8 Best Questions To Ask Teacher About Child’s Behavior (2023)

Being a parent is really hard as you are constantly worried about your kid while wanting the best for them as well. From the day you find out about having a baby till you see them becoming parents themselves, you will be constantly worried about them. The first step of making your kid ready for the real world is the school where your kid would be by themselves, make new friends, and learn new stuff. In their journey of learning, the teachers play a huge role. The teachers are the ones that will stay with them for a long time and look after them as well.
Even though your kid is in school, you should not leave everything to the teachers alone as you will have to be involved in the process. That is why being in touch with your child’s teacher is a must. You need to know how your child performs in school activities, how he behaves with the other students and teachers, and where he struggles. This is why you should know what your child’s teacher has to say about them.
If you don’t know what questions to ask the teacher about the child’s performance then don’t worry, we are here for you. Here we have enlisted some of the questions that you should ask the teacher about your child’s behavior and how you can help in their journey of schooling. Go ahead and have a look.

Questions To Ask Teacher About Child’s Behavior

1. How is my child doing at school?

This is a vague question about your child’s performance and behavior at school that you can ask the teacher. This question would give you an overall answer about their performance without any minute details. So you can take the answer and ask the next question accordingly. Listen to what the teacher has to say about your child and make sure you ask the related questions.

2. How is my child’s behavior with other students?

It is important that your child make some friends at school and behave nicely with other students. This is the only right way, although sometimes children can fight each other among themselves and this can impact all the parties involved. So you should know how your child’s behavior is towards other students and if it is nice or alarming. After all, you would want your child to be friendly and not a bully.

3. How is my child’s behavior with teachers?

There are plenty of students who mess with the teachers and don’t respect them enough. This is not a great way to grow up and that is why it is important to know what kind of relationship your child has with other teachers.
Whether the teachers find it easier to talk to your child and if your child listens to them is an important question. You should find out how obedient and relaxed your child is around your teacher. If your child keeps messing with the teachers then it is also something that would need immediate attention.

4. How is my child’s behavior with other staff?

Sometimes children can mess with other staff of the school like janitors, lunch monitors, and more. This is why you should know more about your child’s behavior with the other staff of the school.
How they behave with all the people, in general, tells a lot about their personality and character, so if there is something that isn’t right this would be the time to correct it or give your attention.

5. Is there anything we should know about our child’s behavior?

Even if your child is nice to all the students, teachers, and other staff, there can be some things about their behavior that might not be right. In this case, you should know if there is anything that is bothering your children that you can’t see at home.
Sometimes a teacher can see much more than parents do when it comes to how the kid behaves in school. So if there is anything odd about your child’s behavior that the teacher notices then you should know about it.

6. How does my child behave in odd or challenging situations?

This is also something you would want to know. How a person reacts in odd situations is crucial to their personality and facing challenges, so it would be good to know how your child reacts in these situations and how his behavior changes in those situations as well.

7. What can I do at home to improve my child’s behavior at school?

If you find out that your child is not acting well or their behavior is not very good, then you can ask the teacher how you can improve it. You can discuss some of the strategies that you can imply at home to improve your child’s behavior.
The things are out of hand and teachers are also concerned about your child’s behavior then you can also ask for counseling too. Discussing the possible solutions with the teacher can be a great way to deal with your child’s behavior.

8. How can I contact you if I need to?

As a parent, you should be in touch with your child’s teacher. You can never know what emergency may come and you would need to contact the teacher immediately and vice versa. So if you don’t have the contact number of your child’s teacher then it would be the best time to get it. You should also give your contact number to the teacher in case they need you.


So these are some of the best questions to ask a teacher about a child’s behavior. You would be surprised to see how much these questions can help you to understand your child better and also your child with their behaviors. These questions would help you to know more about your child and see what you can do to make it better or encourage them to do better.
Overall, it is a great way to get involved in your child’s school life and their behavior at school. We hope the article helped you, keep visiting us for more such content.