How To Be Cool All The Time – 12 Helpful Tips For You

We all want to be cool. But sometimes we just don’t know how? Sometimes we are too conscious other times we don’t understand what being cool is. It’s not setting people are born with instead it’s something that we adapt in our personality.

If you think you can never be cool then you are pretty wrong about it and maybe you don’t understand the concept of being a cool person. So here is our article, where we are going to help you in being cool and how one can change their personality with little changes to become cool.

So let’s get started and find out how you can become a cool person and attract people with your coolness.

how to be cool
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How to be cool

1. Be yourself

This is our first and one of the most important tips that we can give you to be cool. You will have to realize that however you are and whatever you are, you are just perfectly fine and you don’t need to change yourself in order to become cool or impress anyone.

Let’s look at this way, we all like people are one of a kind or unique. And we all are unique from others in some way or others and you don’t need to hide the true yourself. Just be confident about yourself and accept the way you are and don’t seek that acceptance from others. Be on your own even if that means being quiet.

Don’t try to copy someone’s style or the way they dress, it will be like the opposite of being a cool person. You have to realize that being cool doesn’t mean that you have to be a person that everyone likes, but you will have to be confident enough to let people know who you are and what are you like.

There is no point if people think of you as a cool person when you are pretending to be someone else. So own your personality which involves both sides, the good one and the not so good one.

2. Don’t be a needy person

This is something that you need to understand, people don’t really give a look to the people who look needy or desperate. So that’s the thing that you need to change (if you are needy or sometimes behaves that way). Don’t ask for people’s help and try to do your things on your own.

Neediness actually repels people and you won’t actually have any friends if you are always asking for their help or trying to grab their attention. Let people offer you help and let them come to you when you need help. Here is the thing, you don’t have to be brave in the tight spots, that is, where you actually need help. But you will have to resist yourself from begging! You don’t have to follow people or run behind them if they don’t want to around you then give them their space and leave them alone. This way you will have their respect and they might come around sooner or later.

3. Don’t try too hard

When you try to “act” cool, you might grab attention but for all the wrong reasons and you will be anything but cool. So tell yourself to be just the way you are (as we have mentioned earlier). You don’t have to pick up the traits of other cool people and act like them. Similarly, you might wanna make friends or become a little popular but if you do anything more than it needs to be then you will only repel.

So in order to be cool, you don’t have to try too hard, whether it’s your dressing style or the way you present yourself in front of others. Be minimal and be realistic.

4. Don’t be too eager to make friends

Some people might not understand this but you don’t need to have a hundred friends to be cool. And it doesn’t really matter how many people know you, because it won’t make you cool if thousands of people know you for all the wrong reasons. You can be cool and not popular as well.

So don’t be too eager to make new friends. And don’t just run after people when they are not showing the same interest in you. Don’t be desperate to hang out with new people and don’t give people too many compliments in order to have their attention. Just take it easy and let the friendship grow at its own pace.

5. Speak with confidence

You don’t want to be thinking too much while speaking that just shows you are not a confident person. Here the thing, have you ever met a person who speaks like, umm… Ah. Uhh. They just mumble a lot more than they speak, now ask yourself do they look cool? No right? So the moral of the story is to be confident about what you speak and complete the sentence without hesitating. And if people disagree with your opinion, you shouldn’t worry about that, what other people think of your opinion shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Although don’t say things that offend people, be true to yourself, and say things that you genuinely believe in, people will definitely respect you for that whether or not they agree with you.

6. Take a look at your body language

Our body language speaks for ourselves (whether it’s being cool, confident, open, friendly, or all the opposite things as well). Some people actually neglect the body language and this is definitely a good personality trait that you wanna have. See the thing is, in order to be cool, you will have to work on your body language which suggests that you are confident and cool.

The general things that you need to consider when it comes to body language are, have a straight-up posture whether you are standing up or sitting, otherwise, you might look too tired or a person with low confidence. Look in the eye when you are talking to someone and also be approachable. Smile more often and try to be more friendly by shaking hands or giving a quick hug as well.

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7. Have some humor

Now, who doesn’t like people with good humor? So here is your next tip to become cool. Cool people are often known for their humor and the way they use to ease any situation and that what you need to work on as well.

The most important thing when it comes to having humor is learning how to laugh at yourself. It’s one of the best traits that cool people have. They are not afraid to make a joke on themselves and they won’t certainly mind if people are laughing at them. So try to be more open about yourself and take jokes on yourself.

8. Be open about yourself

You shouldn’t worry about your past or any embarrassing memories that you have. Try to be more open about yourself and tell people how you are like and what are your likes, dislikes, favorite things, etc.

At the same time, you don’t need to tell everything about yourself to the next person you see. The point is, you wanna be open yourself but at the same time not revealing everything about yourself to every other person. Share things that were relevant and to the people who are actually your friends.

9. Don’t lose your cool

You will have to maintain your “cool” in order to be a cool person. People who are calm, composed, under control, and not too exciting are considered at the cool people. You don’t have to be super excited about everything that happens around you and you don’t need to lose yourself if anyone offends you or doing something that you don’t approve of.

Be relax and calm in every situation, try to take a deep breath every time something is happing which is the opposite of what you thought. You should also be comfortable in every situation.

10. Be well dressed

Being cool has a little to do with your dressing style. Although you don’t want to spend tons of money to buy branded clothes and just to impress people. Be a well-dressed person means dressing according to your style and be minimalistic at the same time.

Unless you are very rich it doesn’t make sense to buy expensive or branded clothes. Wear clothes in which you are comfortable and the one that compliments your body. Apart from this, keep the jewelry and the accessories to a minimum. Being a good dresser also means that you take care of your personal hygiene as well.

11. Don’t use bad habits just to be cool or fit in a group

If you don’t want to smoke or drink alcohol then don’t do it even for the sake of being cool. You might not realize this at that time but you will only harm yourself and won’t look cool at all.

You dint have to adapt bad habits just because your peers are doing so. And if you do so you won’t be yourself and this will eventually lead to a bad lifestyle as well. In short, don’t substitute the negative attention, as it will only harm you.

12. Don’t think too much about things

Being cool often means going with your gut. If you feel like doing something then just do it. It doesn’t matter if the people around you are doing that.

And another tip is, don’t just read the self-help books or the articles for being cool (like this one) but apply these things in your life and make a change as well. Be a person of action and see where everything lands you.


Here are the few tips that can help you being cool. Not so much right? We all can adapt these little traits in our personality and become a cool person. But one thing you need to understand is that you won’t be cool if you are faking it, you won’t be cool if you are hurting anyone and you won’t look cool by abusing people or disrespecting them.

We really hope that you liked our article and found it helpful. So thank you for visiting us and keep coming for more such articles.