35 Obvious Signs That He Likes You But Is Hiding It

The worst part of dating is a commonly known reality. You can believe you understand a guy’s actual feelings for you, but then they do something awful and leave you behind. Understanding exactly how to tell whether a guy likes you will enable you to read between the lines and determine where the two of you stand.

Knowing how to notice the subtle indicators a guy likes you is essential, especially if you want to negotiate the dating world with elegance or are seeking genuine love. However, knowing how to tell if a male likes us isn’t always as simple as we’d like.
Asking the person in question directly is the best method to find out, especially if you have a love on him. If you want to make sure there are at least a few signs he likes you back, here are a few methods to detect whether a guy likes you.

We’re more alike when it comes to expressing romantic interest, but just in case you’re wondering if the indications of attraction are different for males, there are certain behaviours that both genders naturally engage in when they are interested in someone else.
How do you tell whether a boy likes you well enough to develop into something special? Here are some unmistakable cues that he likes you that might help you figure out his true feelings.


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Signs That He Likes You

He’s getting close to you.

Men tend to be a little bit more physically active than women. So when a guy tries to touch you when it’s not necessary, it’s usually a good sign that he likes you. He frequently sends you subtle signals to let you know how he truly feels when he wants to stress something and touches your hand or accidently brushes you with his knee.
He always looks for opportunities to make physical contact with you, whether it be by placing his hand on the small of your back as he walks by, jokingly bumping into you, or toying with your hair.

When talking to you, he leans in your direction.

Individuals naturally gravitate toward someone they enjoy in discussion. When the guy you like is chatting with you or listening to you talk, he may be interested in you if he leans his face closer to yours.

In the room, he turns his body to face you.

When they are around someone they like, a person displays more open body language: Their arms aren’t crossed, and they can sit back and relax. Pay attention to how his body is angled, in particular. It’s a positive indicator if his torso is facing you and is tilted toward you, including his shoulders and pelvis. However, if he frequently turns his body away from yours, that may indicate that he is not interested in you.

He recalls the smallest specific details about you.

It’s not a mistake if you’ve met him a few times and he has retained some information about your prior conversations. He may pay closer attention to what you say when he likes you as he looks for a deeper connection and meaning.

He strikes up a conversation on social media.

Girls who are not their friends, relatives, or someone they like should not get requests for friendship from guys. He may express his desire to go things further on social media by liking your photo or slipping into your direct message (DM).
It’s not always the case that a guy who likes your posts and comments on them is into you, you should take note if he routinely starts real conversations with you online. They won’t just like and comment on your posts, but they’ll also share stuff with you and stay in frequent DM contact. If he frequently comments on your Instagram or Snapchat stories, asks you questions, and engages in general conversation with you, he is genuinely trying to get to know you.

He maintains the conversation.

Observe whether he generally tries to continue talking with you, whether through text or in person. That means he’ll never answer your texts with only one word replies or “lol” by itself; instead, he’ll always ask a follow-up question or provide thorough answers.

He looks you in the eye.

Your new flame could be attempting to make eye contact with you in order to subtly convey his feelings for you. He’s obviously intrigued if he keeps looking at you. He could not be interested in you, on the other hand, if he breaks eye contact with you and looks around the room. In such a case, you can resume messaging other people.
Be cautious with this one, though: Some individuals are skilled at making eye contact with everybody and everyone they talk to because they care about making the people around them feel visible. Eye contact can be a sign of desire. However, if your crush has a tendency to retain your stare and look you in the eye, it can be a hint that there is something more going on.

He sneakily casts you a look.

Even if he establishes eye contact with everyone he converses with, it may be a different issue if you often catch him staring at you from across the room. Stealthy looks are a typical indication that someone is just a bit enamored with you.

When you talk to him, he tries to be attentive.

A guy will try to chat with you if he likes you. What could appear to be an uncomfortable talk could develop into a wonderful opportunity to get to know one another. Males eventually show their interest by using their listening skills and voice tone, even though they occasionally may not have anything to contribute to the conversation. It is unlikely that he is interested in you if his voice seems to drop off while you are speaking. However, he is undoubtedly crushing on you too if his voice is deep and present and he asks questions about what you are saying.

He finds little things to compliment you for.

People frequently think of tiny ways to express their interest in someone. Therefore, it may be a sign they’re truly into you if a guy keeps honestly complimenting you on anything from your eyes to your artistic activities.

He sets you out from the others.

He still finds a way to have intimate moments with you even when you’re among other people, whether it’s by directly questioning you or simply listening to what you say. He always laughs at your jokes, makes small talk with you whenever he can, or even just glances at you while he’s laughing at someone else’s joke.

He appeared drawn to you in the room.

His concentration, body language, and overall energy all seem to be kind of focused on you. He simply seems to be energetically pulled to you in the room. There is the impression that he is still paying attention to you even while he is talking to someone else.

He desires one-on-one time with you.

If this guy is a friend of yours, someone from your job or class, or just someone you occasionally run into at parties, and he’s constantly looking for opportunities to spend time with you alone, it’s a clue that he wants to get to know you better personally. That may just be the beginning of a friendship, but it might also indicate that he has romantic feelings for you.

His physique conveys an “alpha” attitude.

Your new partner wants to prove to you that he is the alpha male who can look after you. It’s a good indication that he likes you if he walks with confidence, pushes his shoulders back and draws his stomach in.

He inquires as to your romantic status.

Now it’s very evident that he is interested in being your boyfriend if he asks you, “Do you have a boyfriend?” Few men, though, will be so forthright. Instead, they will elicit information through indirect queries. He could reveal that he’s single in the hopes that you will respond, “Me too.”

When you converse with other males, he becomes jealous

Your crush could start staring over at you when you’re chatting with other guys, whether it’s online or in person, and wonder what’s going on. When you’re chatting with other guys, a guy who isn’t interested in you wouldn’t glance at you. Don’t worry; as soon as you flash him a lovely grin to let him know you just want him, he will be yours once more.

He sets up dates proactively.

It might be difficult to tell whether a man you meet on a dating app is acting casually or truly cares about you. The main indicator is whether he is actively setting up dates and making arrangements. That often indicates that he truly loves you and wants to remain in touch, and there could even be more going on than you think.

He contacts you after the date.

If you recently went on a date with this person, you can tell whether they are truly interested in you if they follow up with you. They could contact you the following day to let you know they had a great time, or they might send you a meme or article about something you discussed, or they might get in touch with you to set up another date.

He communicates consistently

Do they frequently text you and maintain contact? Communication consistency is a fantastic sign of interest. A person who is genuinely interested in you won’t depart for extended periods of time before reappearing mysteriously.

He flushes when he’s near you.

Do you notice that whenever he is near you, his face or skin becomes red? That occurs when we are thrilled or experiencing an adrenaline rush, and it is a typical indicator of attraction. Blushing is a sincere reaction. You feel “caught” having a sexual arousal for someone else.

He exudes some nervousness.

It may be a clue that he loves you and is trying a bit too hard to impress you if a guy is typically quite easy back or noisy with his buddies but becomes a little anxious and stumbles over his words around you.

Around you, he frequently laughs.

Does he typically laugh heartily and loudly, with a twisted expression on his face? Or does he frequently flash you that warm, private smile that extends to his eyes? Establishing connection, rapport, and closeness with people may be done by smiling and laughing.

He eliminates all distractions.

He never sneaks a look at his phone or the TV when you’re around. He offers you his complete, undivided attention, and he could even make an extra effort to get rid of obstacles or other distractions that might interfere with his time with you.

He is vulnerable around you.

To be vulnerable with you, he must feel safe with you. An indication that he trusts you and likes you is if he is honest with you about personal matters or reveals all of his feelings, even the painful ones.

He wants to assist you with your troubles.

Problem-solving comes naturally to men. Additionally, when it comes to the person they are falling for, they want to solve any issue they learn about. If he likes you and you raise a problem, he’ll probably start scouring his mind for answers. A guy who likes you will go above and beyond. They’ll want to save the day as your gleaming armored knight.

When he makes a remark or a joke, he watches for your response.

When you’re around friends, it’s wise to keep an eye out for this advice. He may be interested in you if he makes a remark to the group or tries to tell a joke before looking at you to gauge your response. It implies that he is attempting to win your favor or make a good impression.

He’s telling you what he has planned for the future.

There’s a possibility that he likes you for who you are if he discusses his future ambitions with you rather than just talking about getting a job advancement. Why? because he’s attempting to determine whether you fit into his goals and because he could see you in his future.

When you’re around, he acts differently.

Boys and girls respond to stress in different ways. However, if they act somewhat out of character, such as by chatting more or less, it’s conceivable that he likes you but is unsure of how to express it.

He presents himself well.

It’s easy. A guy who looks like a slob will never get a date from a woman. It’s safe to assume that a guy likes you if he makes an attempt to look better or wears a nice cologne around you.

When someone insults you, he stands up for you.

Don’t be shocked if your crush stands up for you if a guy acts inappropriately in a bar or if his pals won’t stop making fun of you. It’s not just really nice; it’s also a great indication of his actual sentiments.

He encourages you to pursue your goals.

He could be falling for you and wanting to support you, whether he reads your blog, listens to your music, or just inquires about your dream job or career path.

He wants to know about your family.

It’s rare for strangers or casual acquaintances to ask you about your family, let alone recall specifics about your interactions with them or what’s going on in their lives. This means that if he comes back and inquires about a sibling or parent, he is gently expressing his sentiments.

He lets you know if something made him think of you.

He is definitely letting you know that he likes you when things make him think of you and he discusses them in texts or in person.

He makes an effort to be near you.

You can assume he’s feeling something if you work together and he stays around you for longer before and after his shift or asks whether you’re coming to an event.

He gives you his time.

Making time for you is a huge clue to take note of, whether he does it by replying to texts incredibly quickly, agreeing to duties like helping you move, or simply letting you know he’s there if you need anything at all.

He tells you straight up.

The problem with attempting to determine whether a guy likes you is this: Sometimes searching for tiny clues won’t provide you with a complete picture of what’s happening. While some males will engage in all of the aforementioned activities with their buddies, others who like someone won’t take part in any of them. Some people might find it harder to express their desire in such a direct way.
Ask him openly and let him tell you how he feels if you’re unsure whether a guy likes you but is trying to hide it. It may seem frightening, but it doesn’t have to be! “Hey, I think you’re very nice, and I’m sort of like you—are you into me?” is an uncomplicated, direct, mildly attractive, and nonthreatening way to approach someone. At least you’ll know if it’s a no! If the answer is yes, the fun begins now.