Top 15 Things Girls Like To Do (2023)

Girls are naturally more creative and emotional than boys since God designed them so that they cannot go without expressing themselves. Because of this, it might be difficult for girls to conceal their feelings when they have a significant crush on another person.
When it comes to relationships, it’s the little gestures and actions that matter the most. There are many things you can do for your girlfriend that will make her feel loved, and this is something that everyone wants to experience. Here is a list of 15 things girls like to do that are quite simple for you to do.

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Things Girls Like To Do

1. Spending Time With Girls

Girls are gregarious and very friendly. Not only do girls love going shopping with their girlfriends, but they also prefer spending time together doing other activities. They like getting together with others and talking.
Because of this, there are such things as sleep parties and even Tupperware parties. Indeed, groups of women will even band together to purchase unattractive plastic boxes.
Swapping clothing is such a fun thing girls like to do for girls that they are even willing to undress to their underwear simultaneously to accomplish it. Women spend hours chatting with one another and are interested in every element of the lives of their female friends.

2. Girls Love Gossip

Girls are interested in more than simply other girls their age. In addition to this, they are quite interested in people in general. Because of this, you will often see girls working in occupations involving interacting with others, such as human resources, public relations, teaching, or medicine.
On the other hand, guy often chooses professions that involve working with their hands, such as those in technology, building, engineering, or mining. Girls are curious about everything and everyone, even the smallest details.
As a result, girls like engaging in idle chatter, and they find it quite frustrating when guys seem unaware of what is going on in the lives of their male friends, their spouses, or their families.

3. Girls Like Physical Activity

Girls take great pleasure in maintaining a healthy body, and their spare time is filled with various competitive and recreational sports and activities. Team sports like softball, soccer, volleyball, ice hockey, and even rugby are very popular among girls because they provide a supportive and social atmosphere while also allowing them to stay in shape.
Yoga, dance, Pilates, horseback riding, and other forms of martial arts are other forms of exercise popular among girls. Participating in sports and being physically active are both essential components of a healthy lifestyle and serve as excellent options for young women to pursue in their spare time.

4. Girls Love To Use Social Media

Due to the ever-increasing dependence on modern technology, the internet is, without a doubt, an essential component of a young girl’s life. Girls may use the internet for various purposes, including chatting with friends, researching for school, and playing online games.
Vlogging is another hobby that some people love since it allows them to freely express their views and publish their creative work online. In addition, girls utilize social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace to maintain contact with friends, stay current on current events and listen to new music.

5. Girls Love Doing Shopping

Girls indeed enjoy shopping in a manner that men can not understand. Nowadays, most of a man’s shopping is done on the internet. If he has to travel to the high street or the mall for any reason, he will go into a store, get what he wants, and then head back home.
On the other hand, girls like window shopping, and the experience is much better when shared with other female friends. The girls shop at several places simultaneously because they prefer to try on many garments and solicit their contemporaries’ advice.
Now examine the purchasing behaviors of girls. Rather than purchasing computer games, auto parts, or cosmetics and toiletries, girls generally shop for clothing, cosmetics, and other personal care items.

6. Girls Love Hugging

Hugging a man tightly is a charming move that males, like that females, make, and it’s one that’s done when you want to express feelings of love and concern for them.
For example, if you are strolling in the park while having a casual conversation with your partner, holding his hand and touching his face would give him the impression that there is love in the air.

7. Girls Love Chocolates

It is a widely held assumption that chocolate is something that girls are particularly enthusiastic about. Some people believe that girls who like chocolate have more fulfilling sex lives than women who try to restrict themselves sexually.
Chocolate advertisement strongly emphasizes this relationship between manlessness and sexual desire. So one of the things girls like to do is eat chocolate. It would help if you gave her chocolate at least twice a week.

8. Girls Like To Create Arts and Crafts

Girls can create one-of-a-kind products using their imaginations when participating in arts and crafts. They have a wide variety of options for arts and crafts activities, including scrapbooking, jewelry making, card making, painting, and sculpture.
Some young girls take pleasure in arts and crafts not only as a pastime but also as a source of income. Girls now have a convenient opportunity to turn their hobbies into profitable businesses thanks to internet marketplaces that sell handcrafted items.

9. Girls Love Sleeping

That’s just correct! One survey found that approximately sixty percent of the female population would rather sleep during the winter months.
It’s neither the weary snooze nor the beauty nap. It is just taking a nice, relaxing snooze. It is ranked first among the top ten enjoyable things girls like to do when winter comes around.

10. Girls Like Pampering

Girls like being coddled and spoiled. Whether it’s from a Jacuzzi, a power shower, or a long, aromatic, and soothing bath doesn’t matter. The sensual sense of water on women’s skin is something they adore.
Another of my interests is getting massages, which girls like doing best in a soothing setting with scented candles and aromatic oils.
Girls getting ready for the day often include treating themselves to a little pampering. Getting ready is a fun thing girls like to do. On the other hand, as most guys know, this may take a very long period.

11. Girls Love Watching Television

Sometimes, girls want to watch a television program that they wouldn’t boast about viewing with their friends. These programs do not appeal to children in any way, and it is unavoidable that their fathers would criticize them for spending their time watching rubbish on television.
When dad takes the kids out for a walk, the home is filled with calm and serenity, and the children finally get the opportunity to catch up on their favorite television programs.

12. Girls Love Camping

One of the things girls like to do is camping. You and your girlfriends can organize a camping trip together if you are truly daring and strongly appreciate nature.
Make a reservation at a park, choose a space in the woods or any other area, and then set up a tent there. Spend some time there getting to know one another again.

13. Girls Love Video Games

Many girls love video games. Maybe your girl also loves it. So you may choose from a huge variety of competitive or cooperative games. Give your girlfriend a controller, and then look for an entertaining game you can enjoy together.
Verify if the game supports local multiplayer so that you and your friends may enjoy it together. If that isn’t an option, it can be entertaining to take turns playing a game instead.

14. Girls Love Beaches

The research found that going to the beach is one of the things girls like to do. Your girl resides close to a body of water, such as the sea, a lake, or a river. You and your girl should go away for the weekend and relax on the beach even if you haven’t.
Put on your swimsuits, lay down some towels, and spend the weekend chatting with your friends while soaking up some sunshine and playing in the water by going through the motions of getting ready for a pool party.

15. Girls Love Cooking

Girls love to cook. You should help them by trying some of your favorite dishes in the kitchen to improve your ability to work together as a team. Both can seek some delicious dishes to look at and locate something simple for you to prepare.
You should divide the tasks so that you may have fun while working on the dinner. When you’re done, you’ll have some delicious meals you’ve prepared from scratch. If you have little experience in the kitchen, you can seek online cooking lessons that you and your partner may both attend.


Some of the most significant people in your life are the girls you call your pals. They are the ones you confide in, go on diets with, go shopping with, and can trust with anything. You could reveal your deepest, darkest secrets with them.
Maintaining good relationships requires making an effort to spend high-quality time with one another. What kinds of things do your girls like to do, and what are some of your favorites? Remarks in the comment section.