12 Signs Of Selfish People – How To Deal With Them In 2023

We all know one or two selfish people in our lives and we all are very well aware of the consequences of having a selfish person in our life. The thing is most of the time we never realize when a person is being selfish. They can be your nicest friend in front of you but you will never find them making the same efforts as you do for them.
Studies have shown that having a selfish person for a long time can make your life miserable and make you feel emotionally exhausted. And that’s why it’s pretty important to find out who are the selfish people and how to deal with them.
And in this article, we are going to tell you some of the signs of selfish people so that you can identify them in the crowd and do necessary measures to avoid them and prevent them from affecting your life. So let’s not waste anymore of your time and start our article, The Signs of Selfish People.
signs of selfish people

Signs of Selfish People

1. They are manipulative

This one is the popular sign of selfish people. As you may have noticed as well. The art of manipulation is their biggest weapon and this the way they can win over the other people and make them realize that they are being a nice person and whatever they are doing is always right.
They will manipulate you so that they can have control over you in some way or other and this way they will be able to get whatever they want from you. It might not seem a big deal in today’s world, but still, you need to pay attention to their art of manipulation. And in their minds that are doing the right thing and being manipulative is the only way that seems right to them. You should always stay away from such kind of people who can trick you and make you feel miserable about your own self to get what they want.

2. They are uncaring

Caring would be the last behavioral trait that you will see in selfish people. And why would they care? after all, they just want to use you and manipulate you in some or other way. What other people feel or how they are will be least of their concern.
They will hardly care about what other person needs or care about, you might never see them caring for other people than themselves and that’s what you need to avoid in your life. See we all wanted to be surrounded by the people who genuinely care for us and make us feel appreciative, but if you are being around a selfish person then you might never get these kinds of feelings.

3. They are self-centered

Well, this trait isn’t actually needed to be said out loud, because being selfish means that they are all about themselves and they will hardly see anyone else above them. See, sometimes it’s good that we care about ourselves and give a little more attention to ourselves but it has to be to a limit and the self-love shouldn’t come at a cost of disappointing others or being mean to others people.
Selfish people will actually think that whatever they are doing is right and whatever they think is right. They will always try to be a priority and that’s not the worst part, they also want to put others down and be the only ones looking good in order to satisfy their ego.

4. They might plot against other people

The word “plotting” can be associated with the drama serials and the movies where the villain or the bad guy plots against the good ones in order to get something they want or to feel good about themselves by putting down the others. But the thing is these kinds of people actually exist in real-life and the selfish people are among one of them. They won’t hesitate to plot against you or to make evil plans either just to get what they want or make themselves feel good.
You might call them narcissists in this case as they will think it through every step of another person and how they can get what they want from you. Their plotting will starts weeks ahead and eventually, they will manipulate you into something they were trying to get from you and for you, it will be just a coincidence that they happen to be benefited in some or other way.

5. They will never share or give

Whether it’s a piece of chocolate or favor, the selfish people won’t be comfortable in giving or sharing. You might give and give and do favors whenever they ask you, but the time you will need something from them, you will never find them around you.
Even if they do give or share something, it will be under conditions. Either they want something in exchange or they want to be praised in front of everyone. The moral of the above explanation is, they won’t give or share anything when they don’t want anything in return or when they are in public. If they are doing something good it will be either for appreciation or to get something in return.

6. They will be never weak or vulnerable in front of anyone

The things are, they know how dangerous it can be to become weak or vulnerable in front of anyone because they know how these emotions can be used against you. And all they have done in their life is to get the advantage of the people who were vulnerable or weak in front of them.
This is more about their psychology and you would hardly find them being vulnerable because in their mind it is the biggest weakness any person can show and they are very well aware of it as anyone can take the advantage of their vulnerability.

7. They won’t accept the criticism

In their opinion, whatever they do and however they do is right. And above all, they show no traits of being vulnerable or weak and their lack of emotions for others makes them above all humans. In short, they think of themselves as a perfect human being and they would hardly ever open to criticism.
If anyone will ever criticize them, their ego will be hurt and they won’t see their own fault. See we all are aware that we can’t be perfect all the time and we all appreciate the constructive criticism in our life as they inspire us to do better. But it won’t be a case for selfish people.

8. They will be highly defensive of themselves

No matter what they do or how they make you feel, once you start questioning them for the actions they will be ready with self-defense. Since they lack the ability to be wrong, they would hardly take any responsibility for their actions and they will be always ready with self-defense.

9. They are not good listeners

We all are good listeners when it comes to listing to the people we care about. But if you ever come across a selfish person, you will never find them listing to you. Because let’s face it, what will they get from listing to you? Nothing! And since they are unable to show any care for others it would be hard to find them is a good listen (unless there is something in for them).

10. They won’t show any empathy

Empathy is when we put ourselves in other people’s shoes and try to understand their feelings and perception. But this emotion is a lack of selfish people. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, they will never really try to understand the feelings of others and show any empathy towards others.

11. They are liars

Liars are anyway dangerous we shouldn’t be around them. And being a liar is also a personality trait of selfish people. See they are mostly people pleaser so, in order to please people around them, they will lie and say anything that we want to hear.

12. They are not good friends

Being a good and supportive friend would be the least of their concern. And that’s why they shouldn’t be around you. They will never be a good and supportive friend to others unless there is something for them. You will never find them when you actually need support from them. They will never appreciate your hard work or motivate you to do better and you will often find them make you feel bad about yourself as well.

Conclusion –

Here we have completed the signs of selfish people and we hope you would identify them and will be able to deal with them in a better way. Keep in mind that a selfish person is not healthy for your mental peace, so always try to avoid them as much as possible and keep your expectations low from such people.
Thank you for being with us and we hope to know you will be more aware of the selfish people around you.