Top 10 Questions To Ask Crush On Instagram (2023)

Talking to your crush is one of the biggest challenges that we can face in our lives. Talking to your crush face to face is even harder and that is why we should be thankful for the social media platforms that give us a chance to talk to our crush without having to control our blushing or hide our awkward smiles. One of the most popular social media platforms where we can talk to our crushes is Instagram. We all use Instagram in our daily lives and that is what makes it an accessible and easy medium for talking to people.
Now that you have found a medium to talk to your crush, you might want to know what you are going to talk about. This is the hardest part because you need to make the conversation and make sure to keep them engaged to communicate more and let them know more about you and vice versa.
If you are thinking about how to start a conversation with your crush on Instagram or what kind of questions you should ask them to get to know them more then you are at the right place. Here we have listed some of the best questions to ask your crush on Instagram for you, so go ahead and have a look at the following and see if you like these questions enough to use them while talking to your crush.

Questions To Ask Crush On Instagram

1. What is the worst pickup line you have ever heard of?

We all have heard some terrible pick-up lines and we might have used them on someone as well. This is a great conversation starter as you can talk about the worst pickup lines and have a laugh about it. You can also tell them the good pickup lines and see if they are impressed or laugh at it!

2. What are your hobbies?

Similar hobbies can bring people closer and this is a fact. If you and your crush have similar hobbies then you can get a chance to spend some time with them as well. This would be fun to know what they enjoy in their free time and if you can take part in that activity as well.

3. What is your perfect day like?

This is another one of the questions that can help you get to know them a little better. We all have a perfect day in our mind which we go to once in a while to catch a break and have some relaxing time. The perfect day for someone can also tell you a lot about them and you would have some idea about their lives as well.
You can also ask them about a perfect date that they would like to go on. This might help you when you finally ask them out for real and they say yes!

4. What is your favorite film and why?

Our favorite film can also tell a lot about us and it is an important part of our lives as well. So you would like to know their favorite film and why so. The answer might help you guys get closer as you can also share your favorite film of all time. This can also be helpful in the future as well.

5. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

You would want to know if they like cats or dogs, or neither, especially if you are a pet person or against pets. Knowing this would certainly clear the compatibility or the common interests between you and your crush. You can also share cute cat videos or dog videos on Instagram if you know which one they like better.

6. Do you want to be in a relationship sometime soon?

This is another one of those questions that can give you a hint about their presence when it comes to their love life, and according to that you can get your hopes high or have no expectations from your crush either.

7. What is your type?

This is also a great question to ask someone you have a crush on. Most people do have a type, whether or not they end up with that kind of person is a different story. However, you would want to know if you fit in that type or not, or you would have to put in some extra effort to get their attention or make them fall in love with you as well. It is also a great question to answer, as you can share your type which we assume would be like your crush!

8. Do you believe in love at first sight or soul mates?

Some people believe in these things while others make fun of these things, it may interest you what kind of person your crush is and if that is something you share. It would be interesting to know their stance on these two concepts and you can also share your thoughts.

9. Have you been through a heartbreak?

Most people have gone through a terrible heartbreak and some lucky people might not know what it is yet. Heartbreak can change a person a lot and their priorities regarding their love life change too. So you should know this about them and get to know them better.

10. If we go on a date, what would it be like?

This hypothetical question is pretty amazing as it can certainly tell you how they feel about you. Their answer would depend on whether they want to go out with you or not. So shoot your shot with these questions and know what kinda date they would plan. You can also share your plans for the perfect date with them and ask them out as well.


Here we have come to the end of our article as we have listed all the popular questions to ask crush on Instagram. We hope that these questions would help you have a great conversation with your crush and you can both get to know each other more as well. That would be all for now and we hope our article was helpful for you. Thank you for visiting us and checking our site to find more such content.