing this as well. So ask your guy about his favorite childhood thing that he still enjoys. There are going to be some cute answers that will make them vulnerable to you and you would love to know his childish side as well.

14. Who is your closest person growing up?

Most people love to talk about their childhood and half of the people have their grandparents as their favorite person. So it will be good to know about their favorite person and know why they like them that much and what memories they share with that person.

15. Who has completely lost your respect?

If you want to about his morals and values then this question would help you. See the thing is if there is someone for whom he has lost respect and why. Then you can what he values most in the person and what is the thing can’t stand.

16. Who are your nemesis and why?

It is kinda like the above question and here too you know about his presence in the people. We all have a nemesis in our life and for different reasons. So it will good to know about his nemesis and the reason behind it.

17. What is the worst and the best thing about being a male?

Now that’s the question that can lead to a long conversation and start the girl vs boy debate as well. And girls always want to know what it’s like to be a guy and what are the challenges faced by them and what are the advantages. Have his opinion on this as well and see if they are decent.

18. What would you not do for 10 million dollars?

Again a question that will test his integrity and shows his moral values (maybe). But at least you would know what he can never ever do for the money.

Conclusion –

So these are some of the best questions that you can ask a guy over texts. We hope these questions to ask a guy over text has helped you and now you know what you need to ask a guy to get his attention and a long conversation as well.
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