Social Media Essay (Advantages/Disadvantages)

Social Media has become an integral and crucial part of our lives. It doesn’t matter you are 16 or 60, everyone is on social media and enjoys it! Although the importance of social media is still debated in the society, whether it’s good for the people or not. Although there is no straight answer to this, just like a coin, social media also has two sides.
social media essay
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Social Media Essay

Some people believe social media has filled the gap between people and made them more closer to one another while others believe it is the reason for emotional distance among one another. Both statements have their own merits, we can neither deny them fully nor accept it 100 percent!

With the invention of Facebook, social media took its first step in our lives and since then it has never looked back. Now we have different social media platforms that help us to become more “social” and connect more and more people. With social media, you can connect to the person who is living hundreds of miles away from you or even to the other side of the world. And all these happen so fast that people find themselves surrounded by their loved ones all the time.

Social media has not made it easier to connect with our loved ones but also opens the gate for many different opportunities in different fields like education or business but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely a good thing that happened to us without any side effect on our society. Let’s take a look at the border aspect of social media by weighing its advantage and disadvantages.

Advantage of social media

There are several advantages of social media and we are already aware of some of them! And these advantages include:-
Communication and connecting people:-

There is no doubt the first advantage of social media is communication. With the help of social media, you can talk to the person who is on the other side of the world! That includes chatting, voice calling and video calling. And these things happen fast and you feel like the person is sitting next to you.

Furthermore, at some level, social media has increased the globalization where people can easily connect people from different countries and know what is happening there. Making new friends and meeting new people by breaking the geographical barrier is also an advantage.

Spreading news:-

If you live in New York you would easily know what is happening in Tokyo! How? Thanks to social media. Spreading of news doesn’t take much time on social media and people even find the news faster than TV or Radio on social media! Although it’s not always a good thing!


Social media has been proven very beneficial for the business owner. As businessmen got a platform where they can promote their product or services to a wider section of audience and spread awareness about their brand. The best part is, with social media you can also do targeted marketing that is, with some technologies, you can promote a product to the audience who will be highly interested in that. This increases the chances of spreading their business and making more profit!

For students:-

Students also find social media helpful as they can learn new things, get notes and study material and always catch up on their studies no matter where they are.

Although these advantages seems very glorious but social media has it’s own disadvantages too! Let’s take a look at them as well!

Disadvantages of social media


Cybercrimes are definitely one of the worst disadvantages of social media. Here people can be easily conned by fake profiles and scammers. Hacking is also something we all are aware of. Hackers can hack your social media account and steal some sensitive information which can cause greater harm to an individual!

People can easily bully others on social media as they will be anonymous and have no fear of saying mean things which can affect a person’s outlook on themselves. Although there are cyber police present but still the cyber crimes are steadily increasing.

On the mental health of teenagers and youth
there is no doubt that teenagers and youth are totally dependent on social media. They start their day with it and ends with it as well. People are more aware of their life on social media than their metal peace in real life. Some studies say, a person who spends more time on social media, he will be more depressed and anxious.

Spreading of fake news
fake news travel faster than anything on social media. And fake news has caused many chaotic situations in the past and still doing so. So tackling with fake news is another concern for the government.


Although we can’t describe social media in black and white but it’s our responsibility to use it wisely. We have to believe that this is now an important part of our life, and with a little maturity and responsibility, we can make a good use of social media!

Government all around the world is taking necessary measures to protect the privacy of its nations. And it should also be a responsibility of parents to keep an eye on their child’s social media account. Overall we all should cherish the good part of social media and try to manage the risk factor own our own!

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