14 Good Questions To Ask Boy Before Arranged Marriage 2023

Getting married is a big thing for everyone. There is so much that we would be nervous about, but all those anxious feelings would be heightened when it is arranged marriage. Two people who were set up by their families are expected to live a life together, and they may not have known each other for a long time either. Even if there are some risks with arranged marriages, it can be something too beautiful as well. It all depends on how you approach the other person and how you can know more about them.
How your married life would be would depend on how your first meeting went. The first meeting for arranged marriage is crucial as you get to see and talk to them for the first time. This is the time where you would need to be as practical as possible and engage in a conversation where you can know about their personalities and how they are as a person and if you two would be compatible. The only way of knowing all these things would be to ask the right questions to each other.
There are a lot of questions that would be on your mind while you meet your potential partner. Some may be your personal questions while others would be generic (that everyone needs to ask each other before getting married).
This article will focus on the questions that need to be asked to a boy before arranged marriage by a girl. Girls have a lot at stake when it comes to arranging marriage and there are so many things that will be on their minds. Here, we are going to simplify the procedure by stating the best questions to ask a boy before an arranged marriage.
Go ahead and have a look at the following questions to be asked to a boy before an arranged marriage.

Questions To Ask Boy Before Arranged Marriage

1. Are you ready for marriage?

One of the first questions that you need to ask a boy when you meet them for the first time is whether they are ready for marriage. Some people just like the idea of getting married while others marry due to the pressure of the family or society. The answer to this question would certainly make it clear whether they are actually ready for marriage or not. This will make things easier for you to move forward with your next questions with him.

2. What are your expectations from your wife?

This is again a deal breaker or deal maker question for girls when they ask the questions to the boys. Everyone certainly has expectations from their respective spouses and there might not be anything wrong with that if the other person can live up to those expectations.
You should know what would be his “ideal wife” and whether you would agree with that thought or not. You can also get insight into his mentality and ideology with these questions and get to know him better as well.
This is a must-ask question and you better not miss this one.

3. What are your family’s expectations of your wife?

It is important to know how the guy would be treating his wife or what he expects from her, but it is also important to know the expectations of his family and how they are going to treat her in the future. The thing is a guy’s family is as important as him. If you want to live a happy married life you have to know what family background he has and what they expect from their daughter-in-law.
If you come from an independent background and if your family is a bit conservative, then this isn’t going to work for you either. So it is better to know these things before you guys move ahead.

4. Ask them about their career.

The work they do or the profession they are in is going to be a part of your life as well. So it is important to know whether their career is something you can deal with for the rest of your life.
For example, if they are a doctor, they might not be able to give you as much time as someone who is in a 9 to 5 job. So, you might want to talk about their career and how you guys would handle your professional and personal life in your marriage.

5. Would you mind if I look after my family financially after getting married?

This is a huge deal and you better make it clear before getting married. Some guys that come from a conservative family might have those thoughts too, and they might not understand financial boundaries when it comes to your money.
If you are an independent girl who has always managed your money and expenses and likes to spend money as you see fit, then you might want to make it clear. With this question, you need to know whether they have an open mind about your financial freedom or not.

6. What is his idea of planning for savings and expenses?

This is again a financial-related question that you can’t ignore or take for granted. As we have said, money is a crucial factor in married life and a lot of divorces happen because of money.
How they handle money and how they take care of their expenses and finances is going to affect your financial situations in the future as well. You need to know how they spend and save money and if it aligns with your way of saving or spending the money. Having an insight into this would certainly help you make a decision and avoid future conflicts with your husband.

7. What are your future goals or dreams?

This is another big part of their life that would determine your relationship in the future. So you would like to know the dreams or goals that they have for their future and whether that would be something you can be supportive of.
Knowing the future plans of your potential partners would certainly help you get to know about them and if they would be the right match for you.

8. How much alone time do you need?

Everyone needs some alone time with themselves and it varies from one person to another. Most marriages don’t last too long when people don’t get the adequate space they need from their partners or if their partner needs too much space that they can’t give.
This is why asking a question would certainly help you make up your mind and help you know more about their space needs that would be helpful in the future.

9. How can I help when you are stressed?

This might not sound like a must-ask question at the first meeting, but it is quite important. To know what a person would need when they are stressed or in a difficult situation. You would like to know how you can calm them down and what they would need the most.
Some people need to be left alone while others might need someone to listen. How you can support them in difficult situations is also important to know.

10. Do you want kids?

This is another one of the most important questions to ask a boy before an arranged marriage. It is wrong to assume that everyone wants kids as people have other priorities and goals. Also, if you don’t want kids, never or you have some goals to achieve before having kids then make it clear too.
What they think about having kids or how many kids in the future is quite important to know before you guys move forward. Make sure you both are on the same page.

11. Ask them about their parenting style.

Raising kids is a big thing for everyone. The most important part of raising a kid is the parenting style. Everyone has some idea of what is the ideal parenting according to them. This is again something you both need to be on the same page on as it might cause several conflicts in the future as well.

12. What are your views on religion?

Religion is a very personal yet open thing and you can neglect that, especially if a person has some strong views on religion whether positive or negative.
You can’t have the opposite views on religion and live a happy married life. So make sure you are on the same page or at least can live with others’ views on religion.

13. What is the deal-breaker for you?

Everyone has some deal breakers, some are generic while others might sound absurd to others. Either way, you will have to live with those deal breakers of your partner and respect that as well. This means you should know what is the thing that they won’t ever stand in the relationship and what would be the biggest no-no.

14. What are your hobbies or what activities do you do for fun?

Once you are married, you will have to spend quality time with your spouse and this might include a few activities like participating in games, watching movies, or reading books. While everyone has something that they enjoy, it doesn’t necessarily have to be something you would like.
So asking this question would help you know if you two share something in common and will be able to participate with them in doing things they enjoy the most.


So these are some of the questions that a girl should ask a boy before an arranged marriage. These questions would help you to know if they are the right match or compatible with you and that you both can live together. You can ask anything that you would like on your first meeting for arranged marriage, but these are the most asked questions, so start with them.
That would be all for now and we hope you liked this article and found it helpful.