Top 8 Best Questions To Ask Crush About Love (2023)

Love is something we all want in our life and also get in many forms. Although the love we get from our romantic partners is something we all desire and somehow we want to have that happy ending that we see in a rom-com. Well if you are here, you must have someone special who is not your partner yet but you would certainly like to have them fully in your life and fall in love with them, right?
Having a crush on someone is a weird thing, we like them yet we can’t confess our love for them either. We even struggle to make conversation with our crush sometimes. There will be so many things that you would like to talk about to your crush but don’t know how. One of these topics would be love!
To know what your crush thinks about the idea of love and how they perceive their love life can be a big deal for you. This can also help you to understand how to express your love for them at some point. Well, this article is all about helping you, so here we have listed down some of the questions to ask your crush about love.

Questions To Ask Crush About Love

1. Do you believe in love?

This is a pretty fun question to ask your crush about and this one will surely give you an insight into their instance about love. Maybe they like the idea of love but find it hard to believe or they might be super into the concept of love and don’t hesitate to express their love for their loved ones. Whatever the answer is, you would get something new to learn about them.

2. Have you ever been in love?

This is also a great question to ask your crush as you might want to know about their love life before you have come into their life. If you haven’t known them since forever then you might want to know if they have ever been in love or not. Although make sure that they are comfortable with these questions and would like to have the conversation otherwise you can skip this question if it makes them uncomfortable or reminds them of something heartbreaking.

3. Do you believe in love at first sight?

This is one of the most celebrated notions in movies where a boy sees a girl or vice versa, and they know that they have fallen in love with them without knowing anything.
Some people do believe in this kinda thing while others would be a little more realistic. We do things that one can be attracted to on their first meeting but that would be it, to make a connection you have to know them better.
So ask this question to your crush and see what they think of this concept and whether they believe in it or not or how they would see it. It would be fun to have a conversation about it, right?

4. What is your idea of love?

We all see love differently, and we all have different feelings about love as well. Some believe in the larger-than-life love story with surprises, gifts, showing love in front of everyone, etc, while others might find love in the little things and want the love that is comfortable and familiar to them.
So the thing is we all have different ideas about love and it would be fun to know what their idea of love is. These questions can help you get them in the long run as well.

5. What is definitely not love for you?

There are some toxic behaviors that get justified in the name of love and that is the case with many things such as unhealthy boundaries, narcissistic behavior, and more. There are also little things that may be seen as love by society but are not.
This is why it would be interesting to know what your crush feels about the things that are not love or at least not for them.
This question again might help you have a deeper conversation with them which means you would get to know them more.

6. What is your love language

People have different love languages as we all show our love to our loved ones differently. Some might do grand gestures with flowers and balloons, others might struggle to hold hands publicly. Well, both kinds of love are okay, it depends on how your partner takes it and how much you are willing to change your love language for your partner and vice versa.
It would be interesting to know the love language of your crush and if you share the same love language or not.

7. What would be a perfect date with your love?

This is another sweet kinda question that they would like to talk about. Since most of us have an ideal date that we would ask our crush on a date with. It would be interesting to know what their perfect date looks like with their partner.

8. Have you ever been through a heartbreak?

This is a slightly serious question that they may or may not answer. Heartbreak can change the way a person looks at love and how they perceive it as well. If they have been through heartbreak and that experience has changed them then you would want to know and be mindful about it in the future. You can also share your views on heartbreak as well as your experience if they ask again.


So these are some of the questions to ask your crush about love. We have selected the generic questions that you would like to know about as well as their thoughts and feelings about love. We hope that these questions lead to a conversation about love on a deeper level with your crush.
That would be all for now and we hope you got everything you have been looking for. Thank you for visiting us and keep looking for more content like this on our site.