7 Best Questions To Ask Crush About Me (2023)

Talking to your crush is one of the biggest challenges that you can face in your life. You are clearly into them and there is a never-ending struggle to hide your feelings when you are talking to them while coming up with topics that can make long conversations that can help you know each other. On top of that if you want to know what your crush thinks about you then you would have to be pretty clever with your conversation topics or questions.
We all do want to know what our crush thinks about us but we can’t directly ask that either that is why we need to find a way. Well, what can be a better way than asking questions and making conversations, right? We can assume that you already know this and need some help to find the right things to say and ask your crush about yourself. That is why we are here to help you out so that you can know what your crush thinks about you.
Here are some of the questions that you can ask your crush about yourself which would lead to some interesting questions, go ahead and have a look.

Questions To Ask Crush About Me

1. You know when we first met?

This is pretty fun and popular to ask anyone when you want to know the first meeting of you guys. Although it would be much more fun to ask your crush as you would know whether they remember meeting you for the first time and all the details related to that meeting as well.
Since we all remember meeting most of the people in our life, especially the most important ones, you would certainly know how much they remember meeting you.
You can also lead the conversation with your memory of the first meeting, this might make them happy and feel special about themselves as well.

2. What was my first impression of you?

When we meet someone for the first time we do have an instant opinion or rather an impression about that person. This impression can be positive or negative, or somewhere in the middle. By asking this question you would know what they thought of you during your first meeting and what their thoughts were about. You can also ask if their opinion was right or if they have changed over time.
Here too, you can share your first thoughts about them and how much those thoughts were true and how their image has changed or remained unchanged about them.

3. What are your favorite memories of mine or us?

This is also a great question to ask your crush to know how they feel about you and the time you guys spend together. If you have known your crush for a long time and have spent some time together with some great memories then you should certainly ask this question to know whether they have some fond memories of you.
This is a great conversation starter and you can easily take your feelings to a deeper level if you know they feel slightly the same as you do about them.

4. Do u ever think about me?

This question might surprise them as well, but you will get the answer that you need to hear. Their answers can tell a lot of things and also start a line of questioning on their part as well. Either way, it would be best to know what they think about you, so ask your crush sometimes.

5. Do you think we can date at some point?

This is another question that can be pretty good to ask as you can get a pretty good insight from them on if they like you back or not. Even if they like you slightly and don’t have a crush on you as you have on them, you still have some hope that someday they will be ready to date you.
You can also confess that you think you guys can date at some point in your life and that you do think you two can be a great couple.

6. If you had to spend a day with me, what would it be like?

This is another one of the questions where you can ask a hypothetical question and get a great answer that can help you get close to your crush or at least know how much they know you.
The answer to this question will certainly be different for everyone and you would want to know what you two spend a day and what it would be like. You will also get to know them better like what they like to do or what their perfect day looks like.

7. Can I take you out someday?

This is an indirect request for a date and you would be surprised how amazing it can turn out if they are interested. There are plenty of people who struggle to ask their crush out and get nervous about the rejection, while you have to face the consequences one day and find out whether they are ready to go out with you or not. This is why ask this question if you want to ask them out and plan a great day or a date together. It should be pretty fun to know whether they would like to go on a date with you or just want to casually spend a day with you.


So these are some of the questions to ask your crush about me! The questions that we have listed here are pretty generic and you can easily tweak these questions according to your liking or suitability of your crush as well.
We hope you have a good idea of what to ask your crush about yourself and know what they think of you or how close or important you are to them. So go ahead and use some of the questions listed here to lead a conversation with your crush, we hope you get good answers!