7 Signs A Girl Is Jealous Of Another Girl 2023

Are you wondering what’s wrong with your girl? And why is she acting strange these days? Of course, a normal guy would blame the PMS rather than finding what is actually wrong with her and why is she behaving like this! But since you are here, looks like you do care about your girl and want to find out what might be bothering her. There are plenty of reasons which can cause a strange behavior of girls, they might be hurt, mad, or jealous! Yes being jealous is a much more complicated process then you can imagine. And you may or may not admit it but this might be your fault too.
In this article, we are going to focus on the signs that might suggest that your girl is jealous. Since it can be hard to find on our own, that’s why we have listed these signs that would actually help some guys to know whether or not their girl is jealous! So let’s not waste any more of your time and start our list of signs a girl is jealous so that you can clear the doubts and make your girl happy again!

Signs a girl is jealous

1. Watch her reaction when you talk about other girls in front of her

This one is the first sign that you should be noticing about your girl when she feels jealous. The thing is if she feels jealous she won’t be able to listen to you when you talk about other girls. So if you wanna know whether or not she is jealous or not then you can keep an eye on her expressions and how she behaves when you talk about other girls in front of her.
There are a few common signs that you will see while you talk about other girls that would suggest that might be jealous. The first one would be, she will change the topic and will probably start talking about something else. The second one is she will get mad and may change her reaction when there is a mention of another girl in the conversation.
She might talk normally but you will see a changed expression on her face which would suggest that she is mad about something. And if you ask her what’s wrong, she might say, I am fine! there is nothing going on, or the nothing! And trust me all these answers only indicate that she is not fine, there is definitely going on something in her mind!
So the bottom line is, carefully notice her expression and how she behaved when you mention any other girl in the conversation as this one might tell you whether or not she is jealous.

2. There will be more calls and texts!

If a girl is jealous, you will definitely see a sudden increase in the calls or texts. The reason is simple all she wants is to know where are you, what are you doing and who you are with. And all these detective traits will make her call you or text you more and more. This might be because if she is jealous by a particular girl that you occasionally hang out with or in general with any other girl if you are a casanova type of a boy, who is pretty great with girls. So she might fears that you will forget about her when you are with other girls or people. And this will make her do everything she can to remind that she is also part of your life and that she is always near you. So if you do find an increase in the calls or text than she might be jealous.

3. She will stalk you on social media

This one is another trait that may suggest that she is jealous. Well, you might already know or heard this, that girls are pretty great detectives and they become even more when she is jealous and feels insecure about the guy she likes.
So if she is jealous, she is going to keep an eye on your social media and she will find everything can to know what are you up to. She will find out when you were online, how many girls are there, who are your friends, and what you are doing. She might be the first person to comment on or like the pictures you upload. And she might also ask you whom you are talking to and ask about a particular girl and how do you know her.

4. There will be a lot of questions

It’s also a common sign that suggests a girl os jealous. You may have noticed that a girl asks a number of the question when she is jealous of something or when she knows that you have done something wrong. We would recommend you to tell the truth because there are pretty high chances that she already knows the answer.
The questions can be weird as well. She might even ask you if you like a celebrity actress, to know what type of girls attract you. Or she might ask about some of the general questions like where are you, who you are with, when will you come home, etc.
So if you wanna know whether or not she is jealous, notice the number of questions she is asking.

5. Insecurity

We don’t need to tell you that insecurity is the twin sister of jealousy. And if she is jealous she will be highly insecure too. You will see in her acts that she is afraid about the relationship and she might be terrified to lose you as well. She might not say these things in words but you will definitely see them in her actions. She will also be insecure about the bond that she shares with you and might compare her relationship with you with the other relations you have with different people in your life.

6. She will try to spend more time with you

In order to feel secure about the relationship and about herself, she might start to ask more time from you to spend with her. She will try to come with you whenever you hang out with your friends or whenever you are going somewhere. She might invite you to go with her to parties or the get together as well. Some guys might feel they are being trapped but it might be your fault in the first place to make her this jealous.

7. She will be just fine until

Another sign that a girl is jealous is she might seem completely normal and you guys have a lot of fun until there is a specific act or something that makes her jealous happens. As we have mentioned earlier, she will be just fine until you mention another girl, until any other girl shows up and starts talking to you, until there your phone starts beeping and you starts chatting and forgets about the girl.

Conclusion –

So these are the signs that suggest a girl is jealous! These are quite simple signs and we are pretty sure if your girl is jealous she will definitely show them. See the thing is a being jealous is not in her hands and it’s not like she doesn’t trust you. But sometimes they feel a little possible about their guy and end up being jealous when they are being too nice with other girls. So make sure if that’s the case you sort it out and keep your girl secures and let her know how important she is and what place she holds in your life.
We hope you like our article and found it helpful. Thank you for visiting us and we will be waiting for you in the future as well.