How To Talk To Your Crush (2023)

We are pretty sure that every one of you has faced problems while talking to your crush. And that’s normal. But sometimes you just want to take a step forward and start a conversation with your crush so that you can be friends and even more than that. But as we said the struggle of talking to your crush is real and not many people understand that and that’s where you need some help in this area.

In this article, we are going to talk about how you can talk to your crush without embarrassing yourself in front of them. And talk to them as if everything is normal and have a great conversation that may help you to grab their attention for a longer period of time.
Let’s get started with our article,  How to talk to your crush’ and help you guys out!

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How to talk to your crush

1. Prepare yourself to talk to them

It’s pretty important that you put some effort into your thoughts and what you are going to talk about before the actual conversation. This would help you to be a preparation before the conversation and make you a little confident.

This part involves your thoughts on what you are going to speak to them. You might wanna see what kind of person your crush is and how they will like the conversation to be. In simpler words, it’s like taking a maths test and preparing for it. Although be smart about and don’t overstretch the preparation part that might make it creepy. You don’t want to plot a situation to talk to them, it should be normal and as casual as possible.

2. Think before you speak

We know it’s the worst part. And that’s where a lot of people go wrong while talking to their crush. See you need to make sure only good and genuine words are coming out of your mouth and not just anything that’s going on in your brain.

So take a deep breath and always think before you speak and make sure everything speaks make sense. Here again, you don’t need to take a long pause before every sentence you speak. So you might wanna draw an outline in your head and consider which topics you are going to talk about and say generalized things.

You can also practice talking to your mirror and try to say ae funny stuff and some serious stuff as well but not too serious. Just be yourself though, don’t go in front of them with a whole speech prepared.

3. Know a little bit about them

It’s always better to talk to someone if you know what they are like. So it would be pretty helpful if you know a little bit about them and have some information about their likes and dislikes, so you can lead them to a full-fledged conversation.

You can talk about the food they like, and ask them you know a nice place where they serve the best food (which they like), you can also talk about the movies they like or their favorite band or any artist. Again we are suggesting to take up a full investigation on them but you may know these things by a common friend or maybe with their social media account or you can just start a conversation about something they said earlier about their liked and dislikes.

4. Approach them at the right place and the right time

It’s very important that your first conversation should be at the right time and right place. You don’t wanna say ‘hey’ when they are in a bad mood or when they are with their friends. So the best way to approach them is when there is no one around and at least when there are fewer people. It will be a lot easier for you to start the conversation and for them to respond as well, as they can give you full attention.

5. Introduce yourself nicely

If they don’t know who you are and you guys have never met (officially), like when you got a crush on someone in a party or any other get together. Make sure you sound confident and the introduction as genuine and nice as possible. You should always look them in the eye while they are talking to you and while you are introducing yourself to them.

6. Ask them about themselves

It’s important that you sound interested in them while you talk to them. They should get the message that you wanted to know them more. And the best way to do so is to ask them about themselves. You can ask them about their likes and dislikes. You can ask them about their hobbies, favorite movies, the place where they grew up or about their childhood. Just spent ask the simple “yes” or “no” questions which only leads to a small conversation.

7. Be relaxed before/while talking to them

If you know that you are going to meet your crush the next day, then it’s important that you stay as relaxed as possible. And the same logic applies to when you are talking to them. Just tell yourself to be relaxed and not to make any big deal out of it (at least not in front of them).

8. Be interactive

If they are telling a story they make sure you are giving full attention to it and you should also be interactive with them as well. This would help as they would know they have the full attention of yours. You can ask questions in between the conversation and you can also comment on something where it is needed. Although don’t be too interruptive when they are telling a story or talking about something.

9. What your body language

The body language says a lot about a person and you don’t wanna ruin everything just because you weren’t paying attention to your body language. Not only your words but your body should look confident too. Make eye contact, keep your face in the right direction, and most importantly give a nice smile.

10. Don’t use a pickup line!!

This one might be unexpected advice and you might be expecting it otherwise. The thing is some pickup lines are horribly cheesy and they have a pretty little chance to work, you don’t know what the other person is thinking and you have no idea whether they like the pickup lines or not. And you might end up embarrassing yourself in front of your crush if you use the wrong pick up line.

11. Ask them for a date

Make it straight and don’t put a lot of stress on yourself when it comes to asking them out. Of course, you can’t ask them one of your first conversations (although it might work too for some people) but if you know them a little bit then don’t hesitate to ask them for a date. You can tell them that you like them and then ask them out.

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12. Be Outcome-independent

It just means that you do your thing without thinking too much about the rejection. This will help you to be confident and prepare you to be more confident as well. See they might say yes or no, they might like you back or not, but you can’t talk to them thinking about what will happen, and if they like you or not. This will definitely ruin your conversation and lower your confidence.

So make yourself outcome-independent and don’t stress over what you can’t control and what’s not in your hands. Instead, be confident and be stress-free while you talk to them.

Some extra pieces of advice –

Do confident building exercise!

Yes, this would help! If you are someone with lower confidence or get too nervous around your crush then you might wanna try out some confidence-building exercise. You can easily find some ways to boost your confidence and help yourself feel more confident around them.

Don’t take yourself too seriously!

See the thing is, almost everyone is nervous around their crush and you will be a no exception. And when you are nervous you might do some stupid stuff. But you should know that it’s okay!! Even if you mess up a little bit, make sure you come with a clever line about the situation and make it funny instead of embarrassing yourself.

Be ready for rejection!

You should always, always be ready for rejection and you should also learn to handle it calmly. Even if they don’t like you back or say no to the date, just remember, there are pretty high chances that it wasn’t your fault or something you did!


So this was our article, How to talk to your crush, and we hope you liked it. Just follow the article and make yourself feel confident and just go for it. We wish you luck for your talking with your crush and we hope you get their attention as well. So thank you for having us and we are glad we could help.