15 Things Guys Like To Hear In Text Messages (Flirty & Cute) 2023

Texting is very important in dating and relationships. It is our primary means of communication and may be the deciding factor in whether or not a relationship gets off the ground. A text message might make the wrong impression and turn a guy off, or it can significantly affect and compel him to ponder and obsess over you for the whole day.
Texting takes work for many people, and you risk unwittingly driving a guy away before things begin. That is the reason why I am here. I’m going to show you some things guys like to hear in text messages that will ensure he develops a healthy addiction with you.

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Things Guys Like To Hear In Text Messages

1. Text Him Flirtey

Flirting gives him a confidence boost and keeps the conversation light and enjoyable. If you want your boyfriend to feel desired in the context of your relationship, make it clear that you’re interested in him. Text him in a flirty way because guys like to hear in text messages.
Just let him know how he makes you think and how much he’s constantly in your thoughts so that he doesn’t have to speculate about how you’re feeling about him. Flirting has several benefits, one of which is that it helps to keep the romantic spark alive in a long-term relationship.

2. Take His Advice

Asking for his advice is a lovely thing guy likes to hear in text messages. He will want to get involved and provide a hand in any way he can. You can go to him for a suggestion, advice on how to navigate life or assistance with whatever else you need.
If you ask him for his ideas, you are letting him know that you value both his thoughts and his opinion, making him want to continue talking to you.

3. Compliment Him Nicely

The things guys like to hear in text messages complement him very nicely. The compliments that you pay to a guy are always well received. Brief praise will not only put a smile on his face but also cause him to reflect on your positive impact on his life.
You might talk about his appearance, how he reacts to specific situations, or how you feel about him overall. However, if you do not mean the praises you give, you should avoid being too effusive in your honour since guys are pretty perceptive.

4. Appreciate Him

You may show him how much you care by showing gratitude to him. Do not fail to express your appreciation of your potential boyfriend or crush if they have shown it to you in any way.
Even if it were just a minor detail, he would be flattered that you took the time to observe what he is doing and would want to contact you more often.

5. Talk About How Much You Miss Him

Simply letting him know that you miss him will prompt him to consider how much he misses you. Feel free to write him a short note to tell him that you are thinking about him if you are.
Share with him how you are now feeling and what you wish you could do together. If your crush or significant other sees that you’re genuinely missing him, he’ll want to hang out with you even more since he’ll be thinking about you at that time.

6. Send A Cheery Text

Cheerful text is things guys like to hear in text messages. Guys are drawn to a girl who exudes joy and self-assurance. And guys gravitate toward what gives them a positive experience. If your company makes him feel good, he will want to be in your company. If communicating with you through SMS is enjoyable for him, he will want to do so. Send him something that will brighten his day and make him smile.
Do not respond to his inquiry about how you are spending your day by reciting a long list of the things that have gone wrong that day. You may begin by admitting that you got off to a rocky start, but then you could infuse some positivity by saying that you’re thrilled to show the remainder of the day who’s in charge.

7. Share A Nice Photo

Sharing a nice photo is also what things guys like to hear in text messages. Demonstrate what he is losing out on; he will want you even more. Take a photo of whatever you’re doing now and email it to him so he can see what you’ve been up to.
Continue the conversation by asking him a question or providing a brief caption to give him something more to react to. He will see that you are having a wonderful time without him and will be interested in joining in on the fun.

8. Make Him Laugh

A bright, humorous, and cheerful girl is attracted to guys as humour is a terrific way to connect, and guys like lighthearted girls. You may send a joke, an article, or a humorous meme. These things are what guys like to hear in text messages.
Be careful not to make this a habit since, if you do. You’ll find that your relationship devolves into nothing more than witty banter. You can sprinkle in some comedy here and there, but you also want to make a genuine connection with them and allow them to flirt with one another and get to know each other better.

9. Recall Your Shared Experiences

Recalling your shared experience in the chat is one of the things guys like to hear in text messages. When you reminisce, it reminds him of the fun moments you’ve had together.
If you’re browsing through your old photos and come across anything that makes you think of your crush or lover, you should tell him about it. If you tell him about a happy experience that the two of you have had, he will return to that time and attempt to recreate the sensation he felt then.

10. A Tempting Text

Even though it’s not a terrible thing to express interest, most girls are terrified of doing so. Being in a state of desperation is a negative trait. An inquiry as uninteresting as what are you doing. The question of what you would be up to if I were there with you is mesmerizing.
You are not required to be explicit or blatantly sexual in your expression. Simply saying anything sexually suggestive and exciting will accomplish the work. If he is a new man that you’ve just begun dating, it’s a fantastic method to keep yourself at the forefront of his thoughts throughout the day.
If it is a person you are interested in dating, he will understand that he has a green light to pursue you and that he will not be rejected if he does so.

11. Send Him A Seductive Message

Sending him a hot text message is what things guys like to hear in text messages. If you genuinely want to get his attention, you shouldn’t be scared to tell him what you want to do while you’re alone, or you might send him a hot picture to accomplish it.
It’s in your best interest to give him some room for speculation since this will make him desire you even more. He will be counting down the minutes until you can get together again because he will depend on how thrilled he is to see you.

12. Make Plans To Meet

A date you’ve prepared will pique his interest to a high degree. The suspense built up as a result of planning when to meet each other causes him to miss you even more until your date.
When you get together with one another and spend time together, it would be enjoyable if you could offer an activity that you could all participate in together. Demonstrate to your crush or partner how much you’re looking forward to seeing him by expressing your excitement.

13. Communicate Simply

Funny texts are more likely things guys like to hear in text messages. He may respond less when you complain or bring up negative issues in the conversation.
Talk to him about the things he enjoys doing, try to make him laugh, and use emoticons in your messages to make them seem more enjoyable and encourage him to continue conversing.

14. Make Yourself Less Accessible

Reduce the number of texts you send him so he will desire you even more. If you constantly message and answer your crush or significant other as soon as they send you a message, he may feel that you are waiting by your phone for him.
Waiting for him to initiate a conversation once in a while will make him miss you less, but he will miss you more if you start all the talks. It’s good to wait a few hours before replying to him when he texts you; this will make him more enthusiastic once he receives your message. When he texts you, it’s okay to wait a few hours.

15. Text A Sweet Goodnight

Sending a good night message to him is the favourite thing guys like to hear in text messages. When it’s been a long day, a guy would appreciate it if he’s the last person you contact before going to bed. It shows that you care about him.
You could flirt with him a little bit and then tell him how much you miss him so that he would wish he could snuggle up next to you.


Instead of concentrating on what you say, you should focus on what is happening inside yourself. A guy who texts you back will never be able to offer you a genuine feeling of value. You can only accomplish that. I hope that by the time you’ve finished reading this post about things guys like to hear in text messages, you have a good idea of what to text your partner to make him fall in love with you.