Best 15 Things Girls Like To Talk About (2023)

It is crucial for males to acquire the talent of knowing what things girls like to talk about, particularly when they want to attract a girl.
Finding topics of conversation might be challenging; however, we are here to simplify that process. A little bit of charm and friendliness go a long way in connecting with a girl on a romantic level after you understand what things to discuss with her.
The ability to initiate a conversation with a girl, whether it’s the first time you’ve met her or she’s been a long-time object of your affection, is essential to developing a healthy relationship. After all, if you don’t have anything to talk about with one other, getting to know each other on a more personal level won’t be easy.
Even though every girl will have her unique preferences, the following are some of the things girls like to talk about. Use them to get things off to a good start, and then you can branch off into other things.

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Things Girls Like To Talk About

1. Talk About Her Passions

What is the thing in life your partner looks forward to the most? What are her hopes, objectives, and aspirations in life? What kinds of activities or topics does she take a particularly passionate interest in? If the two of you have been dating for a time, you probably already have an idea about the important things to her.
It is essential to research the histories and motives behind it. What exactly is it about this particular passion that gets her so excited? When did she initially become interested in that subject? If she has yet to identify her driving interest, what kinds of things does she like doing in her spare time?

2. Talk About Her Looks

One of the things girls like to talk about is their Looks. You can tell a girl that she is soo pretty. However, how you phrase, something significantly impacts how she interprets what you’re saying to her. Rather than compliment her appearance by saying that she has nice eyes, you should explain why you find them appealing.
Telling her that her eyes are a very pretty shade of blue with small green lines would not make her feel nearly as special as telling her that her eyes are an unusual shade of blue with green lines. It gives her the impression that you are paying more attention to her, making her feel valued and unique to you.

3. Talk About Her Ideal Career

When you ask your girlfriend about her ideal profession, you learn more about what she looks for in a career and what motivates her. Her objectives in the working world can take you by surprise or motivate you to educate yourself on several avenues.
It is also possible to delve further into her reasons behind the art. This is one of the things girls like to talk about. It demonstrates to her that you believe in her and support her goals.

4. Talk About Your Feelings To Her

Girls like it when their boyfriends or husbands express their emotions to them. This is not something that excites you, yet despite that, it is effective. She is interested in how you feel. She wants you to be honest with her and reveal how you feel about her, and she also wants you to expose your vulnerabilities.
So expose yourself. If you care about her, want her to know how unique she is, and want her to know how much love you have for her, then you should show her how you feel. If you keep such information to yourself, she will begin to suspect that you are not concerned about her.

5. Talk About Your Similarities

Discovering areas in which you both agree is essential to developing any relationship. Psychologists have discovered that one of the primary drives that motivate humans is pursuing a common perception of reality.
In other words, individuals desire to concentrate more on how they are the same rather than how they are different. When you first met and fell in love, the common ground that brought you together was what you both enjoyed doing. Maintain the momentum by bringing up some of your shared preferences, whether they like or dislike.

6. Talk About Future Together

A significant portion of this is ensuring that you include her in your plans. This indicates that she is looking forward to hearing that you are thrilled about the future with her.
You do not need to disclose to her that you are interested in getting married. You only need to describe something you’re looking forward to doing with her in the near or distant future. It may be one week from now, or it could be one year from now. She’ll be glad to hear that you want her there whenever you tell her, regardless of how soon it is.

7. Talk About Her Routines And Habits

If you want insight into how your girlfriend loves to organize her life, it’s helpful to become familiar with her daily routines behind the scenes. She may be the kind who likes to brew tea every morning or write in her diary every night.
This may inspire an idea for a thoughtful little present. You also have a better understanding of her daily routine, which enables you to send her a thoughtful and well-timed text message immediately before she goes to work or to give her a call while she is on her break at lunchtime.

8. Talk About Family Values

Every one of the females is always eager to share stories about their families, both biological and chosen. Therefore, if you speak to her about family traditions and customs, she may also talk about her own family.
It will also give you an idea of whether the girl you adore is more traditional or more contemporary and how much her family will impact your life together if the relationship progresses to the next level.

9. Talk About Movies She Like

Movies are a subject that almost everyone is interested in discussing. You may make a list of the titles of the movies that she is interested in seeing. For instance, if she enjoys watching horror movies, list some of her favorites and suggest that the two of you watch one together.
It is one of the most romantic things girls like to talk about for engaging in conversation about the film’s storyline with the other person.

10. Talk About Which Music She Enjoys For Different Occasions

The power of music to bring people closer together cannot be overstated. After all, the music that plays in the background of our life significantly impacts our emotions, our capacity for motivation, and the memories we retain.
On the other hand, the songs she enjoys listening to in the morning aren’t the same ones she listens to on a Friday night. If you want to create an atmosphere perfect for a date night or a morning exercise, try compiling a collaborative playlist with some of your favorite music.

11. Talk About Adventures

If your girl has a passion for seeing new places, going on exciting excursions, or hiking, this is one thing girls like to talk about. There are hardly any individuals who do not like travel.
You may always chat about the areas where your girl would want to travel and so on if you want to make the conversation that you’re having on Facebook more engaging.

12. Talk About Her Childhood Memories

The memories of one’s youth are held closest to the heart, and adults especially enjoy reminiscing about those times. Do you want to have a relationship with your girl? Then you should urge her to chat about her childhood days, her closest pals from school, and other such topics.
It is also a things girls like to talk about the histories of the people involved. Because it is one of the most typical ways to start a discussion, you may use it to kick off the one you are about to have with someone. After this, it will be much simpler for you to get to the more in-depth dialogues.

13. Talk About Her Favorite Celebrity

Girls look up to and adore celebrities, especially Hollywood stars. They are also quite fond of spreading rumors about them, their romantic relationships, and their workout routines. Therefore, you and your girl may constantly discuss famous people, even those from Hollywood.
Your girl will be willing to chat with you again and again if you tell her some exclusive secrets about her favorite celebrities, and she will be like to talk about them. She will surely like talking about the celebrities that she admires.

14. Talk About Her Favourite Food

People who have a passion for eating are more likely to get along. Discuss your most popular cuisines, any food sensitivities you may have if you enjoy sweet or spicy dishes, and your favorite eateries in the area.
The information that is beneficial to you may assist you in organizing a dinner date with her. If you recall her dietary restrictions and preferences while selecting a restaurant and placing an order for meals, she will be pleased by the consideration you have shown for her.

15. Talk About Her Education

You may utilize the fact that the girl you are chatting to is still studying as a springboard for an interesting conversation if she is. You may also inquire about a teacher who inspires her or the extracurricular things girls like to talk about.
In addition to the conventional inquiries such as the name of her institution or school and the topics, she enjoys the most. In not too much longer, the two of you could have some humorous experiences and chuckle together.


Now you must have the idea of things girls like to talk about. The objective here is not to aimlessly search for anything to discuss with the girl you have feelings for. The important thing is to understand how to cultivate a feeling for a subject that may get her thrilled.
It is also about learning how to steer the discussion toward her. When the female you are chatting to realizes that you are interested in what is going on in her life, she will feel revitalized. Additionally, she will recall how you made her feel when you were talking about the subjects that are very important to her.
Therefore, you should retain the things discussed above in the back of your mind. At the same time, you should practice your ability to communicate verbally. You won’t believe the change, and you’ll even be able to discuss it with the girl you’ve had your eye on.