Top 15 Amazing Things To Do In Chicago 2023

If you’re planning to go to Chicago for your next (possibly the first post lockdown) vacation then you are going to have the best time there. The windy city is full of skyscrapers, clubs, some of the world-class museums, and not to forget the shopping centers where you can get anything you have ever wanted.
As we have mentioned the city has got a pretty huge list of places that one can visit and activities that can be done, perhaps your one visit to the city won’t be enough. It’s always hard to choose what you visit and do and what to skip and that’s why we are here to save you from the dilemma.
In this article, we have listed down a few things that you can do and some places that you must visit in Chicago. We hope our article would help you to have the best time in Chicago. Let’s move ahead and take a look at the things that you can do in Chicago.
things to do in chicago

Things to do in Chicago

1. Grant Park and Buckingham Fountain

If you are visiting Chicago for the first time then do plan to spend a good amount of time for Grant Park and Buckingham Fountain. It’s one of the main attractions in Chicago and it’s definitely should be on your list to do things in Chicago.
The 319-acre green space, which is also known as Chicago’s Front Yard, starts from the easter edge of Loop and stretched down to the Near South Side. The place has a number of things that you can do and see including The Field Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, Shedd Aquarium.
Now speaking of the Fountain, it’s one of the largest fountains in the world and the tiered water features boasts 133 jets that are capable of shooting water at the height of 150 feet and that too during the 20 minutes choreographed displays. The fountain also features the music and light show which is incredible to see.

2. River and Lake Cruises

If you are in Chicago you should definitely take a cruise. The most popular one is in lake Michigan where you get to see the city’s beauty with the kind of attention that it deserves. And everything is just better when you are on a cruise and just seeing the best side of the side from a good view.
There are a number of cruise trips to choose from and all of them also feature the audio documented which would help you to know the city better and visit the best places as well. Overall, the cruise trips in Chicago city is something that you shouldn’t miss!

3. The Chicago Riverwalk

Chicago is a place where you can just get lost with the beauty of the city while you are just walking down by the river. And for that, the best place is the Chicago Riverwalk. It’s a 1.25-mile pedestrian walk away on the south bank of Chicago where you can take walk and do the sightseeing.
It’s just not about walking down the walking pathway but there are also a number of activities that one can enjoy such as taking a boat tour or kayaking, or to most the gardens and art displayed for the public. There is also a number of things to eat as well. People can also know about the history of the river from the river museum. Although the place is better to explore in summers than winters.

4. Millennium Park

Millennium Park is also counted as the must-visit place, it’s located just by the side of the Art Institute of Chicago, so if you are visiting the museum you should also give a look at the Millennium Park as well. The place is all about world-class art and architecture. The cloud gate and the crown fountain is the main center of attraction here.
There are a number of other things to do here as well, like seeing the concert or walking through the art galleries. This is the place that won’t let you down and you would probably love it.

5. Navy Pier

Next on our list of things to do in Chicago is Navy Pier. The place is a must-visit tourist destination of the city and it offers plenty of entertainment activities as well. The first thing that you would notice when you step your foot at the Navy Pier is it’s big Ferris Wheel which is about 196 feet tall, so you just have to have the experience of the wheel and see the mindblowing view of Chicago city.
Other than this, there are plenty of rides present for us to explore and get fun with. There is also a gold course where you can enjoy your time playing golf. Navy Pier also a number of things for grown-ups too such as the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, a number of shops, and plenty of places to grab a bit or have a nice drink. Lastly, the firework show is also something that you would enjoy.

6. Lincoln Park Zoo

If you have got a thing for the different species of animals then Lincoln Park Zoo should be your favorite spot to visit in Chicago as well.
As we have mentioned this place is home to a number of different species which include Zebras, Sloths, hippos, gorillas, apes, and so on. All the animals are placed in their natural habitat so it would be fun to see them in their natural habitat. The best part about the place is it’s free of cost and so you won’t have to lose much from your pocket just to see a few animals. So if you have got kids or you are just a fan of the animals then you should definitely visit the place.
Keep in mind that you can take a vehicle but that would cost a little. It will only tell a couple of hours to fully see the zoo but it’s totally worth it.

7. Chicago Cultural Center

If you are visiting a city, it’s a must that you know a little bit about the culture and heritage and this is the place that would tell you about the cultural heritage of Chicago. The place holds more than 1000 exhibitions and programs which you should see, all these programs and events are pretty diverse and they would give you a new perspective for the city.
The building is beautifully crafted and but with marvelous materials as well. There are two famous doms that you should not miss in any case.

8. Museum of Science and Industry

Yes, its everything that it sounds and it’s all about the science and industry stuff but the thing is, it’s kinda like a tribute to the city’s innovative roots where people get to see some of the most creative artifacts that would inspire creativity.
The famous World’s Columbian Exhibition 1893 has been held there which included some of the greatest minds of the century including Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison.
The place has so much to see and explore and it’s far from boring even for the people who aren’t in love with science, so you should definitely pay a visit there and enjoy the creative artifacts and amusing science stuff as well.

9. Magnificent Mile

This eight-block Magnificent Mile would definitely make you fall in love with Chicago. This place has got everything from dining, bars, shopping and so much more. There are like 256 restaurants to eat and more than 450 high-end fashion stores where you can buy from all the top brands.
The block also features some of the popular skylines of the city including Tribune Tower, Wrigley Building, etc. Overall here you can enjoy the modern world facilities, so go ahead and enjoy the good and do all the shopping.

10. Skydeck

Another thing that you shouldn’t miss out in Chicago is Skydeck. The place is a must-visit and everyone just loves the experience. The 442 meter Willis tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world and this is the reason why around 2 million people from across the world come here and love to see the city from that kinda height.
The highlight of the building is the exterior platform which is made up entirely from the glass and people just feel like there are in the air. The place is definitely not for the people with a fear of heights. You can go there on the weekend and get an early bird ticket to see the place before it opens for the general public.

11. The Second City

The Second City is an iconic improvisational comedy theater where you can have the best time. The theater has helped some of the best comedians that we have had in past years and it’s definitely worth a visit. There are several live shows going on and they won’t let you down either.
So if you are in a good mood and want to see something funny then you should definitely check it out. The Second City also provides a visit for the developing comedians and there are a number of events to participate as well. So if you’re a comedian you should definitely go there.

12. Chicago Crime Tours

Chicago crime tours take visitors on a tour that gives them a glimpse of the life of some gangsters’ lives. The course includes a number of crime scenes and the places where some of the popular crime took place.
The tour also features the history of Chicago from the 19th century to modern times. Don’t worry the tour is not all dark and twisty as it features the place which gets you the samples of the city’s famous pizza as well. The bus used for the tour is quite comfortable and it would be a good choice to take the tour in summers.
Overall if you are interested in crimes in any way then you should definitely explore the crime tour.

13. Food Tours

Now, this is all for the foodies out there. The visit to any new city is incomplete without tasting the local food as the food is the closest thing to the city’s culture and its heritage.
Chicago is anyway known as one of the top food cities od America and after the food tour, you would strongly agree to the statement. There are a number of places that offer the best food and you can literally get anything that you desire in Chicago. Some of the best things to try out are truck foods, sandwiches, beverages, etc.

14. Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is another popular place to visit in Chicago and its also something that you would enjoy. The stadiums host a number of sports events which you would enjoy. The building is itself a center of attraction and that’s why you should definitely go there and have fun.

15. North Avenue Beach

A day spent at Beach is considered as a day well spent, and that’s why we haven’t thought twice before mentioning North Avenue Beach in our list. The beach is slightly away from the city which is a good thing as you can relax and chill out the beach. The bars and the local restaurants are also pretty good.

Conclusion –

So these are the things that you must do while in Chicago! We know it’s not everything but we have got all the best things to do and the best places to visit in Chicago. And every tour guide or your local friend would recommend these places to you as well.
Here we are done with our article, Things to do in Chicago! And we hope this has made your vacation planning in Chicago a lot easier as you won’t have to figure it out while you are in the city and waste your precious time there. So thank you for visiting our page and we hope we were helpful. Have a great trip to Chicago, you are going to love this place.